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Chained #(2022)



  • Title: Chained
  • Author: Evangeline Anderson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Chained By Evangeline Anderson,

Free Read Chained - by Evangeline Anderson - Chained, Chained Maggie Jordan is not supposed to be having adventures Her mission is to go to Gaia a new unpopulated world and study the native life forms there So how come she finds herself in on the female domin

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Main characters Korexiroth Kor Maggie Type of Kindred bonding Touch Kindred DemonMaggie is a nerd, a scientist specialised xenobotanist and a klutz, accidents happen every time she is around.She is also engaged to David, another scientist who admires and respects, but there is no passion and lust between them The way David is described, he must be similar to some character from Big Bang Theory scrawny, weird talking, workaholic, not enjoying getting physical.Before Maggie is transferred to plane [...]

Just when I thought it couldn t get any better, this happens This series never ceases to amaze me In Chained we are introduced to a bit of the Yonnie Six culture as well as a completely new and terrifying planet The author has an amazing imagination and I always enjoy discovering new types of plants, creatures, an alien cuisine As horrible as the customs of Yonnie Six can be it certainly brings up some interesting situations Maggie is such a sweet girl, but very brave as well She cannot stand t [...]

Even though I m a fan of Evangeline Anderson, I think this might be my last Brides of the Kindred book I ve read several of the earlier books in the series, and mostly liked them, but Chained was just OK.While the initial premise of the book looked interesting, mainly I found Maggie to be TSTL I get that she s supposed to be a nerdy scientist who s not good with people , but she makes consistently silly and stupid choices She doesn t listen, and seems incapable of following instructions.She s a [...]

I would give this book 2.5 stars The.5 is because I love this series The problem with this book was Maggie the heroine I get that she was trying to stay faithful to her fianc at the beginning of the story But her intended was an ass, and her life was in jeopardy, so her protestations became annoying and unnecessary If she had that much a problem with what she needed to survive than she should ve just died And her reasoning made no sense view spoiler If a guy goes down on you, it doesn t matter i [...]

Not my favourite of the series.The demon was a little cheesy IMO I kept expecting him to go Mwah Ha Ha.I liked Kor and Maggie together but the whole I can t cheat on Daniel thing got old really fast.

Maggie was just supposed to deliver a collar, and receive documents the Kindred needed, but somehow she s in the middle of saving a murderer, going undercover at a spa, and now being the target of a slave owners revenge How did it go this bad Kor finds himself freed by an unsuspecting human, a gorgeous little woman who claims to be promised to another man But when she s fitted with a contraption that forces her to need contact, what are they to do Futuristic Sci fi, smut and action in a great co [...]

The Brides of the Kindred series is totally a guilty pleasure read aliens, not too taxing on the brain and oh did I mention the smex This one, the story of the accident prone human Maggie Jordon and the slave she frees, Kor, starts off slow but ends with a bang pun intended Anyways, there s something addictive about this series

Maggie Jordan is on her way to to participate in a 6 month scientific research study after the ship she s on makes a side trip to Yonnie Six to complete a transaction for the Kindred When the Kindred representative becomes too ill to go to the planet Maggie reluctantly fills in to deliver a Hurkon collar What should have been a simple mission turns complicated when Maggie is shown how the collar is intended to be used Korexiroth may have been purchased as a slave to a sadistic Mistress but that [...]

Another fun read by Evangeline Anderson

This is book nine in the Brides of Kindred series by this truly talented author If you haven t read the others yet then you are missing out These are fabulous books featuring seriously hot men and the lucky women who are destined to be with them This is a series best read in order but this book is a complete story and can easily be read as a standalone Obviously though I would recommend reading the whole series in order.Maggie is a human scientist in the future who is given the opportunity to tr [...]

Blondie Chained Brides of the Kindred Book 9 I love Evangeline s Brides of the Kindred series, so when Chained was finally released of course I jumped on it Now let s see if I can entice you This read will have you laughing, holding your breath, pacing the floors and cussing out loud Trust me.You have Maggie Jordan aka Blondie a nickname given to her by Kor, an accident prone, intelligent, courageous, shy Xenobotanist Xenobotanist Who has a heart as big as the world She absolutely cannot tolerat [...]

Poor Donald.

3.5 stars rounded up to 4 which is a good rating per my scale.I enjoyed Chained and recommend it for sci fi erotica fans and fans of the Brides of the Kindred series In Chained, beautiful, accident prone xenobiologist xenobotanist, Maggie Jordan embarks on a journey to do a scientific study on the new world of Gaia Before going to Gaia, she has to make a stop on the infamous female dominant male slave planet, Yonnie Six, where she encounters Lady Pope nose and her slave, Korexiroth Unable to bea [...]

Awesome, I give this book five OMG s Evangeline Anderson once again outdoes herself with Chained , the ninth book in the Kindred Bride Series I would say this is my favorite book in the series, but then again I have said that about all of them As we joyfully revisit old friends and worlds from the previous books readers should read the series in order.Maggie is a scientist on a mission with a Kindred couple to study plants and wildlife on another planet Fate steps in or a lovely goddess , that l [...]

Scientist Maggie Jordan is on her way to Gaia, an unexplored planet, to study the plant life after a small detour to pick up some documents However, the small detour turns in to a dangerous adventure when she frees a slave and finds herself on the run with him Kor never expected to be saved and maybe he doesn t deserve to be, but when the cute, curvy woman frees him and shows him gentleness and compassion he vows to protect her As Kor and Maggie try to avoid capture the attraction between them g [...]

rides of the Kindred has its ninth installment with Chained by Evangeline Anderson This book is part of a series and is not a standalone novel In Chained we meet some old friends, and some new ones as well If you have not read the series you would not understand the bad guys at all so read them in order.Maggie She is one sweet, innocent, and confused lady in this book She dreams of a man being tortured and dying of thirst Little does she know she will soon meet him in person and when she does sh [...]

I ve enjoyed the Kindred novels and they are one of my favorite romance series This was good but it had it s annoying points too, why I docked it a star Namely the Donald char was a complete knock off of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory Maggie s loyalty to him gets tiring after awhile, honestly after you manhandle a strange man what difference does it make what you do after that Spoiler Alert The point where she and Kor have issues toward the end is rushed and makes no sense at all He leaves in a hu [...]

I love this story so much Maggie was such a klutz somehow I really relate to this oops She s a total xenobiology xenobotanist nerd who gets caught up in adventure she had no idea would change her life LOVE IT She encounters a slave by the name of Kor who I must admit is the hottest KINDRED so far IMO He knows exactly what to say think really most excellent dirty sex talk but Maggie is in total denial and closed off She is engaged to another scientist who is not so much engaged I don t want to gi [...]

First thing is the blurb or description of this book was tragic and made not very appealing but I did really like Kor character even tho Maggie was a little annoying especially about Donald who turn out to be even worst boyfriend then Maggie described imagine sheldon but million times worst Did struggle a lot with the slave parts of book which unfortunately is a lot in this book but ended well even tho no mention of Reddix being actually related to Kor came up Not sure if I m looking forward to [...]

Very disappointing and not erotic at all.This was not a good read I did not mind the clumsiness and the funny aspects of the book but I found that there was just not enough erotica in this book Kor and Maggie only get together once in this book and that is towards 80% of the book, so it did not work for me as erotic While I was reading I was wondering really if EA should stop this series and move onto something else because it was of some kind of an alien dreamworld fantasy than it was about tw [...]

Evangeline Anderson s erotic sci fi romance series Brides of the Kindred are like mac and cheese comfort food the whole way She s my favorite formula read author She always delivers the same flavor and I know what to expect and love going into the read with that precept Anderson manages to insert enough variance in plots that there s plenty of surprises along the way to keep it interesting She has a real sense of humor, especially about food Keep writing

OK, this one was good We first met Kor a few books ago and I figured that he would one day get his own book It was worth the wait When we are first introduced to him at a gala on Yonnie Six he appears to be a monster But when his story is told we find out that he was turned into a monster because of circumstance and that is not his true nature.

Just finish the book and already have witdrawal symptoms Kor is so hot, dangerous and in the same time so kind with Maggie and she is so innocent and cute I liked all the book, and what happen to Lady Pop nose hilarious

Not the best in the series, but much better than the last couple I hope that Anderson is getting her groove back

I just really loved this whole series It s so mushy but good ahhh to have a kindred hubby

Honestly he is awesome She is tstl _

This book is about a Clumsy Scientist named Maggie, and a lost and broken Touch Kindred named Therron When we first Meet Maggie, she is already off to a bad start with a mixup on Bonding Fruit Cake Maggies hopes to explore a new planet called Gaia, but first she will have to brave Yonnie Six, our Female dominant Planet, to retrieve Kindred Documents Maggie was never supposed to leave the Kindred Ship, but alas, her Kindred pair she was travelling with fell ill at the last moment But this is whee [...]

Book Review ChainedI am an independent reviewer This book is the 9th in the Brides of the Kindred series and ends in an HEA for the couple The story also introduces the next story line Maggie is a human scientist She is engaged to another scientist with extreme OCD and not very committed to her Maggie is accident prone, which is actually quite usual for extremely bright individuals Maggie is chosen to go on a research trip with some Kindred She is researching different plants and animals Her par [...]

Had a much better sex finale and emotional dramatic climax than any other book in this gosh darn series But other than that, the pretending to be Lady Pope nose having fun at the spa thing was so stupid because it made no sense Who came up with the ridiculous plot to this book I liked the side story of Kor being a conduit to an evil force, making his bond to Maggie a matter between life and death for countless of Kindred people, but still.a spa Really Once agin, a nice premise that derailed so h [...]

We go back to yonni 6 for this one.We get to see lady Popenose bitch in action.Maggie is a Pandora box ready to open everyday She saves korexiroth kor from yonnie.You gotta read the way she saves him So maggie and kor act as mistress and slave at a spa planet Expect all the kinky stuff that you have already read in saber and lissa s book Then karma hits them And now maggie is implanted with a slut button and sold as a slave This implant makes maggie crave physical contact So kor takes care of he [...]

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