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The Sinner's Guide #(2022)

The Sinner's Guide

The Sinner's Guide

  • Title: The Sinner's Guide
  • Author: Louis of Granada Paul A. Böer Sr.
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Sinner's Guide By Louis of Granada Paul A. Böer Sr.,

↠ The Sinner's Guide ✓ Louis of Granada Paul A. Böer Sr. - The Sinner's Guide, The Sinner s Guide Venerable Louis of Granada Venerable Louis of Granada was the favorite spiritual writer of St Teresa of Avila St John of the Cross St Francis de Sales St Charles Borromeo St Vincent de Paul and S

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In Venerable Louis of Granada s The Sinner s Guide, the reader is brought to absolute certainty about the importance and attainability of a life of virtue The first part consists of 12 reasons to practice virtue with 12 further reasons contained in the 12th reason O Dominicans e.g God s majesty, his creation and preservation of the world and you , his works of salvation, the final things prepared for each soul death, judgment, hell, heaven , and the temporal benefits of virtue This part takes th [...]

This book is very helpful, its an intermediate read for those new to Faith, there s simplicity but also depth which makes this book vital for people to read The book starts out with the reasons and benefits of living a virtuous grace filled life, then goes into the various vices that may obstruct the development of Virtue, some egregious but some that most are not too mindful of Then he goes into the Virtues themselves, differentiating the external and interior virtues the latter give reason fo [...]

I was somewhat indifferent to the first chapters of this avowed spiritual classic but it didn t take long to get involved in what I was reading Chapter 7, subtitled The Thought of Death, the First of the Four Last Things , finally hit me hard This manual only gets better as you explore it and yourself.Introduction by Father Alvaro Herga, OP gives a good description of the book a masterwork of Aristotelian symmetry and the most scholastic work of Fray Louis, a book that covers from myriad angles [...]

One of the best books I ever readHaving just completed The Sinner s Guide after a very slow read a chapter or two per day , I can see why St Teresa of Avila, St John of the Cross, St Charles Borromeo, St Francis de Sales, and so many others, leaned on this book I especially loved his discussions on the virtues near the end It was the icing on the cake, and a shot in the arm If you want to learn Catholic spirituality, read this book slowly and meditate as you go Be sure to pray to Ven Louis and t [...]

Love, love, love this I bought three for my husband and children To me it is a very special, important book to have, read and re read.

A great book that will help you grow closer to God.

Included in the Spiritual Reading section of Fr John McCloskey s 100 book Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan.

This book, written by the relatively unknown Bl Louis de Granada, a contemporary of St Teresa de Avila, is a hidden gem of Catholic spirituality This book is written for the Catholic layperson, the one who does not take his faith seriously and is looking for meaning in his life In this regard, this book is similar to St Francis de Sales Introduction to the Devout Life In many ways, the reader of the Sinner s Guide will find many similarities between it and the Introduction They are both written [...]

If I had only one book to read the rest of my life, it would be this one If we could give 10 stars, I d give it 10 The most important book I ve ever read and will re read it almost immediately A lot of errors sins could have been avoided if only I had read this early on in my life Written almost 500 years ago and it is as true now as it was then It will remain so of that I am confident.

Beautiful work Loved the presentation of God s kingdom based on Holy Scriptures using reason and a language that is easily to follow To God be the glory and I will be seeking other spiritual works of this author to meditate and contemplate.

This is a great classical work on overcoming sinful behavior.

  • ↠ The Sinner's Guide ✓ Louis of Granada Paul A. Böer Sr.
    144 Louis of Granada Paul A. Böer Sr.
The Sinner's Guide