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Knowing Vera #(2021)

Knowing Vera

Knowing Vera

  • Title: Knowing Vera
  • Author: Rachelle Ayala
  • ISBN: 9781492384090
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
Knowing Vera By Rachelle Ayala,

Knowing Vera Best Read || [Rachelle Ayala] - Knowing Vera, Knowing Vera Vera s dating Zach casually not committed when she discovers her long departed father is the killer of Zach s mother many years ago Meanwhile Zach reevaluates his life after losing his leg in a tr

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This Chance for Love series, well, it just keeps getting better So I ed Dave in Broken Build, then loved Lucas, but Zach While we don t see a lot of him in book 2, Hidden Under Her Heart, I knew, just knew he d be my favorite kind of hero Even if he was a bad boy previously So, let me drool over him a little longer here Okay, just one , one swooooney moment The beach scene Oh the beach scene To be Vera in that scene, pantyyy melting Alright, down to the review Am I surprised Ms Ayala spun yet a [...]

Wow Rachelle Ayala s fiction novel Knowing Vera is an amazing piece of work Knowing Vera brings a mixture of fiction, drama, and mixes it solidly with murder mystery Ayala gives a strong young woman the drive to focus on discovering the truth in many facets of her life whether is love, true happiness and in this case finding the truth about her family and the ties to others that she holds dear to her heart Vera is this young woman and Ayala gives her a voice and thank goodness the common sense a [...]

Drama, mystery, and sizzling romanceCharacters introduced in HIDDEN UNDER HER HEART become the main focus in this intense romantic suspense Vera is afraid to commit to a relationship, but she s also starving for love She s had a sizzling fling with a former triathlete, Zach Spencer, but she can t let herself love him He thinks it s because he lost his leg in a tragic accident, but Vera s a nurse and doesn t care about his injury Her problem is serious She s afraid to tell Zack that her father m [...]

You know what is my favorite genre Thriller is my favorite genre especially when it is combined with romance So that is the reason I loved this book Knowing Vera is one of those books that captivate you from the start I guess that is the effect of the thriller part I was dying to know who killed Zach s mother and why didn t his father tell him how his mother died I wanted to know who is the person that sent the mysterious messages to Vera, was it really her father Could he have been alive all th [...]

Knowing Vera follows Vera Custodio, a young woman who has a hard time loving Why It probably has something to do with the murder she witnessed as a child and the fact that she saw her father jump off the Golden Gate Bridge because he was guilty of the murder.When Vera met Zach, everything changed for her She found herself falling in love, but she couldn t love, could she Vera s on a journey to find out just how much she can love and while she s dealing with that, she s thrown into a world she ne [...]

One murder, another suicide and a traumatized small girl Vera Custodio had seen it all and felt it all Twenty years had passed since that fateful night when everything changed for the worse for her as well as her family Her father committed suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge after he had supposedly killed a woman named Lillian Spencer and Vera, just a small girl clutching her father s leg as well as her teddy Bing Bing, saw it all After that it was as if they had all been cursed Vera [...]

b00kr3vi3ws 2014 01 Kno Knowing Vera is essentially the story of two people connected through series on incidents over the years On one hand we have Vera Custodio, who was only a little girl when her father committed suicide after allegedly killing a woman name Lillian Spencer It had been a traumatic event of her life one that had taken away her voice for over a year and her happily everafter forever On the other hand we have Zach Spencer, a bright athlete whose life is left broken after an acci [...]

I have read all three books in the Chance For Love series by Rachelle Ayala, and I was equally as blown away by all of them Every book continues to add on to the others but if you so chose you could read them as stand alones It is a warning that if you read this story, Knowing Vera, that it wll have some spoilers that were in the other novels First there was Dave, and then there was Lucas, but now there is Zach in Knowing Vera and I could not help myself but to be rooting for him and all of his [...]

Have you ever picked up a book and been captivated right from the start That s how I was with Knowing Vera I couldn t believe how quickly I had gotten entranced with the live of the main character At first I was starting to think that Vera and Zach were some how related, I never expected the twist I got in those first couple of pages.This book was definitely a thrill to read I stayed up late at night with very heavy eyes to read this, I just couldn t put it down, I wanted to know what happened n [...]

Knowing Vera by Rachelle Ayala takes the reader on a wild and suspenseful journey from San Francisco s Golden Gate Bridge to Australia s wine country The plot turns and twists made my neck hurt and my brain foggy, but the challenge of following all the conflict made for an interesting and exciting journey Star crossed lovers missing clues and questions of paternity abound in this romantic thriller The reader only sees the plot unfolding through Vera s eyes The first person point of view allows t [...]

Knowing Vera by Rachelle Ayala PLEASE NOTE THIS NOVEL IS BOOK THREE IN THE AUSTRALIAN SET BY THIS AUTHOR SPOILERS IN NOVEL and potentially in post Despite not having read the two prior books in the series, as part of the Dangerous Encounters box set, I chose to read Knowing Vera, as I have always enjoyed other books from this author Given that I was reading the book out of order, there was enough detail provided that I had a fairly good idea of what was going on with each character and was able [...]

Knowing Vera by Rachelle Ayala is a story of love and mystery Vera has your typical Daddy issues She saw dear Dad jump off the Golden Gate Bridge to his death when she was little Then she starts getting weird text messages and letters making sound like he is still alive and innocent If this is the case she has to find him The search is on.The first guy ever that she could have feelings for.Zach there are huge problems One that Vera keeps pushing him away The biggest issue would be that Vera disc [...]

This was an exhilarating novel that never ceased to surprise me While this is the third novel in the Chance for Love series, Ayala s done an excellent job of making it stand on its own From California to Australia, we follow Vera on a nail biting adventure as she fights to protect her family, and the man she s falling for I was completely consumed by the thrill of finding the truth, and paranoid of every character Vera came in contact with I felt like the idiot in the movie theater that s always [...]

3.5 stars This is the first I have read from this author or series but the description did read as if it would work as a stand alone without issue, and I am happy to report that it did just that A twisting and turning ride to the end, Vera is a survivor of a horrible past with questions and secrets that haunt her every moment When her long term friend with benefits, Zach, is starting to express feelings and desires for a stronger relationship with her, he is in an accident and loses a leg But th [...]

I got an ebook to review a couple of days ago Knowing Vera by Rachelle Ayala It is one the best books I have read lately Its a romantic and adventures I want to read these rest of her books.Vera Custodio has never fallen in love, though she has strong feelings for her friend and sometimes lover, Zach Spencer Long forgotten memories resurface when Vera discovers Zach s mother was the woman her father supposedly murdered many years ago.After losing his leg, former triathlete Zach Spencer reevaluat [...]

Vera is indeed a character with baggage She has undergone years of therapy after seeing her father jump off the Golden Gate Bridge She s afraid to get close to anyone And Zach lost his confidence when he lost part of his leg He s on the road to recovery now that he has his prosthetic limb and his outlook on what he wants in life has changed.I liked the author s development of these two main protagonists While Vera wavered back and forth between leaving Zach and staying with Zach, ultimately they [...]

I am a big fan of this author I have read the first two books in this series In Broken Build we get to see Vera as a sister who is mourning the loss of her brother We get to see her family dynamics and we get to see her start to grow up Then in Hidden Under Her Heart Vera is the best friend of a rape victim We got to see her outside of her family and see how she interacted with friends Hidden Under Her heart really affected me I could not wait to read this book and see how the characters ended u [...]

Vera Custodio holds the keys that will unlock 3 families from a history that has them bound Loyalty, murder, safety and love are all weaved throughout Rachelle Ayala s novel At the end of the day, this is a classic love There are so many story lines that I am not sure how she brings them all back together to culminate in a surprising twist of fate ending She does, which is a testament to her writing skill.Ayala keeps the characters distinct and weaves different cultures together, even providing [...]

The book was really good especially that the character is from my place , Philippines Well , Vera yes indeed have a love that can relate to many Filipina As what I thought, I fully understand her dilemmas in falling in love Avoiding and keeping herself from falling to someone , that is a very great challenge I was grateful that I was able to read the book especially because it has a Filipina character I have loved the story from the very beginning that s why I gave it 5 out of 5 My favorite genr [...]

What a crazy book Vera and Zach are friends of Maryanne and Lucas from Hidden Under Her Heart I love when stories continue on like that, but I wish I d gotten to find out a little bit about what happens with Maryanne and Lucas I think this story isn t about them, but still I guess it s the nosiness in me The story starts a few months after Zach has lost his leg and Vera s stayed by his side During his recovery time, Vera has discovered that Zach s mother was murdered by her father who died shor [...]

Knowing Vera grabs you right from the beginning, I don t remember a simple prologue being so descriptive or heart wrenching The tangled web of a story that unfolds will keep you on your mind guessing at who is or is not to blame Throwing in a romance adds another wonderful layer to this story This is one of those novels that you really should schedule time to read, once started you will not be able to put it down until the very last page A little teaser for you Did her father really die before h [...]

Suspense Romance Heat Yes, they are all in Knowing Vera I m not much of a Romance reader, but when they have murder, mystery and danger, I m captured.The intrigue that unfolds in Knowing Vera kept me turning page after page until there was no .I felt the beginning was a bit slow starting, but just a few chapters into the book and I couldn t put it down.Rachelle is very good at weaving mystery and intrigue into her steamy romance novels The situations she depicts together with the word choices sh [...]

I could not put this book down No joke If I didn t have 3 kids to watch over and didn t have to wake up well before I d like to get the kids to school, the book would have been finished in one day But since I do have 3 kids to watch over and I did have to get up early to take my big kids to school, I didn t quite finish it all in one day I finished three quarters in one day because I just couldn t put it down This is a great romance and who done it mystery my favorite kind of read Knowing Vera i [...]

My review Knowing Vera by Rachelle Ayala has turned out to be a well written novel, in my opinion It is my kind of book and it has it all Romance with mystery and suspense while scenes were believable When Vera meets Zach BTW I secretly wanted to be Vera amorous scenes kept me reading while my need of wanting to know keeping me sort of hypnotized Turmoil sets in around family secrets needing to see the light to then be put to rest How many times I just said, No, this is not happening Complexiti [...]

From the very start of this book, it hooked me Vera has a great voice and I just loved the way she looks at things and her determination Zach is totally swoon worthy and a great hero who will capture your heart Things are hot between these two, despite Vera s questions and hesitations I felt so bad for Vera, since she s had a tough time of things and recent events make her life even harder She can t fully give her heart to Zach until she knows the truth about her past and can lay to rest some fa [...]

From the very start of this book, it hooked me Vera has a great voice and I just loved the way she looks at things and her determination Zach is totally swoon worthy and a great hero who will capture your heart Things are hot between these two, despite Vera s questions and hesitations I felt so bad for Vera, since she s had a tough time of things and recent events make her life even harder She can t fully give her heart to Zach until she knows the truth about her past and can lay to rest some fa [...]

This book has it all suspense, intrigue, romance and steamy love scenes The suspense kept me reading way beyond the time slot I had allowed, but I love that in a good book Loosing myself in the pages is always a sign of a good book The book starts out with a shattering event that will tie Zach and Vera together Vera makes the connection to their past when Zack in hospitalized Zach and Vera have an intertwined past filled with secrets, lies and betrayal, which they will need to work through and Z [...]

Vera is not the kind of person I could easily relate to, but I grew to care for and understand her the I read this book She s extremely guarded with her emotions and I was rooting for her to open up so she and Zach could find true happiness The family drama between them threatens to keep them apart, and as a reader I was taken halfway around the world to Australia to solve the mystery It s not an easy to figure out whodunnit, and it kept me guessing throughout I liked that this story shows how [...]

I haven t read any of the other books in this series, but this did not affect the book at all I very much liked the range of characters that Ayala put into this book, especially the range of backgrounds and the detailed histories of each I really enjoyed reading about Vera s history and her family background and I felt this really gave the whole book a little something extra I also loved Zach s background and storyline especially he is so easy to like and a brilliantly written character.The book [...]

This was a really excellent book The general suspense and emotional grip of the book was excellent, I was hooked into the story almost immediately and couldn t put it down once I d gotten about half way through There were plenty of heart wrenching and nerve wracking moments, as well as a healthy dose of steamy romantic scenes I would absolutely recommend this book to others who love to read suspense books that really hook you in I think it would be a great story to try if you re a lover of roman [...]

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Knowing Vera