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Invincible #1 #(2022)

Invincible #1

Invincible #1

  • Title: Invincible #1
  • Author: Robert Kirkman Cory Walker
  • ISBN: 9781106928733
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Invincible #1 By Robert Kirkman Cory Walker,

Invincible #1 Best Download || [Robert Kirkman Cory Walker] - Invincible #1, Invincible Girls acne homework super villains When you re a teenager it helps to be Invincible Robert Kirkman s long running book Invincible starts here

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Mark Grayson is a typical teenager, except the fact that his father is one of the greatest superheroes known to mankind Mark is waiting to develop his own super powers hopefully something incredible so that he can follow in his father s footsteps, whether that means fighting inter dimensional aliens or stopping a bank robbery.While Mark is at work at the local burger mart he throws a trash bag so high into the sky that it disappears And with that, it begins And what better way, Mark figures, to [...]

Fun start to a series about a superhero s son who becomes a superhero himself Especially since it s non Marvel DC and not part of any big shared universe.


I love Invincible, I read most of them before but it s been so long I thought I d refresh myself.

  • Invincible #1 Best Download || [Robert Kirkman Cory Walker]
    143 Robert Kirkman Cory Walker
Invincible #1