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Maple Mayhem #(2022)

Maple Mayhem

Maple Mayhem

  • Title: Maple Mayhem
  • Author: Jessie Crockett
  • ISBN: 9780425260203
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
Maple Mayhem By Jessie Crockett,

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[PDF] Download ï Maple Mayhem : by Jessie Crockett - Maple Mayhem, Maple Mayhem In Sugar Grove New Hampshire people are serious about their maple syrup especially Dani Greene whose family owns the Greener Pastures sugarhouse But when murder disrupts the small town sweetness D

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Dani gets into trouble as we learn a lot about small town NH living The characters have evolved and changed as the series moves along and Dani seems to be ready for a change herself The opening of book 1 has her faking a migraine to find a little alone time from her family but this book seems to be changing some of her opinions.Ready for book 3 the final in the series so far, I hope the author continues with the series sometime in the near future.

This is the second in the Sugar Grove Mystery series I have not read the first one but this story stands on its own Full of quirky characters and lots of humor made this a fun read The main character, Dani Greene is a very petite woman with two sides, one which makes her seem immature at age 26 and another where she is able to handle serious situations She is trying to get a sugar co op started to help the maple sugar producer save money but someone is against this idea Vandalism starts occurrin [...]

If I could I would give this book 3.5 stars but since I can t and I really liked the ending I am rounding up to 4 stars instead of rounding down to 3 stars This book had great flow and the characters are likeable I will continue on in this series.

In Sugar Grove, New Hampshire, people are serious about their maple syrup especially Dani Greene, whose family owns the Greener Pastures sugarhouse But when murder disrupts the small town sweetness, Dani pores over clues to draw out a killer Despite being a fourth generation syrup maker, Dani isn t stuck in the past She s starting a new agricultural cooperative that reduces costs for every syrup producer who joins Everyone considers it a sweet deal except the die hard curmudgeon Frank Lemieux an [...]

A very well plotted mystery, but the writing and the characters just could not hold my interest The MC s sister was horrible if my sister interfered with my personal life like that I d have thrown a syrup bottle at her and told her to butt out Not continuing with this one.Full review jennoklikes post 114053

I was hoping the author would produce a mature form of writing of this 2nd sugar grove mystery but I am disappointed to find the same flowery language This is a mystery, a novel, not a poem I envision the author chuckling at her own cutesy prose but I, the reader, can t digest it any better than all the maple foods this town consumes I am a third of the way through this book and the only mystery is who vandalized Dani s MG Mitch, the so called police officer is interested in arresting Dani for [...]

The mystery actually wasn t bad, but I can t stand these characters Dani is an adult, but we re constantly reminded of the fact that she is very short, shops in the kids department and people treat her like a kid Really We get it.but she lets them get away with treating her that way, so her problem, no one else s She also has issues with her mommy having a relationship with a man who is close to the family Her dad s been dead for several years She needs to get over her issues Then she has this g [...]

What a wonderful follow up to Drizzled With Death I love the little New Hampshire community of Sugar Grove The extra tidbits involving maple syrup and the sugaring season is very interesting Dani and her family, friends, and neighbors are pure fun but what really made this story work was the very interesting mystery and the constant vandalism Dani is a nosy go getter when it comes to ferreting out clues and yet even with all the information she gathers, the ending was still a surprise I can t wa [...]

The first book in this series was so zany and fun, with all the different animals running in and out of the story Since the main character s boyfriend is a wildlife officer game warden, I had hoped that various wildlife would be present in this book as well and was a bit disappointed to see it wasn t The book was still fun and funny, and I liked learning about making maple syrup, but I hope the next book sees Dani encountering some New Hampshire wildlife

A good cozy mystery Dani seemed a little too scatter brained in this book We are told that she is 27 and runs the family maple business However, a lot of times she reminds me of a teenager Someone is unsure of themselves and lets people run roughshod over her It was a good mystery, but the killer was not a surprise The first book in the series was much better.

Dani Greene, a fourth generation syrup maker is tired of being the baby in her family She s determined to expand and modernize their business and make her mark on the community Dani has determined the best way is to form a co op with the other syrup makers in northern New Hampshire to bring down supply costs and help out the smaller producers Not everyone is on board though Kenneth Shaw, the largest producer needs time, Dean Hayes just wants his sister to sell their land for cash and Frank Lemi [...]

Even faster read than 1 and I figured it out correctly this time too Kind of wishing Dani was a little less annoying though with her immaturity considering she s like 27.

Crockett s depiction of small town New England life is spot on, and this brings the reader closer to the story Daniwell, I don t find her the most likeable character She s always poking her nose in too far, and she knows it but she does it anyway The core unit of the Greene family is a nice touch, though, so maybe future stories or novellas will focus on someone else s perspective In this particular entry, Dani was too mentally disorganized to see what the reader could early onwho the killer was [...]

I loved the first book Drizzled With Death by Jessie Crockett in this series and I wanted to love this book as well Unfortunately, I had to struggle to keep reading The murder did not happen until Chapter 12 page 144 , which would have been okay if I hadn t read numerous time how short Dani is and how tiny I am 5 2 , shorter than the average American woman I sit in chairs and on couches all the time that are too big for me However, unless I am around a large group of people over six feet tall I [...]

Jessie Crockett s latest book in the Sugar Grove mystery series, Maple Mayhem, is a perfect example of a traditional mystery in which murder disrupts a small, close knit community But, before murder, vandalism starts to tear it apart And, amateur sleuth Dani Greene isn t comfortable when she distrusts lifelong friends.Actually, Dani s family has known some of the other families for generations The Greene family goes back 200 years in Sugar Grove, New Hampshire And, Dani is the fourth generation [...]

Two Reviews of this title Please see the bottom of this review for the link to both Brought to you by OBS reviewer Kaytaple Mayhem is the second installment of a relatively new cozy series I have to say the first one, Drizzled With Death, made me laugh our loud and wait anxiously for the next book This one delivers again, with both laughter and a fun filled mystery Set in Sugar Grove, New Hampshire, maple syrup is a way of life for the citizens of this small town Dani Greene is a fourth generati [...]

Maple Mayhem A Sugar Grove Mystery by Jessie Crockett is a good cozy mystery set in Sugar Grove where Maple Syrup is what most people harvest Dani and her family have been in the maple sugar business for generations and Dani is taking it one step further by trying to start a coop between all the growers to make it economical for all of them When someone starts sabotaging those who are joining the coop and then one of the biggest and loudest protesters of the coop is found dead Dani has to find [...]

The Greene family has owned and operated a sugar grove for many generations Not only are they known for their excellent syrup, but also about giving back to their community Dani is trying to organize a sugar co op in hopes of lowering the cost of supplies to her fellow producers Unfortunately, not everyone is in favor of this new idea Several farms who have signed up to support the co op suddenly find themselves victims of vandalism and threats Everyone suspects the same man, but when Dani finds [...]

Maple Mayhem is the second book in the A Sugar Grove Mystery series.Dani s maple syrup business is fairly successful, but she knows that others in the area are not as fortunate, so she has decided to put together a cooperative that will help everyone get the best prices on their supplies But everyone is evidently not happy with coop, as one morning while she is having breakfast at the Stack Shack, someone keys the trunk of her MG and writes the word no coop and draws a line through it Then a cou [...]

Dani belongs to an eccentric, but lovable family of maple syrup producers The family is extremely well off and known for contributing to the community Dani decides that her community contribution will be to start a cooperative that will help other local maple producers save money All of the major syrup makers seem to be on board, except for Frank, who is rabidly anti establishment When somebody begins to sabotage the co op members facilities, everybody suspects Frank Then Frank ends up dead and [...]

This has been a surprising addition to Cozy Mystery Readers This is the second book of the Sugar Grove series, and it is a very good addition The characters are funny, intelligent and very entertaining In this book you find our sleuth and maple sugar harvester, Dani Greene, trying to set up a cooperative with the other members in town that also have their own sugaring business Dani is excited for the project since it looks like it will be able to even help save some of the community who are stru [...]

Although this is the 2nd book of this series, it is the 1st book I have read by Jessie Crockett.Dani Greene s family has been in the maple syrup business for 4 generations Dani believes that a cooperative of all the local sugar houses would be a great benefit to everyone As Dani makes her rounds everyone seems eager to join in, everyone except Frank Lemieux that is But then again everyone expected Frank to veto the idea What wasn t expected was Frank s death, in his own sugar house As Dani looks [...]

Dani is a very short 27 year old the author mentions that a lot who lives in New Hampshire She s interested in started a cooperative that allows those in the area that draw maple sap from the trees to obtain supplies at a discount rate Vandalism starts occurring and it all seems to point at someone who is threatening the idea of the coop There s a lot of little things no pun intended I didn t like Dani used to go out with a police officer who s not happy that she dumped him so he s basically har [...]

a lot of her family treats her like a commodity, including trying to pawn her off on a creepy, stalker ish love interest when her romance with the guy she likes is going to slowly for their liking Speaking of, she acts like a young teenage girl with her first boyfriend with him, than a woman in her 20s Although we are hammered over the head with her small size and comparisons made by her and others of her to a kid, so that maight be part of that The mystery was kinda slow, but interesting enoug [...]

Dani is working to set up a co op for the syrup harvesters in her area so some of the smaller businesses can stay afloat But someone has started to sabotage the farms that plan to join But when murder gets added to the mix, Dani really has to dig in and figure out what is happening.Despite several rounds of sabotage, this book started out a little slowly with an emphasis on Dani s love life over the mystery However, things really picked up in the second half The characters were great once again, [...]

This book has a great recipe included Interesting book with a good mystery element but it took me a long time to get in to It was a little slow during the beginning and middle but picked up nicely I enjoyed it as a cozy mystery though not quite as much as others that I ve read A good read though I would recommend it I won my copy through first reads but that does not affect my review of the book.

Jessie Crockett continue to deliver pure entertainment and enjoyment in Book 2 of the Sugar Grove Mystery series The setting is informative and well depicted, the characters are well rounded out and the murder plot is sublime More twists and turns and ups and downs in the plot line and still totally surprised at the ending This is page turning at its best I can t wait for the next installment This is a must read for any cozy or mystery fan.

Wonderful 2nd in the A Sugar Grove Mystery The characters are becoming stronger and either likable or throw the bum in the Conn River Dani is trying to start a coop for the Sugar Grove syrup producers However, someone is sus sabotaging the sugar houses for those who will sign up for the coop and Dani tries to find out who Until the main suspect in the sabotage is found dead Good plot and a surprise ending.

I now have another series to love Maple syrup is close to my heart The cast of characters is great The names of the people are inventive in the sense that I have not heard of some of them ever Also Dani being very short endears her to me even though I am a bit taller Her struggle to make her new business idea work opens a can of syrup worms Great read.

Dani s sister was just as annoying in the second book as the first Again, the story was good as were the majority of the characters However, the ending seemed unfinished You discover who did what and why but that s it There was no follow up information about the criminal or the damages done but maybe they ll be addressed in book 3.

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    314 Jessie Crockett
Maple Mayhem