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2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas #(2021)

2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas

2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas

  • Title: 2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas
  • Author: Marie-Helene Bertino
  • ISBN: 9780804140232
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover
2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas By Marie-Helene Bertino,

Free Read 2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas - by Marie-Helene Bertino - 2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas, A M at The Cat s Pajamas A sparkling enchanting and staggeringly original debut novel about one day in the lives of three unforgettable charactersMadeleine Altimari is a smart mouthed precocious nine year old and an aspirin

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This book almost lost me at first I just couldn t get into the different storylines and the omniscient point of view felt kind of obnoxious After I let my ego go, and stopped trying to predict where the story was going because I was sure I knew EXACTLY what was going to happen next , I found myself falling in love with the characters, the plot, the city 2 A.M at The Cat s Pajamas is not for readers that take themselves too seriously, but it is for bookish folk that can allow themselves to be pus [...]

I have very mixed feelings about this novel The writing is exciting, quirky, poetic, original and touched with beautiful, poignant, throwaway observances At times it made me think that the author was trying to write like Kerouac and maybe that was the case, given that the rhythms of jazz pervade the narrative and the heroine is a jazz aficionado and aspiring singer The characters are unusual not terribly likeable for the most part There is no sole protagonist most of the tale revolves around Mad [...]

This book was sheer delight I loved how the author portrayed children as having unique and strange personalities and desires, and also their own internal lives.Madeleine was a great character, learning about life by learning from her mother but also following her own passion, despite being banned from performing at school I love the Lorcas and the sadness of a failing business I love the principle and her life apart from school I love Sauvine who reminds me a bit of Bridget Jones The timeline wa [...]

3.5 Stars

I wanted to love this book, and there were times when I encountered certain phrases that so perfectly described a thought or an action that I felt as though the author had a lock on my experience of the world That being said, I found this book very confusing There are several characters that I was interested in and felt connected to Their stories were interlaced with other short vignettes dealing with minor players who I didn t feel advanced the story in any way I enjoyed Madeline the nearly ten [...]

This is a pure, winter comfort read that belies the pain and loss at the heart of the story Madeleine Altimari is living in a cockroach infested apartment with a father nearly comatose with grief after the death of his wife Jack Lorca is on the verge of losing his jazz club not to mention the tenuous relationship he has with his son Sarina Greene is divorced and lonely in a new city But the language that ushers each of them, inexorably, to the Cat s Pajamas is dazzling and light Musicians arpegg [...]

Do you ever wonder if, as life goes on, we re going to run out of ideas for stories Does it seem like a lot of the books out there are too similar I don t think that ll happen the world is constantly evolving, which alone, will garner endless ideas But I think the author of 2 A.M at the Cat s Pajamas does think we re running out of ideasd she tries way too hard to create something original, resulting in exasperation on my part Marie Helene Bertino, you have the bones of a great story you don t n [...]

For me this novel was a very mixed read I quickly fell in love with nine year old Madeleine, a motherless child whose father is sunk into himself with grief Madeleine is used to taking care of herself, she is foul mouthed, very determined and her only wish is to sing in public Strange things happen when she sings and I really wish this concept would have been fully explored.The secondary stories and characters I did not find as compelling with the exception of the dog, whose thoughts and antics [...]

Marie Helene Bertino s novel about a 9 year old aspiring jazz singer named Madeleine unfolds in language that s like jazz itself lithe and liquid and surprising Three separate storylines one Madeleine s, one her teacher s, and one of the hard up owner of the jazz club The Cat s Pajamas converge at yup 2 AM But interwoven with these three main plotlines are many smaller strands, like little riffs and improvisations mingling with the melody The result is a charming confection of a book, sassy and [...]

As I was reading this book, it reminded me a bit of Love Actually Not because of any similarities to the story lines of that movie, but because of a sprawling cast of interconnected characters whose stories weave together around Christmas time Unfortunately, I feel like the massive cast works better on film, where you can put a face with a name It took me half of the Cat s Pajamas just to keep the characters straight, and how they were all interconnected Although the story takes place over the [...]

Madeleine Altimari is obsessed with old time jazz and she wants to be a jazz singer, like her beloved Blossom Dearie She is nine years oldgoing on ten Madeline is smart, a loner, a smoker and cusses like a dockworker Her mother recently died and her father has vanished into his own despair.The Cat s Pajamas is a legendary Philly jazz club, but it has fallen on hard times Barely held together, with spit and duct tape, it is owned and operated by Jack Lorca, who is on the verge of bankruptcy.This [...]

This was kind of an urban fairy tale Lively, funny, poignant, and so original It even made me feel a rush of affection for Philadelphia, and that almost never happens Having now read both her books, I can safely say that in Marie Helene Bertino s hands, you will never, ever be bored.I received this ARC via Shelf Awareness, in case anyone is wondering.

Chock full of metaphory goodness, 2AM at The Cat s Pajamas beautifully weaves together three storylines gravitating around a past its prime jazz club The novel s Old World feel perfectly suited the smokey barroom The secondary characters were just as intriguing as the key figures and the foul mouthed nine year old at the center of it all quickly became a favorite of mine With it s catchy title and gripping characters, I can easily see this novel gaining a following, maybe not in the mainstream m [...]

If you are anything other than humbled in the presence of love, you are not in the presence of love I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and found the characters well crafted and interesting, particularly the nine year old Madeleine Altimari Her dream to sing in front of a large crowd was inspiring, and her backstory was incredibly sad.At times, I found the writing to be rather erratic and confusing, almost as if the author was unsure just what writing style she wanted to ultimately choose This sometim [...]

This reminded me of a certain sort of holiday movie think Love Actually or 200 Cigarettes the 1999 movie about hipsters on New Year s Eve that covers one day s happenings and follows the actions of a large linked assortment of characters But then add a hyperverbal 10 year old, lots of quirk and whimsy, several off key notes, a few too many characters, and a very strange conclusion There are some great sentences here which I regretfully failed to mark Not staggeringly original at all, but okay.

One thing is for certain, 2 A.M at the Cat s Pajamas would be a perfect film Sylvain Chomet needs to adapt it no one else.The book focuses on three people Precocious Madeleine , a nine year old with problems and yet can sing, her fifth grade teacher Sarina and the owner of the Cat s Pajamas club Lorca Within 24 hours the destinies of these three characters cris cross until the grand finale.As such there s some charm in the book but other than the Mary Poppinsesque ending it s pretty predictable [...]

Lovely Christmas story

There are books that stay with you For me, this is one The book takes place over just a couple of days Madeline is a 9 year old little girl who has lost her mother to cancer and her father to grief Her parents loved jazz So does she As a baby she sang to Billy Holiday records I loved that part All she wants to do is sing She goes to St Anthony s school and would love to sing, but Clare Kelly gets to sing because her parents are big donors Her mother was, according to the principal, just a strip [...]

Hoping the ending gets changed for publication, I was really into it except for the random magical realism that was never really explained.I liked all the interconnectedness of the characters, but the repeated like a plane banking was jarring to get from at least 3 different points of view.

I thought I was going to like this book After all, the story is set at my favourite time of year, Christmas, and it appeared that the main character was a precocious 9 year old girl named Madeleine who one couldn t help but love It sounded completely compelling and I couldn t wait to give the audiobook a listen.First of all, this wasn t a story about one little girl Well, not for me It wasn t even about three people, as the book description suggests, although the stories of three characters did [...]

This book is trying so hard and with so little subtlety that I was paying attention to the author s turn of phrase than the actual story, which was really not bad It s like watching a marionette show and thinking about the skill of the puppet master rather than getting so sucked into it that you forget that it s just puppets with strings yanking their little wooden limbs I read this for the 16 Tasks of the Festive Season challenge, for Square 6 December 5th 6th and 8th Sinterklaas Krampusnacht [...]

I was immediately charmed with this book from the first page the narrative style is musical and playful, the characters varied and full of personality, and the heart of the story emotional without being cloying.Set on Christmas Eve Eve in Philadelphia, the novel follows a variety of characters who are interconnected in a variety of ways, all colliding together over the course of twenty four hours Our stars are many but focus primarily on three Madeleine Altimari, 9 years old ingenue in training, [...]

Full disclosure I received this novel as a First Reads giveaway, but that in no way affects this review.3.5 stars actuallya day in the life of Madeleine Altimari, an aspiring jazz singer From 7AM on Christmas Eve Eve I thought only my sons called it Christmas Eve Evee my blog about it on nbsmithblog.wordpress, but I digress until the wee hours of Christmas Eve, the story is told about her dream of singing at the Cat s Pajamas, a Philadelphia jazz club This is story is not just about Madeleine, w [...]

I read an excerpt of this debut novel before Book Expo last week, and was immediately charmed So I made a beeline for the author s galley giveaway, and was fortunate to meet her and bring home a signed copy My train ride home from NYC sped by as I savored this novel and quirky, irrepressible cast of characters.I loved the fully fleshed out Philadelphia setting, the surprising plot twists and the beauty and rhythm of Bertino s writing, as befits a book about jazz enthusiasts The 9 year old main c [...]

A quirky book The structure reminded me a little of Robert Altman s films multiple story lines about various point of view characters who are not really connected to each other, and in many cases may not have met before the story opens, but we watch their lives run in parallel over the course of a day and a half, knowing that, by the end, their stories will all intertwine The characters are interesting and sympathetic, without necessarily always being likeable I was surprised when, late in the b [...]

This was an enjoyable read that centers on a segment of time on Christmas Eve from several different character s points of view and life experiences Let me preface this by stating that I do enjoy jazz and that aspect of the book appealed to me immensely, almost as much as the hope embodied in the event at 2 00 AM no spoilers here The book is nicely constructed by labeling the segments of time as the plot builds and the background stories becomes clear Overall, this was a fun romp that shows hop [...]

Petit bulle d lirante et bord lique empreint de po sie et de gouille comme je les aime


3.5 stars A sweet book for this time of year.

2 A.M AT THE CAT S PAJAMAS by Marie Helene Bertino would have been a fantastic short story No book has ever made me want to be an editor than this one I love the title and the premise of this book Three disparate characters mashup fantastically in a unique setting That s essentially the premise of every Ann Patchett novel, and I love Ann Patchett The trouble with THE CAT S PJs is that it lacks focus and Bertino tries way too hard to have a unique voice When I say lacks focus, what I means is th [...]

  • Free Read 2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas - by Marie-Helene Bertino
    186 Marie-Helene Bertino
2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas