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Nothing Strikes Back #(2021)

Nothing Strikes Back

Nothing Strikes Back

  • Title: Nothing Strikes Back
  • Author: Luke Hartwell
  • ISBN: 9780615911373
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
Nothing Strikes Back By Luke Hartwell,

↠ Nothing Strikes Back ↠ Luke Hartwell - Nothing Strikes Back, Nothing Strikes Back What do you do when your girlfriend s younger brother is the best looking person on the planet and has a thing for you but he s only sixteen Parish doesn t know what he s going to do but he s about t

Recent Comments "Nothing Strikes Back"

With a title like that, I shouldn t expect anything, right RIGHT And yet, I still feel cheated, out of 40 minutes of my life and 200KB that I could use for something spiritually enriching, like this gif So this story is about Parish Parish s hobbies are fucking women, being a male rights philosopher, feeling objectified and underappreciated by women, getting dumped by women and music, I guess But nothing is important if it s not related to being the martyr of the manly race and thinking stuff l [...]

I want I really love Luke Hartwell s short stories Clay, gotta love him I like that Parish wasn t a cheater and was faithful to his current flame I want to read a full novel about these guys I want

Addictive More, please Mr Hartwell

I really liked this wished it was longer or had a sequel It felt real.

4,5 starsIt is probably the sweetest and the most NORMAL novel with the most LIKEABLE characters that Luke Hartwell has ever written And it was my last to read of this author And I m sobered and inexpressibly saddened.

Mr Luke, I didn t know you could ramp up the anticipation to this level.The ending is perfect I mean, I just turned the page and the fuck did I know that I wasn t gonna get It s simple As horny as it is gentlemanly Also, where in the heavens do we find un angsty bi curious guys like Parish

You ll get exactly what the blurb suggests with this short story, well only without the moment I was expecting the most It left me staring at the last page with WTF, is that the end look on my face, lol.

To say this book pissed me off would be an understatement It seemed like a start of a story or an idea It led to something and once you got to what that something should have been it ended Seething with rage over here.

The end of this story made me cry it is so beautiful Another short masterpiece by Hartwell.

I was not impressive by the dialogues at the beginning of the book I felt it was a little bit superficial Another point was why would a straight guy be observing another guy s appearance I did appreciate the build up of the story to their moment , but it was long overdue Unfortunately, when the moment came, it ended Just like that The best part of the book the moment when he felt him touching his abs Even the last part when it led them to the event, it was anti climax.

I loved it.

Just beautiful.

1.5 stars

  • ↠ Nothing Strikes Back ↠ Luke Hartwell
    345 Luke Hartwell
Nothing Strikes Back