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The Arabs #(2022)

The Arabs

The Arabs

  • Title: The Arabs
  • Author: Peter Mansfield
  • ISBN: 9780140225617
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
The Arabs By Peter Mansfield,

The Arabs Best Read || [Peter Mansfield] - The Arabs, The Arabs With world attention on Arab Israeli peace negotiations here is a timely and completely updated survey of the Middle East Drawing on his experience as a year historian and journalist of Middle Eas

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I think this is an important book, even though it ends in 1992, just after the first Gulf War It provides a detailed history of the Arab people through the millennia, and of today s Arab states over the decades of the twentieth century What is striking to me is how similar today s situation is, although perhaps extreme, to how it has been in the past, and how Western responses have always tended to increase, rather than ameliorate,frustration and desperation I recently visited the UAE, and have [...]

Old school book here, so its a bit long winded and i found it a bit hard going reading it cover to cover However, it does provide a solid background of why the middle_east north africa is so fractured and will be for a long time.

Vamos a ver Lo coges porque est a mano, pensando que habr que leerlo para no perderse alguna cosilla que pueda aportar este buen hombre y a ver qu nos cuenta este en simo orientalista brit nico Pues no Resulta que este libro es una maravilla plagado de datos, de nombres, de fechas y de erudici n, pero aportando una perspectiva general y un an lisis objetivo de las situaciones al alcance de todo el mundo Para leer deprisa y para profundizar, para pillar datos y para captar ideas generales sobre p [...]

This was a perfect introduction to a linguistic, religious and geographical culture that I knew next to nothing about prior to reading In one volume the author carefully covers all the ground necessary to understand who the so called arabs are, where they have come from and where they are going I would gladly read this again at some point to cement my understanding of key events Everything in this book is about the presentation of facts, which are clearly contextualized, recounted and analysed w [...]

I love a good non fiction, but did I ever want to shoot myself while reading this Although informative, which I enjoy, it was possibly the most boring book I have ever read So boring, that I pictures the clear eyes guy reading the whole thing I cannot even give it the proper review that it deserves as a book because nothing stood out to me.

Arab world and how the Arabs have become what they are today

A superb overview of Islam and the Arab World no Indonesia and a useful and mercifully brief summary of each nation s history, including a surprisingly prescient one of Iraq.

  • The Arabs Best Read || [Peter Mansfield]
    117 Peter Mansfield
The Arabs