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The Great Controversy #(2021)

The Great Controversy

The Great Controversy

  • Title: The Great Controversy
  • Author: Ellen G. White
  • ISBN: 9780816300365
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
The Great Controversy By Ellen G. White,

[PDF] The Great Controversy | by Ô Ellen G. White - The Great Controversy, The Great Controversy What is the world coming to The news media may tell you what is happening but this book will tell you what is going to happen The Great Controversy begins at the dawning of the Christian era traces

Recent Comments "The Great Controversy"

This book is excellent I thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover It is a very interesting insight on the history of the protestant church from the destruction of Jerusalem to the second coming of Christ and the New Jerusalem Some topics that I particularly enjoyed 1 Descriptive scenes of the second coming and New Jerusalem period Wow.2 The investigative judgment and the heavenly sanctuary.3 End time events with biblical quotations from not just Daniel and Revelation, but Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos [...]

Hard to read even when I was a dyed in the wool conservative, fundamentalist Seventh day Adventist thankfully I escaped Overly long, extremely repetitive, and poorly written That s not even getting into the probable plagiarism and historical inaccuracies Looking back, I m appalled but unsurprised that a church would try to pass this disaster off as some kind of message from God as much as Adventists try to avoid admitting it to outsiders, they most definitely do believe that Ellen White was a pr [...]

I finally, FINALLY finished it And I m utterly speechless I mean, The Great Controversy is a piece of art And to think it was written by a woman who only had a very low grade education third or fourth is justwow I cannot wait to meet Mrs White in Heaven

First off, I would be super happy if people would stop leaving copies of this book in my mailbox, it s kind of annoying Second, I m not entirely sure how to review this I m unsure of my own beliefs, agnostic I guess you could say, and when it comes to religious literature I m not the best judge of it I ll give it two stars for holding my interest, but in all honesty it just confused me for the most part.

the Bad Some of the chapters are a challenge to get through once you have already read the booke Good This is one of my favorite books of all time I have literally lost count of how many times I have read it through from cover to cover I first discovered this book when I was 11 years old.Even if I don t have time or patience to read it all the way through again the last several chapters are worth reading again and again just because of the hope it inspires When I pick up this book I usually star [...]

I have read this book again over the last couple months, and always find it useful The first third of the book is basically a history of the reformation, up to the 19th century The next third or so covers a number of basic Seventh day Adventist beliefs The last 12 or 13 chapters are a study in eschatology, looking at prophecies for the end of time I find this book to be very useful in answering some of the big questions people ask about God Where is God when bad things happen Why is there pain a [...]

Extremely difficult to tear in half.I received this book unsolicited in the mail today and was unpleasantly unsurprised to discover its religious origins Unsolicited mail comes in two forms religious and credit cards, and I doubted very much that this book would climax in a once in a lifetime low interest rate offer The Great Controversy, Past Present Future, How Will it End an authorless cover that screams of trying too hard to be ambiguous about the fact that there will be capitalized He s and [...]

This book is a most intelligent and insightful account of history from the early Church on through the dark ages and beyond Mrs Ellen G White wrote this book in 1888 go woman power Beware if you re catholic, you might not like what you read about the history of your religion The version of this book that I have was re published by Harvestime Books and each chapter contains quite a bit of anecdotal information pertaining to the topic of that chapter be it historical dating and time frames, citati [...]

In this 5th book in Ellen G White s Conflict of the Ages series the curtain is pulled back on the battle between truth and error and between Christ and Satan The book opens with the events surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem as foretold by Jesus before his death and takes us down through the ages, through those who accepted His truth and the price they paid for it, up through the Protestant reformation and rise of Reason as played out in the French Revolution and finally through the future [...]

Best companion book to the Bible I could ever recommend.

One of the greatest books I ve ever read

The death of the Apostles brought an end to the sacred history recorded in the Bible save for the prophecies of the future in the Books of Daniel and Revelation, however the message of the Gospel and the history of the Church continued The Great Controversy, the final volume of Ellen G White s Conflict of the Ages series in which the history of the Christian Church is chronicled from the destruction of Jerusalem to the end of sin and the recreation of Earth At almost 700 pages, the events of the [...]

One of the best books I have ever read It goes through the history of the Church from The destruction of Jerusalem to the second coming of Jesus Some say that The Great Controversy is not historically accurate but from my study what is found in this book matches up great with what the historians have written I have read J.A Wylie and D Aubigne as well as several other history books concerning this historical period I have found this book to be Biblical I have not found anything that is at odds w [...]

Rating 5 stars Ellen G White is such an amazing person She and the SDA church pioneered education, hospital and health I love reading this book, specially during service if the pastor is talking about something frightfully boring.

all the good parts in this book are plagiarized.

Not sure why its taken me years to get to this book I ve dabbed at it over the past few years, heard a thing or two about it, read a chapter here and there but its done The Great Controversy wouldn t be the first book from this author that I would recommend based upon where a person is in relation to their understanding of God If your view of God is that of a lightning pelting, fire brimstone, unmerciful, unforgiving ruler, then yes, you ll most likely be spooked and miss out on how wonderful of [...]

Interesting Well, I certainly don t like White s prophetical hermeneutics, ecclesiology, her stance on God s sovereignty, or her morality, which I find, frankly, to be inconsistent and tending toward legalism That said, I love her Christology and her emphasis on glorifying God in out lives.I don t buy her arguments on the Seventh Day Sabbath, but I respect them though sometimes they smell a little bit like a straw man For what it s worth, I think the Seventh Day ers at least, so far as represent [...]

While I don t personally agree with the author s views, and I found her to be a bit harsh on Roman Catholics, it was still an interesting read She is prone to tell stories from the Bible using her own slant in an ad libitum manner , so if the reader doesn t know the biblical version, then the story may be misunderstood I am particularly referring to her stories about Satan, the fall, and the postlapsarian couple Still, it kept my interest.

I put off reading this book for years Then, when I finally dig in, it was one of those books where so had to grab a dictionary and a highlighter because there was just so much history and wow It s not an easy read but it can absolutely become a life changing read It also inspired motivated me to read my Bible It out several a bible stories in historical context for me which made the stories and conditions in which the characters lived impactful.

This is excellent documentation demonstrating the fact of the universal apostasy after Christ and his apostles I recommend it to everyone, though I do not concur with the proposition that Reformation, nor Seventh Day Adventism, is the way back to God I am a sincere devotee of restoration through Joseph Smith, the Prophet of God This book gave me a greater appreciation for all of the many Reformers and their sacrifices to break the stranglehold of the apostate Roman Catholic Church.

First time I read this completely through was my senior year in academy high school Not only was it a bonding time between my classmates and myself, but what a spiritual building experiance as well I truely love this book for reasons then I can write at this time But I hope many people read it and enjoy it with me

A bit hard to read but I know It s worth it.

This book needs to be read by everyone to know what is coming on the world, and how the great controversy will end between Christ and Satan.

Ellen White s account of the eternal conflict between good and evil

The book started strong but about midway, I began noticing severely flawed theology so much so that I was unable to finish it

Super interesting It has so much information Great Christian history book.

The Seventh Day Adventist church is a cult, but they re a sincere one They try to actually follow what they believe, and I think a number of people live better lives because of the church I have the same grudging respect for them as I have for Mormons.Ellen G White was a wacky lady, but she wrote about bible stories in a way that was concise and readable Her prose is as subtle as a Bible to the face, but there s something compelling about passages like Little by little, at first in stealth and s [...]

It s shocking how many things are actually coming to pass that were first warned about in this book


I probably read 80% of this book back in the 80s I liked it It is basically the history of Christianity from Christ through the end of the world from Ellen White s perspective I enjoyed the history of the early Christian church, Constantine and the rise of the Church of Rome, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wycliffe and the Protestant Reformation Ellen White is a founder of the Seventh day Adventist church and the book goes into the history of the Millerite movement and the founding of the SDA [...]

  • [PDF] The Great Controversy | by Ô Ellen G. White
    221 Ellen G. White
The Great Controversy