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Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times #(2021)

Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times

Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times

  • Title: Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times
  • Author: Neil Astley
  • ISBN: 9781401359263
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times By Neil Astley,

[PDF] Read ê Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times : by Neil Astley - Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times, Staying Alive Real Poems for Unreal Times Assembling a diverse mix of contemporary poets Mary Oliver W H Auden Maya Angelou Billy Collins Louise Gluck Gwendolyn MacEwen Rita Dove and hundreds Staying Alive is a unique anthology that il

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Poetry cannot be defined, only experienced Christopher LoguePoetry is a miracle of the ineffable painted in words Everybody wants to be able to paraphrase the content of the poem, wrote Former US Poet Laureate Charles Simic The Monster Loves His Labyrinth , except the poet Poetry is like lowest common denominator when dividing reality, an abstract approach at the mechanisms of existence To explain it is to defeat the purpose, to take pliers to the wings of a butterfly and reduce beauty to dust I [...]

Staying Alive is a very difficult book to review Some have given it 5 stars some have given it one star Oddly, both of these can be accurate assessments You could say it is the only book of poetry you will ever need Or you could say it is a book of poetry for people who don t read poetry Both of these are nearly true It is a huge anthology, edited by the British publisher, editor and writer Neil Astley, who founded the publishing company, Bloodaxe books Neil Astley had already been editing and p [...]

Poetry is very hard to review and even harder to anthologize Many editors are guided by tradition The same old poems turn up time and time again Most poetry doesn t sell well, so what editor would take a risk on including poets most readers have never heard of This means that finding fresh, good poems is really hard and can be expensive Enter Neil Astley, an extraordinary man and the founder of Bloodaxe Books He has spent a lifetime devoted to other people s poetry Unlike many literary men, he h [...]

An amazing collection, truly worth its title Like every anthology, there were some poems I liked better than others, but I found a lot that I REALLY loved And the Days Are Not Full Enough And the days are not full enoughAnd the nights are not full enoughAnd life slips by like a field mouseNot shaking the grass Ezra Pound

In the times when I feel alone in my experience and separated from humanity, I turn to this book for succor, and every time I find something that echoes my experience and I am comforted I think that Neil Astley did a remarkable job of editing this book I find the organizational flow instinctive and compelling and very, very unusual for a poetry book.

For a few years I d been keeping a notebook full of my favorite poems, where I d carefully copy the poem in so that I d have it with all my other poems I could describe as old and best friends I can t remember how I came across this book in the first place I may have been drawn in simply by the cover, which is an intensely charged photo of a girl s face but I knew it was for me the moment I opened the first page and found Mary Oliver s poem Wild Geese at the very beginning, before the table of c [...]

Oooh, I ve been a long time getting round to starting this It became my bag book as poetry is good for those small moments you can read just one poem and then close your eyes and savour it in relatively brief moments such as waiting at a petrol station alas I cannot read on the move However I also had time to read whole sections at once.I love the title of this book and was encouraged by the way it is organised into themes with introductions to each section with just the right level of detail an [...]

On page 254 Love Beginnings They re at that stage where so much desire streams between them, so much frank need and want, so much absorption in the other and the self and the self admiring entity and unity they make her mouth so full, breast so lifted, head thrown back so far in her laughter at his laughter he so solid, planted, oaky, firm, so resonantly factual in the headiness of being craved so, she almost wreathed upon him as they intertwine again, touch again, cheek, lip, shoulder, brow, ev [...]

Love it Yeats s When You Are Old feels so fresh facing Zbigniew Herbert s Conch Poetry is timeless, borderless It s refreshing to pick up an anthology that crosses boundaries and eras easily Let Osip Mandelstam sit on the page across from Sylvia Plath, let Robert Graves share a page with Ingeborg Bachmann It s refreshing And there are loads of great poems here, it s a useful resource.Here s the prose poem Conch by Zbigniew Herbert In front of the mirror in my parents bedroom lay a pink conch I u [...]

One of the best anthologies I have ever read, which thoroughly deserved its popular success Full of gems, some from poets you know, and many from poets you don t Every home should have a copy.

I keep two copies of this book one to share when I make a new poetry loving friend and one for me I ve given away a dozen or copies This anthology is a fabulous read for poetry lovers and also for those just dipping their little toe into poetry to see if they like it It s filled with a diverse assortment of contemporary poets, classic poets and old favorites A great anthology introduces you to talented poets you ve never heard of before This book does that and so much I d give it an entire con [...]

My favorite anthology of contemporary poems.

A fantastic selection of poems I m sure I ll be dipping in and out of this volume for many years to come.

As someone on the hunt for good poetry, I was irritated to only now find this anthology have I been living under a rock The editor Neil Astley has come to my attention in the last months, and I have been so pleased with his work that I am hunting all of it down, bit by bit An excellent anthology, this The kind I like are not easy to find ones with new but meaningful writing in it, and which introduce a lineup of poets whose work I can pursue on my own A sample BeginBegin again to the summoning b [...]

As a classicist specializing in Latin poetry, I have long mocked poetry written in English Latin as a language can do things English simply cannot, and I always felt English writing poets were trying to compensate for this lack by making their poems either indecipherable, obscure messes or so over the top and formless as to be no poetry than a teenager s angst ridden diary entry Well, numquam posterea Never again A friend gave me a copy of Staying Alive, and I am glad to report that I have fina [...]

I first saw this anthology mentioned on thebrowser, in the segment that I follow religiously where experts recommend five books on a particular topic There is a lot of great stuff here The poems are divided by category, and the anthologist has done a great job in selection poets are largely from the UK and USA, but there are also quite a few translated poems, even one from Gaelic My only complaint would be that some of the poems are not included in their entirety, for instance he often chose som [...]

This book was recommended to me as an introduction into the world of poetry As a person whose only real exposure to poetry before this anthology was that of Shel Silverstein and Dr Seuss, this was a great, although daunting, experience.I found over the days that I read this that I tend to gravitate toward shorter poems, or poems that are structure uniquely, over those that span pages or have no margin breaks So as a result, I may have unfairly judged a portion of this book, as I tended to dismis [...]

I enjoyed dipping in and out of this book.It isn t something you read cover to cover that is not my style when it comes to poetry anthologies.Staying Alive is a constant companion.When I felt unhappy and was heading out, it was the book I pulled out of the shelf When I needed inspiration to write, Staying Alive When I felt in love, Staying Alive When I had a sense of longing for some obscure place or person, Staying Alive.It is just there, for many situations and emotions It is just there.A revi [...]

I recently bought a set of three poetry Anthologies, called Staying Alive, Being Alive and Being Human, or to be accurate I purchased Staying Alive was so impressed that I bought the next and then the next and even gave one as a prize in a Literary Giveaway , and they did that impossible thing each was as good if not better than the previous, in fact individually they easily stacked up against my benchmark poetry anthology The Rattle Bag edited by Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney , combined they ar [...]

A very good anthology Many books of poetry err on the side of the same establishment tested, mother approved poems poignant, for sure that have already been fed down your throat somewhere else, and this isn t one of them This one is like a very personal tour of what s been retained as worthwhile, after one person s years and years of reading Instead of Good Poetry In Capitals, it s good poetry in lowercase Even the layout makes me happy some pages are suggestions if you liked this, read that So [...]

I bought this book while in a poetry consuming fit, and it holds true to its title I have since read it countless times, in happiness and in sadness, on planes, in the bathtub, out loud to friends and acquaintances, half drunk, all the way drunk, stone sober, and everything in between Its pages are a mess of spilled red wine and water stains, and I think nearly every poem is marked with a post it note, a makeshift bookmark or a dog ear, half of which don t belong to me.This book is invaluable to [...]

Another wonderful collection of poems, but this time unlike Emergency Kit book show 64 the poems are collected by subject matter or, to the point, by state of heart and soul, so you can search the sections or the Contents List if you re in a hurry But I find the best thing to do with this anthology is to pick it up, close my eyes, ask a question or not and then let my fingers feel the edges of the pages so that the book can open where it will and see what that poem has to say to me.

I have had this book for about seven years now I don t think that I will ever finish it It is a constant companion, as are many of the poetry books on my shelves This one has a definate melancholic tilt throughout but don t let that put you off The poems in the pages of this anthology are a celebration, a dance, a whirl through the landscapes of life, and poetry having no real bounds goes beyond too I love this book It is a real treasure and resource for me and my life Bloodaxe books are a wonde [...]

Full of gut punching verse, this collection finds your pressure points and keeps pressing While a few of the expected familiars make their appearances, this is no ivory tower waxing philosophical on the nature of pain This is poetry of the people gritty, accessible, and direct My only wish is that this were offered in hard bound edition The cover illustration is dreadful, and I expect my copy will fall apart not from suspect binding but over use I understand that Mr Astley published a sequel to [...]

I ve had this book for almost 15 years It has notes, highlighted passages and pages dog eared It has poems for every situation that you need help expressing or exposing your feelings about I will keep this book forever.

If anyone ever reviews the poems inside an anthology you should disregard it completely I discovered my favourite poem within these pages, yet the entire collection was not to my taste That is poetry.

I ve never really been into poetry I picked this book out on a whim it was sitting on a shelf of discarded books, at my local library The poems in this book sucker punched me, with full force in the gut and mind with prose plucked out of the depths of raw human emotions.

It was good, some very good poems in here, but I realised I like very little poetry written by men I skimmed over some of the boring ones Perhaps it is traditional older poetry that turns me off, I think so.

A well organised anthology containing an amazing breadth and depth of contemporary poetry that relates to human experience It s great for dipping in and out of.

A gift from a decade ago that keeps giving

  • [PDF] Read ê Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times : by Neil Astley
    478 Neil Astley
Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times