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Cold Comfort #(2022)

Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort

  • Title: Cold Comfort
  • Author: Ellis Vidler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Cold Comfort By Ellis Vidler,

Cold Comfort Best Read || [Ellis Vidler] - Cold Comfort, Cold Comfort After she s dumped by her faithless fianc Claire Spencer abandons her dreams of a family of her own Instead she plots her solo course and settles for a quiet life as an independent Williamsburg sho

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For pure entertainment, Ellis Vidler s Cold Comfort deserves five stars, not four it has pace and a compelling plot that kept me guessing what was going on right up to the concluding chapters It s also a relief to read good writing after a lot of material by people who ve no grasp of the concept of editing.If in the end I settled on four stars, it was because some of the devices were a little predictable the tough guy who s suffered a tragedy over a woman he was unable to protect and has decided [...]

Cold ComfortBy Ellis VidlerReview by Patricia A Guthrie If you like romantic suspense novels, a feisty courageous heroine, who didn t know she had it in her, a hunk for a hero who hadn t found his sensitive spot yet, and a few really nasty villains who will do anything to murder the heroine thrown in to muck up anyone s day, you ll love Cold Comfort by Ellis Vidler Picture yourself as an owner of a cozy little Christmas shop called The Mistletoe You ve been talking to people all day, keeping an [...]

Very good RS This was fast paced and kept me completely confused as to what was really going on I just couldn t figure out who was out to kill Claire and why Riley was a great hero with a dark past Claire was strong and independent and had to be involved in solving this mystery They made a great team.

My thoughts are all over the place The beginning of this story hits the ground running and never slows down.In the opening scene, Claire is fighting for her life when an unknown attacker tries to kill her If not for her neighbor and his son, he may have succeeded Claire is a petite woman and her attacker was large and determined He only relented when he heard the neighbors rushing to her aid His parting words, I ll be back, sweetheart She thought she was safe The car with the mismatched headligh [...]

tion strewn slalom of a thrilleris is for you if you like your suspense non stop, with thrills every other page throw in political and mob intrigue at the highest levels thugs of questionable finesse a hero cut in the tough man mode and a heroine who is classier than most then hang on for a slalom of action the spark between tough guy Riley and the self reliant Claire keeps the romance element spinning a book that could easily fit into than one genre loved the pace and characterisations

Clair Spencer has a quiet life living in the home her mother left her and runs a Christmas shop in Williamsburg, Virginia that she owns Her calm existence comes to an end when she arrives home one night after closing the shop and is attacked in her driveway Thanks to the neighbor s dog that alerts those nearby, she is rescued but the attack leaves her with several injuries and many questions After telling her assistant, Mary about the attack she is referred to Ben Riley by Mary s brother Ray Ril [...]

Cold Comfort by Ellis Vidler Link to Kindle Version Cold Comfort ebKindle 2.99With her charming Christmas shop, Claire appears to live an idyllic life in quaint Williamsburg And since it s the Christmas season she has every reason to be happy, business is great, she has her good friend Mary as helper and the shop is full every day But then Claire is viscously attacked outside her home and strangers appear to be following her Confused and frightened, suddenly everything Claire thought she knew a [...]

A Non Stop Thrill Ride audio book review I m saving this books in my listening library and will probably come back to listen to all of Ellis Vidler s book in the future They are great books.I really loved Ben Riley, a man s man The guy was complex, strong as a bull, and smart Claire was a good protagonist, but she kept making me mad at her LOL She seemed to want to run head long into trouble without thinking about her safety, and I could see why Riley would get frustrated with that I also loved [...]

The title of this novel instantly caught my attention Usually, I don t judge a book by it s cover but in this case, I was happy to except the review request, because it sounded and looked so fascinating This book shows readers that a romance novel doesn t need to have sexy men or women draped all over the cover although there is NOTHING wrong with that Of course, this isn t just a romance novel, it has a suspense aspect as well.However, when I started to read, there were a couple disappointing c [...]

I really enjoyed reading Cold Comfort, which is marketed as a romance and suspense, but really, the romantic elements are sort of incidental, IMHO The story is a thriller that centers on a perfectly ordinary woman, Claire Spencer, who runs a Christmas tchotchke store hey, how about a little holiday reading material, right and is being targeted for murder Through a friend, she enlists the help of Ben Riley, a broad chested ex Navy man who seems to have endless governmental connections and manly m [...]

After she s dumped by her faithless fianc , Claire Spencer settles for a quiet life as an independent Williamsburg shop owner She had spent time taking care of her mother, Blanche, who she loved with all her heart But out of the blue, her world explodes into a nightmare straight out of spy movie Her house is being broken into and searched, and she is being attacked But why Maybe security consultant Riley can find out why.Riley does not put out warm and fuzzy vibes He is burned out, stung by his [...]

I won this book through the goodread s giveaways The story is a mystery suspense romance It was very easy to read, having finished it in 2 days The style was very easy to follow and kept you interested Suspense and a lot of action are abundant through the novel s many twists and turns Claire Spencer is running a boutique in Williamsburg when she is brutally attacked for no apparent reason Her coworker calls her brother to recommend a cheap PI, Riley Their personalities are quite different, but p [...]

High Action, Thrilling Mystery Story This is an awesome suspenseful story which reveals two opposing, strong willed people needing each other It s the story of Clair Spencer being ditched by her fianc and losing her one relative, her mother She establishes a contented life as a gift shop owner in Williamsburg One dark night, arriving home from a long day, she is assaulted for absolutely no known reason Mary who works in Clair s shop and is a good friend, contacts her brother to help resolve thes [...]

The action and intrigue started right off the bat with someone trying to snuff out Claire Spencer Claire lives a quiet, modest life and she s at a loss as to who is after her and why She hires Ben Riley who was formerly in Navy intelligence to help her find out Ben is reluctant to get involved when he does, her world gets even crazier Chemistry brews in the background of the danger and intrigue, but it also ups the stakes for Claire and Ben I think the author did a great job of pacing the suspen [...]

I listened to Cold Comfort from Audible This excellent, riviting story was difficult to stop listening to I ended up staying u all night because of it Good thing it was a weekend I give the story 5 stars, the reader not so much It was probably just me but the msle voice was alway the same so i got mixed up on who was talking when I believe there were a couple times she got the womens voices confused Then toward the end of the story there was a car door sound effect inserted that came from no whe [...]

This book is a clash of two worlds, the cliched quiet surburban life and the fast and dangerous world of mobsters and politics The result of which turns the life of the unsuspecting target, Claire, upside down Luckily for Claire she obtains the services of he mysterious Riley, a strong and mysterious problem solver Not only does Riley have contacts in all of the necesary places he is also a fantastic artist, and what woman could resist a strong, ruggedly handsome man who needs someone to cook fo [...]

A bit of a why and who dunnit Claire is being targetted and she doesnt know why an attack at home leaves her injured, someone s rifled through her home files, nasty items left at work The police have done all they can, so who is she gonna call A friend of her work colleagues brother, thats who He seems to be a real life action man, but with a soft heart that Claire finds as they back track through her life to find out the why so they can figure out the who.A fast paced romp through snowy winter [...]

The story When a thug attacks Claire Spencer, owner of a charming Williamsburg Christmas shop, she hires security consultant Ben Riley to find out why Old letters in a hidden trunk direct Claire and Riley to transcripts from the 1970s House Select Committee on Crime, where Sinatra appeared as a key witness, and to connections between politics and organized crime While dodging a speeding car, ducking bullets, and escaping from murky swamp waters, proper Claire and freewheeling loner Riley struggl [...]

This has a classic mystery feel to it, but the story revolves around a heroine who is a fighter I like the way the plot developments are strung along since I like trying to figure out the secrets and second guess what s coming The romance was woven throughout quite creatively, and the reluctant hero was definitely a fine character I recommend this book to fans of mystery and suspense with strong romantic elements.

COLD COMFORT a SUSPENSE romanceCOLD COMFORT a SUSPENSE romanceThis suspense novel actually looses points because theautifully written romance detracts from the interesting question of who are the bad guys, and why are they trying to kill such an ordinary woman

This book kept me up last night Even though I pretty much figured out the motive for everything the main character was going through, the action was so well done, and the romance, that I had to keep reading to see what happened next Plus I did want to find out who the bad guy was, of course A well written mystery with a lot of suspense What could a reader ask for

This is a free book from the First Reads giveaways.Claire Spencer, a Williamsburg, VA Christmas shop owner, suddenly finds her life in danger With the help of a friend of a friend, Ben Riley, she finds out what is behind this sudden surge of attacks and This story reminded me of some of the Nora Roberts stories, mixing mystery and romance.

The action is there and the plot is interesting, too Finess and quiet life clashes with the dangerous A know it all , do it all protector comes for the lady who is in danger I just don t think the matching was so much of a success because, I just say maybe, all the spell was wasted in the Mistletoe shop that Claire onwned and not some was spared for the rest of the story.

Really GoodI enjoyed this book Was a good mixture of adventure, mystery and romance Claire is a strong independent women who can admit she needs help Riley is what she needs and she is what Riley needs If only they could both realize it and let the past not get in their way especially Riley Part of a series but can be read as a standalone HE A.

I really enjoyed this novel The author turned up the suspense factor and kept me guessing and sweating right to the end The relationship between Claire and Riley was tender and emotional, the plot was realistic and well researched A must read for fans of well crafted romance suspense

I was pretty surprised that I liked this as much as I did It is not my usual faire, but enjoyable even so Claire was a bit needy at times, but generally I liked her I liked who she was and who she became I liked Riley as well The story was quick and action packed.

I really enjoyed this book It was fast paced and kept you thinking I wish that there was a bit to the ending I had to read the last page a couple times to make sure I understood how it was ending I would have enjoyed a bit if an ending for Clair and Riley.

Full disclosure I critiqued this book, so what can I say It s a terrific romantic suspense with a reluctant hero and a heroine who s the target of someone who wants to kill her Why That s what the two people have to find out before the killer succeeds I highly recommend this book.

This is a decent mystery novel The limited third person writing is great, it draws you into the character and makes you want to know why this woman s life is in danger all of a sudden The resolution is not quite what you think it would be and yet it is well done for the story.

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  • Cold Comfort Best Read || [Ellis Vidler]
    390 Ellis Vidler
Cold Comfort