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My Dream of Freedom #(2021)

My Dream of Freedom

My Dream of Freedom

  • Title: My Dream of Freedom
  • Author: Helen Colin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
My Dream of Freedom By Helen Colin,

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Original review posted on Lexi SwoonsHelen Colin does a beautiful job at sharing her story of survival with readers Of course we all know that it s such a sad story, as they all are, but Helen does such a great job at showing us her happy memories before the war and after the war My heart has always held a special place for all Holocaust related stories ever since childhood I can remember the first time I learned about the Holocaust and the effect it had on me To this day, it is the only piece o [...]

I would love this book to be a must read for all students from third grade through graduate school Mrs Colin explains how this horrible experience could have turn her to hate and feel like a victim,instead she learned to embrace her life and think of herself as a survivor and to spread the message of love.I know how she has helped turn MANY young peoples life around just by telling her story.I know this because I ve seen her do this many times over, times when she was too ill to walk but sill co [...]

This review appears on This short book is a memoir of a simple contented life with loving family interrupted by the Nazi invasion of Poland and the holocaust, and then the return to a happy life with a move to America The memoir tells simple but horrible stories very personal experiences were easy to relate to and the pain and frustration were very real As an adult I related easily to the story but I think a teenage audience would perhaps resonate even as Helen was a teen and young adult though [...]

This book is an excellent addition to Holocaust literature that is appropriate for middle school students It tells her story in such a way that you really get to know Helen and her family Her bravery and courage allow her to survive the Holocaust and go on to tell her story to students and now to the rest of us.

Seemingly short story of holocaust survivorI chose this rating because I think this memoir was one of the shortest I ve ever read Not much detail and in depth as other memoirs I ve read Just the basics of her experience Mrs Colin shows an incredible positive attitude and outlook on life after all she s been through Amazing I admire that ability and strength of hers.

I picked up this book at the Holocaust Museum Houston gift shop after watching Mrs Colin speak in a video She touched my heart with her love for America and her positive attitude for life She is a beautiful woman and her memoir is worth the read Thank you for the message of love and forgiveness and may God continue to bless and protect you and your family.

Astonishingly GoodThis story is amazing I feel this was written like a series of singular short stories and that a lot of paraphrasing has been done The deprivations, cruelty and survival shown in this book i believe and can only imagine have so much to it than the glimpses we are shown.

A short little book that made me cry.

  • [PDF] Download ☆ My Dream of Freedom : by Helen Colin
    143 Helen Colin
My Dream of Freedom