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Wrath #(2021)



  • Title: Wrath
  • Author: Robin Wasserman
  • ISBN: 9780689877858
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
Wrath By Robin Wasserman,

↠ Wrath ✓ Robin Wasserman - Wrath, Wrath Beth was transformed from a nobody to a somebody but now she s B list again She and everybody else got played by Kaia Kane and Harper Nobody can comfort Miranda who feels so betrayed that she s swo

Recent Comments "Wrath"

Duuuuuuuuuuuuude What Still sticking by my previous opinions Kaia, Kane and Reed are still the most awesome It s about time Miranda finally got something going for her I ve had the most hope for her since the beginning of the series Adam and Beth are just there, being idiots, and I still dislike Harper but at least she finally got what she deserved in the end ha ha, I think the last 50 pages were SO unexpected It was great And if the person who died is who I think it is I will NOT BE HAPPY Movin [...]

Personal response I really enjoyed Wrath by Robin Wasserman a lot It was by far one of my favorites in the Seven Deadly Sins series I really enjoy the cliffhangers through the whole book and can not wait to read the next Plot Beth Manning used to be A list because of her hot boyfriend Adam, but is now she s B list again After getting played by Kaia, Kane, and Harper, she is stopping at nothing until she gets revenge Beth has no idea how to get revenge because she s always been goodie two shoes M [...]

I really enjoyed reading the book Wrath by Robin Wasserman This story is about a group of teenagers in high school and all the drama that comes along with it A lot has changed for these kids and nothing will ever be the same again All the characters show their wrath and for them it is all about revenge Strange friendships are made after relationships are lost Adam is depressed and feels lost with nobody to go to for anything Kaia and Mr Powell end their relationship with a bang Kane still thinks [...]

This was a good book Really, that s all I have to say about it There was only one reason I didn t like it, and that was because once again of Beth I just really can t stand that character, and how perfect and boring she is The other ones are fine, and my favourite characters are still Kaia and Reed The ending was a major suprise, I wasn t expecting someone to die the way they did but I still think I know who the character is I m not going to lie, I was really hoping it be Beth so that I wouldn t [...]

OMG, this book was amazing It s WAAAY better than the last three books and there s a surprisingly tragic event that happens at the end of this book It just doesn t seem right because Wasserman suddenly makes Kaia seem like the loneliest girl on the planet, which makes the reader feel for her It s too bad that she had to go because I was just getting to like her Not to mention that the other characters are all out for REVENGE Once you finish this book, you ll be waiting to see the aftermath of ev [...]

Turns out no one is really evil inside it s just the sins they ve commited and other s that effected them that made them this way Misunderstanding is the real sin, not wrath Wrath is merely the unfortunate effect of Misunderstanding But misunderstanding is sneaky, putting all the blame on wrath These sins are really the seven DEADLY sins.

The book Wrath is the fourth book in the drama sequel Seven Deadly Sins There are a lot of new events that happen in the book Adam does not have a girlfriend and is no longer the star of the basketball team Adam gets expelled for starting a major fight with the other team in a basketball game Kane finally sticks up for Adam and apologizes to him Kaia gets caught with Reed in the hot tub when her dad is not home Harper is going on dates like crazy and has become even close with Kane during their [...]

this series just keeps getting better and better the prologue sents a dramatic tone for the book but wrapped up in the drama its easy to forget what was foreshadowed things definitely got kicked up a notch Beth and miranda finally show some guts miranda hopefully has finally moved past kane since he is a consummate ass Harper finally gets whats coming to her and adam is just a sad sack Kaia s sass finally comes back to bite her in the ass and with a cliffhanger like that ending im staying up lat [...]

Wrath, maybe my next favorite book of this series, is like a book that goes back in time Beth, previously an A lister gets demoted back to being a B list, Miranda is looking to get Harper, Kane, and Kaia back, and Kaia has a stalker This book is interesting because it shows how the relationships between the characters unfold but it also shows the interrelationship between each character Instead of writing the story of each character separately, Wasserman is now weaving in each character s story [...]

Beth 7 g nahtan biri olan fkesine yenik d t ve onun y z nden 7 ki iden biri ld.Ama kim A kcas ok merak edip di er kitab n arkas n okudum ama yazar bunu yapaca m tahmin etmi olmal ki orada da pek bir bilgi yok.Bundan sonra olaylar ba ka bir y ne gidecek lerindeki k t g r nen 2k zdan biri ld , ama as l melek y zl eytan Beth lk kitaptan beri ondan nefret ediyorum.Kane, Miranda n n hayallerini y kt ama ger i Miranda zaten hayal d nyas nda ya yor.

Everything is pretty much unraveled by now Beth and Adam found out that Kane and Harper screwd them over And then just as they get back together Kaia hits Beth with Adam s secret Now everyones enemies Even Miranda and Harper, who have been friends for years The ending was sudden, and leaves you reeling from what just happened.

Not sure why this series went from all the best parts of Gossip Girl in its prime to a lackluster episode of CSI For once, the characters motives weren t so clear and understandable I m still not sure what to make of it.

Probably my favorite one yet Drama, drama, drama I m sick of Adam and his whining though But it was nice to see the added depth to Harper and Kaia, they showed a new side And the cliff hanger ending You can bet I ll be reading number 5

Can t remember much about it I think something happened in the story that s disappointing

One of my favorite books in the series even though I don t like Beth It also sucks that my favorite character dies.

This was one of the best books in the series and so much happened that it was so awesomeI really wanna get the next book to know what happened next

Wow, what an ending

Amazing twist ending.

DNF first book in series.

it is a grat book ,it is a good romanacestoruy

Not much to say, cliffhanger at the end.


Enjoyed am finally donating as I need to cull bookshelves before moving Read the whole series have a soft spot for the movie as well.

fun reading, don t expect literary gold.

Whatdsdsfkhtfshtf fck

oh my fucking god

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD it s a shocker

this one is my favorite by far

My friend told me about this series I actually really enjoyed them They re interesting and it actually shows how a lot of teenagers are It s a little exaggerated also But they re really good.

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