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Mortal Touch #(2022)

Mortal Touch

Mortal Touch

  • Title: Mortal Touch
  • Author: Inanna Arthen
  • ISBN: 9780979302800
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
Mortal Touch By Inanna Arthen,

[PDF] Download ↠ Mortal Touch : by Inanna Arthen - Mortal Touch, Mortal Touch Seven years ago Regan Calloway learned a bitter lesson about the pitfalls of using psychic ability to help catch a vicious criminal Since retreating to the small mill town of Sheridan Massachusetts

Recent Comments "Mortal Touch"

Well written An imaginative and unique approach to the vampire genre.I am looking forward to the next book in this series I stayed up all night to finish this one.

Mortal Touch by Inanna Arthen is the first book in the Vampires of New England Series This is a paranormal fiction novel and mystery that tells the story of Regan Calloway as she is taken out of her plain, structured world as a antique store owners and sometimes psychic into the life of a vampire, Jonathan Vaughn.Regan Calloway used her psychic abilities to help solve a crime years ago but all the publicity ran her out of the town Now she is settled in Sheridan working as an antique store manage [...]

Ok, here is the deal I liked Mortal Touch pretty well with the mystery and all the crazy that happened Well I did until the last half of the book It seemed like the last part of the book every single thing was explained to death and that about ruined the book for me I lost interest and found myself skipping over paragraphs Conversations lasted way longer than necessary It seemed the author was trying too hard to cover all her bases so no questions would rise up from the reader later on But reall [...]

Regan Calloway is a psychic who reads people and objects by touching them She is working with Dr Hiram Clauson to solve strange assaults that are occurring near their small Massachusetts town When Regan touches the wound on the latest victim, she experiences the attack from the perpetrator s point of view right down to the taste of bloodFor the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal Urban Fantasy Review site on the web, Bitten By Books for the review of Mortal Touch in it s entirety You [...]

I liked Mortal Touch because it wasn t just another paranormal romance story it was also a mystery story that kept you turning pages The main characters, Regan, Sean, and Jonathan, were very likeable, and even Veronica becomes likeable towards the end of the book My only issue was with the believability of Regan and Veronica having been best friends their entire lives, when Veronica is shown as being nothing but horrible to her from the first chapter That aside, this was a fast paced, enjoyable [...]

I bought Mortal Touch from the author at an event held by my local library The book had a strong start and intriguing concept At some point in the middle, Regan began explaining everything It felt like I was in a mystery class and she was the teacher s pet I enjoy figuring things out and the dialogue took a turn towards tying up every single loose thread This is part of a series but I don t think I ll pick up the sequel It was far too easy to put this book down.

Vampire story with a psychic also The characters motivations and emotions didn t strike me as realistic or appropriate, and the whole book felt stodgy.

Not your typical vampire romance very well written with a lovely feel for what New England is like.

I enjoy the idea of vamps living a normal life

I loved every moment of this very different book about vampires.

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Mortal Touch : by Inanna Arthen
    179 Inanna Arthen
Mortal Touch