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The Beauty Series #(2022)

The Beauty Series

The Beauty Series

  • Title: The Beauty Series
  • Author: Skye Warren
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Beauty Series By Skye Warren,

The Beauty Series Best Read || [Skye Warren] - The Beauty Series, The Beauty Series The Beauty Series contains the complete collection of sexy novellas in this new adult romance between a professor and his student Erin cleans Mr Morris s house twice a week to pay for college When she

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A sensual and very romantic but not sentimental retelling of Beauty and the Beast My reviews at the books links Beauty Touched the BeastBeneath the BeautyBroken BeautyBeauty Becomes YouHighly recommended

In honor of Beauty and the Beast coming out, I thought I would do some themed reading This WAS AMAZING First of all he is so broken and thinks himself so hideous and by the end I EVEN FORGOT about this scars That s how much you fall in love with him This is HOT Sweet, sexy and a really fast read Definitely tingle worthy and he has stamina, damn he have stamina

Absolutely loved this series and I highly recommend it How so Let s say, for example, if CD Reiss s Songs of Submission married Amy Harmon s Making Faces then Skye Warren s The Beauty Series might very well be their offspring Sounds good, yes Told in a series of four lovely and erotic novellas, Blake is a reclusive soldier suffering from PTSD and a deep shame that one side of his face is horribly disfigured from burns he suffered in battle He is attracted to his maid, Erin, a college student who [...]

Beauty Books 1 5 4 StarsIn order to pay her way through grad school, Erin cleans house for reclusive former soldier, Blake Morris, a man she both respects and loves for his brilliant mind Scarred both physically and emotionally from his military service, Blake has no intention of acting on his attraction to Erin, but when she walks in on him during an intimate moment, he realizes that it is now or never Series note This review is for the complete collection of short stories originally published [...]

I like instant gratification, so I like to read serials once they ve been bundled The trade off is having to slog through tons of gratuitous sex Each very short installment had no less than 3 detailed sex scenes Not all of those were plot progressing or character building So I did skim a couple The writing is fantastic, the hero and the heroine were likable and it s one of my favorite tropes so I did enjoy this Part of the fault lies with me I don t think a serial in it s individual installments [...]

I really enjoyed this series It was immensely sensual and beautifully told Blake was a tragically broken hero and Erin, who wasn t without her own insecurities was absolutely perfect for him I loved watching these two go from lust to love and experiencing every crack in the wall occur until they all crumbled, leaving to perfectly matched souls exposed.Reviews for each installment Book One review showBook Two review showBook Three review showBook Four review showBook Five review show

DNF 10 n t get the old enough to be her father comment out of my head And then his focus on her youthful skin and body being too good for someone scarred like him I didn t realize the age difference was going to be that big or I wouldn t have started it.

Decent re imagining of the Beauty and the Beast trope mixed with professor student one It probably doesn t feel that way if the novellas were read separately and in different times but since this is a compilation of the 4 novellas and I read it in one sitting, the sex scenes felt way too many It definitely could ve developed and explored the characters given their interesting back stories especially the hero, Blake but they were enjoyable enough.

1.5 StarsErin s been cleaning houses to make her way through college She s been cleaning Blake s house for a while I think and lusting over him too He was a soldier wounded from a explosion and half his face has been burned so he has excluded himself from the world He has been watching Erin too, the young, sweet, diligent girl and now there seems to be a chance to act on each other s attraction.The lacking of context in this book was infuriating, I don t know their ages, I don t know their physi [...]

These 4 books barely equal one full novel But WHAT a story I think this was my first erotica does 50 Shades count as erotica I think I had assumed that erotica was like male porn all meaningless sex and no substance So wrong.Based on my limited experience, I think the main differences between erotica and romance are 1 The first sex scene happens in the first chapter Of course I ve seen this in romance novels, too, on occasion.2 The language Lots of f% and come seriously, ejaculate is just as ero [...]

Erin Raider is a Masters student and cleans houses to pay her bills One of the houses she cleans is Blake Morris Blake is ex military after an explosion left him with PTSD and half his face in ruins Erin is going into her last semester of grad school view spoiler One day she accidentally sees Blake masturbating and calling her name hide spoiler That is how it alllll began This is a shorter full length book approximately 210 print pages broken up into 4 shorter novella s The first one is free on [...]

Saved by The Belle College Edition Beauty and the BeastI m sure I m not the only one who thought this, Blake Morris it was the first thing that popped into my head at the time Unlike the actual Saved by the Bell show, this book didn t suck, if you re willing to suspend a bit of disbelief in a few ways.First, this book hits a bit close too close to home personally but that s a story for another time let s focus on Skye Warren s work, shall we Another way to put home is that Mr Morris was a soldie [...]

I did not connect with this book at all In fact, I do not like it The only good thing is the fact that book 1 4, if you can really call them that, are bundled together in this book Erin is a college student, making her way by cleaning the home of Blake Blake is a scarred ex soldier, who is hiding from life because of the way he looks Both are in a bad place emotionally, which is highly reflected in their actions Both are unsure of their own self worth and keep pushing the fact that they trust ea [...]

I couldn t get all the way through this I made it about half way in the series before I realized I was getting nauseous from the over the top, fluff filled writing Also, I know this is considered erotic literature, but it was one mustache, pizza boy and cheesy background music away from being 70 s porn bad They couldn t develop the story line or characters fully because they kept humping like bunnies Ridiculous I know that most won t agree with this statement, but I prefer well rounded story li [...]

I read it, but struggled with it It was repetitive in the sense in that the H h just kept thinking about the same things over and over again Am I good enough I can t believe she he is with me, I m not good enough On and on it went And I get its erotica that I m reading but the sex was constant, and I can t believe that I m complaining about it, but it was just so excessive If constant sex and a beauty and the beast theme is your thing, look no further.

This was okay Erin and Blake were cute together, and I liked them both okay, but there just wasn t anything special about this book IMO I have no complaints about the writing or storyline, but I just didn t really connect I guess.

I keep reading the 5 star reviews wondering what I am missing The characters were superficial It didn t seem like any effort was put into their story.You would think the number of times they had sex, it would add to the story, but all it did was add to the page count.

4 stars for the first 4 of the series I think this one set the bar high in that kind of steaminess and I loved how their love relationship progressed.Looking forward for

Very good This story is of Blake a soldier that was burned badly and Erin is his cleaning lady and in school.I loved how these two characters interact, trust ,and communicate.

This series did not feel like it had any substance to it I understand it is erotica and the story is not what all readers are looking for but that is what this reader is looking for There is no character development I hate giving bad reviews because authors put so much into their work, i judt felt this book was empty.

There were no boundaries on what he would do for her He would climb mountains, slay dragons but all she d ever asked of him was a promise And so he had always been hers, before he d evenknown it, stumbled upon in moment s base weakness, claimed by a whole hearted acceptance, andmade new by a love he would work to deserve each coming day 3

A nice story but if I hadn t read the box set I would be annoyed beyond belief Even the epilogue is separate Have to wait to read Loving the Beast because she couldn t just let the story end with well a happily ever after.

The Beauty Series by Skye Warren was a great read Erin and Blake me in a very unconditional way Although everything is trying to pull them apart, they try to make things work They are both characters that you immediately fall love with This was a great series that I highly recommend.

So this was my attempt to read an erotic romance with a fairy tale twist I found it uncomfortable I love Beauty and the Beast and having it sexualized didn t work for me I guess the outcome was I am not okay with mixing genres.

A sweet, light take on the Beauty and the Beast tale Any darkness is kept at bay, traded for lots of smut Not exactly what I was looking for at this moment, but an enjoyable fluffy read nonetheless.

gritty slice of life, the entire series was enjoyable, to the very end


Sexy fairytaleBeautifully written revamp of the classic Beauty and the Beast Will make you believe in happily ever after all over again

I liked this a surprisingly large amount Like ridiculously so Just so easy to consume and absolutely adorable Skye Warren always gets me.

  • The Beauty Series Best Read || [Skye Warren]
    462 Skye Warren
The Beauty Series