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Duizend zielen #(2022)

Duizend zielen

Duizend zielen

  • Title: Duizend zielen
  • Author: Aleksey Pisemsky Benie Schadee
  • ISBN: 9789028204430
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
Duizend zielen By Aleksey Pisemsky Benie Schadee,

Duizend zielen Best Read || [Aleksey Pisemsky Benie Schadee] - Duizend zielen, Duizend zielen An Russian novel in which a young man marries an heiress to get ahead betraying his roots and in the end himself After a spectacular early success Pisemsky s reputation as an author suffered a

Recent Comments "Duizend zielen"

A forgotten classic from the Russian literature s golden age Corruption, vanity, a world of scoundrels in a sarcastic and compelling story.

I have a never ending fascination with the world of Tsarist Russia the society life of Petersburg and Moscow where handsome hussars danced the mazurka and spoke French with the beautiful daughters of wealthy landowners against the background of soul destroying bureaucracy and corruption, never ending oppression of the people and the intelligentsia and the mind numbing life of the provinces where the peasants were bled dry and then bled dry again to support the lifestyles of the tiny upper class [...]

Great detail and characters This is the story of a young man who decides not to follow his heart but to follow the money and marries a wealthy older woman He learns too late that money doesn t buy happiness and ends up a very miserable person.

Aleksey Pisemsky is Russia s Edith Wharton Fantastic in every way.

Note This should be PISEMSKY, not Pilemsky.

Oh, Russia.

  • Duizend zielen Best Read || [Aleksey Pisemsky Benie Schadee]
    246 Aleksey Pisemsky Benie Schadee
Duizend zielen