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Encounter (FBI Agent Dan Hammer) #(2021)

Encounter (FBI Agent Dan Hammer)

Encounter (FBI Agent Dan Hammer)

  • Title: Encounter (FBI Agent Dan Hammer)
  • Author: Douglas Wickard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Encounter (FBI Agent Dan Hammer) By Douglas Wickard,

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Encounter (FBI Agent Dan Hammer) : by Douglas Wickard - Encounter (FBI Agent Dan Hammer), Encounter FBI Agent Dan Hammer San Francisco Five menAll mysterioulsy disappearNo cluesNo ransom notesNo bodiesAll vanishedwithout a trace Do you know where your husband is You know himown himYou met in collegesweethearts lover

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Encounter by Douglas Wickard is a powerful, tension building, compelling and exciting psychological masterpiece of a thriller from a maestro of page turning storytelling.Encounter will grab you and hold you captive from the emotionally charged beginning to the suspenseful and unexpected pulse quickening climax In San Francisco, married men are arriving, but disappearing Men who from the outside looking in seem to have it all, a wonderful family life, wealth and orderly and well organised lives b [...]

Alex is a successful businessman and has a wonderful wife and two kids He also has a secret His trips out of town aren t only about business He manages to get some fun in too When he flies to San Francisco for a meeting that is work related, Alex sets up a little fun too Within just a few days, Rhonda, Alex s wife will realize she never really knew her husband Her missing persons report opens the file on the horror happening in San Francisco The police are stumped and clues can t be found anywhe [...]

The beginning is pitiful and dark The reader knows that things can only go bad in the long run A little boy is forced to accompany his father a well known actor when he goes for a massage and a homosexual encounter This happens regularly and sets the scene for the future.The characters are well drawn the detectives are likable people in whom I invested concern Mr Wickard expertly shows their private lives and how frustration impinges on their relationships The characterisation of the serial kill [...]

WOW I MEAN WOW This book absolutely blew my mind It is awesome, brilliant, and enticing Douglas Wickard did a fantastic job of writing this thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat through out the entire book I could not put this book down seriously, I would go hide from my kids so I could finish a chapter Married men are dying in San Francisco Who is killing these men, where are their bodies, and how do we catch this killer Inspector Sanchez is determined to solve this mystery Will she catc [...]

The action begins with a prologue that expertly sets the tone for things to come The scene is viewed through the eyes of a boy, and without being explicit it sets an atmosphere of mistrust, secretive, slightly sordid homosexual encounters, beneath everything a festering hatred and disgust that become a recurrent theme.The novel deals with the disappearance of several men at the hands of a serial killer All the victims seem to have the perfect life, position, family, children After their disappea [...]

The Perfect Spine Tingling Thriller If you like thrillers, especially the macabre thrillers of Jeffery Deaver, you will definitely like this novel by Douglas Wickard This is a story about professional married men arriving in San Francisco on business for a couple of days, and never making their meetings or even returning home Alex Kitas is taking a retreat from his perfect life job, wife, children, all of which he finds boring He arrives in San Francisco to also satisfy his sexual hungers He enj [...]

On the outside everything seems normal Encounter FBI Agent Dan Hammer By Douglas WickardA perfect life, a perfect wife and children, that s what Alex s life was like, or was it Alex and Rhonda Kitas seemed to be that couple who had it all Alex thought his life was doomed from the beginning, he had a celebrity father who had secrets that Alex wasn t suppose to know about Alex knew about those secrets Alex worked for a network and took trips often, this trip to San Francisco was going just like an [...]

Encounter, like the other two books of Mr Wickard s that I have read, moves along at a rapid pace The characters are introduced in a broad brush stroke initially then filled in with details as the story unfolds.There aren t that many writers who make the reader sense the story using all five senses the way Mr Wickard can There are times I feel his scene description tends to slow down the stories progress, yet I was moved through the scene fully sensing its smells, texture and how the character [...]

OMG I just finished Encounter, a 5 Star Must Read thriller that surpasses all other horror, sci fi suspense best sellers out there If I hadn t have been so busy the last couple weeks, I could have read this page turning book much faster but, not a night o It was that scary with twists turns that keep me guessing almost jumping out of my skin o LOL I never knew who the psycho was until the very end Can t wait for books with Dan and or Vanessa in them

VERY good book excellent writing, story and characters This is a suspense novel with no constructive romance I thought I had it all figured out until about 2 3 through and then it was back to square one.

I enjoyed this book.

Great suspenseI liked this book a lot it was suspenseful and kept my attention Good plot twists and good character development.

Review coming next week

I liked this book, but I wouldn t call it a Dan Hammer book There was very little that was about him and he definitely didn t solve any mysteries I think it should have been called a Sanchez mystery I liked her character and the conflict of being a single mom and a police inspector was interesting I thought the over all plot was good and the characters were great I will definitely read by Douglas Wickard.

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Encounter (FBI Agent Dan Hammer) : by Douglas Wickard
    190 Douglas Wickard
Encounter (FBI Agent Dan Hammer)