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Meet the Moseleys: Book One #(2022)

Meet the Moseleys: Book One

Meet the Moseleys: Book One

  • Title: Meet the Moseleys: Book One
  • Author: Giovanni Russano
  • ISBN: 9781494431297
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
Meet the Moseleys: Book One By Giovanni Russano,

[PDF] Meet the Moseleys: Book One | by ✓ Giovanni Russano - Meet the Moseleys: Book One, Meet the Moseleys Book One The new name in horror has arrived Meet the Moseleys is guaranteed to Meet your Expectations A lifetime of love for the horror genre has culminated in this delightfully disgusting masterpiece by Giov

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Free on FREE Kind of confusing with all the family membersbut kept my curiosity going throughout the whole book.

Meet the MoseleysThe first thing that has to be said here is warning and possibly that should be in big underlined capitals with a lot of emphasis This is strong meat Not for the easily offended A mutant story born of Texas Chainsaw forcibly mated with Hills Have Eyes And from that unholy conception seeing how far the boundaries can be pushed Giovanni Russano is throwing everything into this novella except for the sort of restrained moderation that would have extremophile gore fans revolting in [...]

If you like explicit language, sex and extraordinary violence that is truly gruesome, you will love this book I thought of stopping after 2 or 3 pages because of the language but decided to see if there was to it other than obnoxious, dope loving teenagers There is fright, pain, determination, patience, the innocence of a child We meet the all time psycho Mosely family who even though they seem to have a obsession about God and the church, don t seem to realize that their heinous crimes don t q [...]

Here we have the definition of gratuitous violence, needless sexual depravity and man s and woman s inhumanity to man condensed in just 106 pages If Meet the Moseleys ever finds its way onto cable TV, Lord hep us, as Reverend Pervis might say expect the sponsor to be either Heinz Ketchup or The National Enquirer or both This is Deliverance without the canoe attached by unmentionable human bodily fluids to The Beans of Egypt Maine gathered in the Twilight Zone I give it one star only because I ca [...]

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This novel is for mature audiences that appreciate true horror The profanities were thick and constant, the overall content far beyond rated R The omniscient narrator recounts the story in a flat almost Twilight Zone sounding way All I can say is Wow What I really mean is how much violence can one author squeeze into 106 pages I consider myself fairly well read but was blown away by the amount of physical and sexual gore in th [...]

Deep in the interior of a wilderness state an extended family work their farmstead Situated as they are, remote and isolated, the family has had to become self reliant for all the necessaries of life food, education, religion and entertainment As the generations have passed they have developed their own unique moral codes and social traditions a very singular approach to life which appears very odd indeed to outsiders eyes Each member of the numerous clan has something to contribute to the good [...]

My expectations for this story were quite simple get a nice little backwoods slasher torture revenge plot with lots of gore Sometimes a simple, straightforward story without much ado is a great means for recreative entertainment.The first part of the book met my expectations in that regard perfectly and easily earns a 4 star rating Meet the Moseleys a large family clan living in a remote wilderness where they can indulge in an eccentric lifestyle including very special culinary preferences But t [...]

This is what I like to think as a disclaimer to save my reputation as a reader with integrity review The three stars here have nothing whatsoever to do with quality so read at your own risk Absolutely silly in an X rated way, gratuitous everything and only recommend for hard core horror fans who want a ridiculous, not very well written yet still somehow an absurdly entertaining read Plus, very little investment required, it s super short so you can read something redeeming quickly It is installm [...]

Quick summary the Moseleys and there are lot of them, and I couldn t be fussed to draw a family tree to try and figure it out do horrifying things to lost tourists wandering on their land Lots of gore, but narrated in a peculiarly flat style Had this book stopped after the car scene, where the brothers and the sister, out for their coming of age party run into the lost tourists, this book would have been better Rather than that, there was an endless number of family members, an endless number of [...]

  • [PDF] Meet the Moseleys: Book One | by ✓ Giovanni Russano
    252 Giovanni Russano
Meet the Moseleys: Book One