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The Seventh Son #(2022)

The Seventh Son

The Seventh Son

  • Title: The Seventh Son
  • Author: Reay Tannahill
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Seventh Son By Reay Tannahill,

[PDF] The Seventh Son | by ☆ Reay Tannahill - The Seventh Son, The Seventh Son The greatest prize and the most deadly the crown of EnglandReay Tannahill s enthralling novel is a family saga in the grand tradition a tale of brother against brother cousin against cousin of love

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I m a big Richard III fan, but while I don t believe Thomas More s or Shakespeare s infamous versions of him, neither do I believe the sainted version of him that so many of todays fluffy authors go for He lived in a dog eat dog world, where there was little time for sentiment This book portrays Richard as an honourable, loyal, ambitious, practical, clinical, deep thinking man A man of his times, he s rash and ruthless when the mood takes him He makes mistakes He s cynical and single minded, he [...]

On finishing this, I m left in such a delighted mood that I could go on happy dancing all day Because, at long last, I ve found my new favourite Wars of the Roses novel to place side by side to Sharon Kay Penman s The Sunne in Splendour on my personal altar of best ever Historical Fiction Fellow English history lovers know how hard it is to live up to the sky high standards for Ricardian fiction set up by Sharon s novel, so this is quite the feat that Reay Tannahill has done it, in my humble opi [...]

Review of Seventh SonIn a number of ways, this book is the antithesis of The Sunne in Splendour Full disclosure I loved The Sunne in Splendour and have read it six times so far It is short, barely a third of the length of Penman s opus and sparing in details where Penman was generous Overall, it takes a far less romantic look at Richard than most of the books published by the Ricardian side lately The tone of the entire book is set on the third page when Richard s loves are said to be for hawkin [...]

A rounded portrayal of Richard III as neither the evil bloodthirsty devil depicted by Sir Thomas More and William Shakespeare or the glowing saint of the Richard III Society, Rosemary Hawley Jarman and Sharon Kay Penman It is strong in dialogue and descriptiveness but somewhat rushed and not quite as engaging as The Sunne in Splendour which is detailed and fully fleshed outThis novel while exhibiting a certain gritty realism, is not quite as colourful or exciting Everything here just happens to [...]

How nice to have a novel with a realistic, well rounded Richard instead of the pure and saintly one we re always finding in the latest and cough greatest historical novels Tannahill begins her novel in 1471 as Richard is planning to marry Anne Neville and recounts his life until that fateful day at Bosworth Most of this is known history and enough reviewers have recounted what s covered in the book I needn t rehash it again As noted earlier, what I most enjoyed was the life like Richard althoug [...]

I m still not a Richard III fan, but I enjoyed the author s take There are so many things we will never know Tannahill covered Richard s life from where he and George were fighting over the Neville women s fortunes until his charge down Ambien Hill She did a good job at trying to understand Richard and maybe why he did the things he did I disagree with her notes at the end, about The Princes not being a risk for Richard, so he had no reason to kill them I m not saying he did, but there were alwa [...]

King Richard III was he Shakespeare s devilish hunchback, or a kind hearted romantic who was betrayed by the people he loved In Reay Tannahill s The Seventh Son, Richard is neither of these extremes instead, he is a clever, brave, hardnosed Renaissance prince, who knows that in the game of thrones, you win or you die I totally stole that line from George R R Martin He s no soft hearted Romantic hero in love with his new bride Anne, either In this book, he marries her for her money and to establi [...]

I was not surprised to see in the author s notes that Tannahill recommended Charles Ross biography of Richard III as a reliable nonfiction source because I had been reminded of his book the entire time I was reading hers She does take a balanced, if sometimes dull, approach to Richard compared to many other modern authors who seem to paint him in an overly optimistic light He is a man of his times, a loyal but realistic nobleman, a man who knows that you cannot allow weaknesses to appear if you [...]

I recently re read this I don t think it s the best novel about Richard, but it s certainly a very interesting one Realistic, and maybe even a tad cynical.If you want lots of detail, you won t find it here And if you require your Richard to be a plaster saint, this is definitely a book to avoid On the other hand Tannahill goes where few Ricardian authors care to tread, such as the episode where he rips off the old Countess of Oxford s lands.Apart from Richard the main characters are Anne Neville [...]

An Interesting View, The Same Story With a Different FocusThere were many things to enjoy about Reay Tannahill s book The Seventh Son I so appreciate it when an author includes a family tree and the one Tannahill includes in her book is very nice and includes the ten children born to Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville as well as the four marriages of Margaret Beaufort There is also a map of Medieval England showing the roads available at the time.This story is about the War of the Roses, the prin [...]

was first introduced to the story of Richard III and the different opinions about him after reading Sharon Kay Penman s The Sunne In Splendour When I picked up this book I had no idea it was about Richard III, I decided to read it just because I had heard so many good things about Reay Tannahill and had never came across one of her books.Reay Tannahill s enthralling new novel is a family saga in the grand traditionAt the heart of it all is the dangerous, complex human being known to history as R [...]

This historical novel gave me a new slant on a topic I know very well the life and reign of England s King Richard III He s a mysterious and controversial figure in British history, and long ago I decided he d been unfairly maligned by Thomas More and Shakespeare That said, this novel gives the reader a new take on Richard s personality and motives, one that I suspect is in keeping with the values of the 15th century and perhaps realistic than the innocent misunderstood saint or total blackgua [...]

Ever since watching the enjoyable TV series The White Queen , I ve been fascinated by reading stories about Richard III They all have their merits and I enjoy the different approaches Since the facts are limited, everyone is entitled to write their version of events and personalities This was another enjoyable story and I found it enjoyable and interesting.

Terrible I LOVE these kinds of books and Richard the III is one of my absolute favorite historical figures but this was just impossible for me to swallow Only thirty pages in I was checking the page count of the book and wondering how much of it I would have to endure to finish it The characterizations were awful For fans of Richard this book makes him come across as a first class jerk and Anne Neville is reduced to a simpering, whining, giggling, heavens the giggling schoolgirl Elizabeth Woodv [...]

I admit I was hesitant to read this book because a few people had mentioned that it portrays Richard in a somewhat negative light I came to realise that somewhat negative actually meant human and realistic As much as I adore The Sunne in Splendour and will re read it again and again, I don t think Richard was that tender hearted One of my favorite passages from The Seventh Son is found on page 295 If I had consulted the three of you, lily livered as you are, where would we be now I would certain [...]

This book does offer a well rounded picture of Richard It doesn t vilify him and, realistically I believe, does not hold him guilty of the princes deaths It also does portray him with the potential to be ruthless, which may well be accurate and understandable given the times and position he was in I don t necessarily disagree with the author s view of Richard But, I didn t like the way the novel was written.Each chapter is broken up into lots of numbered scenes averaging 1 to 2.5 pages in length [...]

A disappointingly flawed book that could have been significantly better.There is a strange sort of odd sentence structuring that makes travel through this novel of a skip and occasional stumble than the stalk, gallop or rampage that the great historical fiction books are for me at least.It bizarrely prefers to give the reader background information through meandering wistful flashbacks and recollections that come as occasional interruptions to the main story, acting like a stumbling block to an [...]

Historical family saga faction about the War of the Roses The battle for the crown of England between the houses of York and Lancaster brother versus brother, cousin versus cousin I never developed a real empathy for Richard III and Henry Tudor The conflict should have been a perfect platform to show these intriguing people but I couldn t have cared less what happened to the secondary characters like Richard s wife, Anne What should have shown insight into the enigmatic king failed to grip me Th [...]

For whatever reason I ve become fascinated by Richard I have nothing against books that don t portray him as a saint But I rail against books that portray him as flat and that s how I found this book If you re going to write about Richard, why start after Tewkesbury Surely what happened to him after his father was killed formed a good part of the man he became So why leave this out I wonder about his reasons for marrying Anne Was theirs a childhood love or did he marry for wealth Why did their m [...]

Despite there being a certain amount of artistic license taken to produce an historical fiction about Richard III, this one is particularly good It present Richard as a man of his time and explores how he may have thought and therefore why he made the decisions he made It is also very readable as a novel in its own right.One thing she doesn t really explore is his relationship with his faith, which other commentators hint at as being particularly important in understanding him as a man Perhaps i [...]

This book was brilliant Reay Tannahill gave an unique perspective on the events before and during the reign of Richard III by telling it from the bad side, yet making it seem like the good side So many authors are intent on painting Richard in a dark light, but this story, told through his eyes, makes him seem innocent of the terrible crimes of which he has been accused Tannahill s novel makes the point that we don t really know what happened to the Princes, and maybe events played out in a comp [...]

Richard iii is a bit of a rock star He seems to provoke either passionate love or hate Amidst a whole bunch of novels in which he is an angel and can do no wrong, which I can never find entirely believable, here he is portrayed in a multi dimensional way which I loved I l liked how the relationship between him and Anne evolved And finally an Anne Neville who is not a poor, weak and fragile flower boring but a lively flesh and blood character

Most Excellent ReadAn impressive novel based on Richard III While the author admits little is authenticated about Richard and his reign it was written before Richard s remains were located and much is prejudiced, she presents balanced suppositions both positive and negative of the man who has fascinated and enthralled for than 500 years Prose that is truly a pleasure to read highly recommended.

I was surprised by how funny this book was for the first half or so Character thougts and dialogue were brilliant While it moved quickly i did somewhat prefer the pace compared to The Sunne in Splendour which spent far time detailing events both fictional and factual I do think time could have been spent on Richard s reign though the book moved very quickly through that once Edward died I really enjoyed this book.

DNF I gave up on this one even after reading 65% of it While the novel starts out fine, I soon grew bored While Richard III is the novel s principal character there is no depth to him in this book, nor is there any depth to the events that mark his rise to the throne and short reign I know how Richard s story ends so there is no need for me to finish this Anyone looking for a good read on Richard III should try Sharon Kay Penman s The Sunne in Splendour.

Well written novel, with realistic and lovable characters Richard III is portrayed as a man of ambition but humane and complex, and his wife Anne, torn between her love for her husband and her doubts about his behaviour, and destroyed by their son s death, is also a great character A refreshing point of view for a much written about historical period.

Very good A mostly sympathetic rendering of Richard of Gloucester and how he became king I cannot believe he was responsible for the death of the princes in the tower when there were so many others in his court who had ambitions And as far as some of his documented acts went, it was kill or be killed in those days Well thought out and intensely satisfying read

This would have been fine, if it was the only book on Richard III Unfortunately, it brings nothing new to the table and reads like the cliff notes version of Sunne in Splendour It skims over the major events of his life, particularly during his brother, Edward IV s reign, dashing in a bit of emotion here and there before jumping to the next scene.

I have previously reviewed this book here Like other reviewers here, I found the portrayal of the young Richard vigorous and believable Tannahill covers the events which take place after Richard s coronation in a way that seems a bit rushed and lacking in storytelling, compared to the earlier portion of the book.

Wooden, poor characterisation May have suffered the worse due to comparison with the last book I read, which was excellent I am put off from trying anything from this author Read most of it but gave up in irritation.The history was pretty sound one of my well known periods but I don t know where all the rave reviews came from

  • [PDF] The Seventh Son | by ☆ Reay Tannahill
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The Seventh Son