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Jango's Anthem #(2021)

Jango's Anthem

Jango's Anthem

  • Title: Jango's Anthem
  • Author: Cedric Nye
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Jango's Anthem By Cedric Nye,

[PDF] Unlimited ¼ Jango's Anthem : by Cedric Nye - Jango's Anthem, Jango s Anthem In the crucible of the Zombie Apocalypse some people are destroyed while others barely survive Jango has thrived Driven by madness he worships the only God who will have him REVENGE Where he walks t

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This book is amazing I got hooked on Jango in the first book, and the author introduced even complex characters in the second book It s not often that a sequel is better than the original, but I have to say that I enjoyed Jango s Anthem even than the first book and I absolutely loved The Road to Hell is Paved with Zombies.Nye has a unique writing style that sucks you into his stories, and you feel like you have to keep turning pages or in my case, clicking the arrow on my Kindle His characters [...]

First things first, I received a free copy of this title from the author While I was not obligated to write a review for this novella in return, I felt honored to do so Jango is a broken man He is also a man that you will not forget Having survived a tragic childhood, Jango had long decided to exact vengeance upon the evil doers of the world and the zombie apocalypse conveniently provided him with the perfect opportunity for some pay back At times brutal and uncompromising in his views, Jango se [...]

This one is for the ladies Zombie fiction isn t just for guys, any Cedric Nye is an equal opportunity writer when it comes to the Zombie Fighter Jango series His books are empowering, regardless of gender or even species The previous novel was dedicated to victims of child abuse This one is for survivors which perfectly fits this work of monster mashing, mentally intense art.Jango is a hero But like all primo defenders of justice, he is broken From the first book, The Road to Hell is Paved with [...]

It s been a while since I read the first in the Zombie Fighter Jango series, so I d forgotten how warped our hero Jango is, with his fragmented psyches of dog, albino woman, and the beast, as well as his own primary personality Jango is the survivor of childhood abuse, and his need for revenge against the bad people of the world permeates this story, as it did the earlier one However, Jango s story is written with a sick, twisted tongue in cheek humor that takes away a lot of the turmoil that co [...]

Jango s Anthem is the second novel in the Zombie Fighter Jango series Like any popular genre, post apocalyptic zombie stories mean different things to different people Sometimes fans enjoy the mindless carnage aspect of novels featuring the undead, or maybe it is the every man for them self scenarios presented in end of the world set ups In Jango s Anthem we catch a glimpse of all of the above mentioned staples of the zombie sub genre, however there are many things that separate it from popular [...]

Here s the thing, I don t read zombie apocalypse stories Don t get me wrong, I love zombie movies 28 Days Months Eons Later, Night of the Living Dead, Planet Terror, the George Romero stuff but jumping Jesus, ever since people started self publishing every thought that popped into their heads we ve been bombarded with played out zombie stories I ve read a few and have been greatly disappointed BUT I LOVE THESE JANGO STORIES Cedric Nye brings a much needed breath of fresh air to the genre This st [...]

Loved the first book in this series and just didn t get a chance to read the follow up right away Have to say, it was everything that was great about the first book and then some The author does a few things in this installment that just took straight up balls to do and I commend him for it If you don t love this character you should see a cardiologist and have your heart checked.

Jango was out for revenge for Sonja s death in this book, but he never lost sight of needing to protect the people, or dogs, that were being badly treated This he did this several times throughout this book but in each case he tried to help the people get some power back by showing them how to get revenge on the men hurting them.I liked this in Jango s character, it made him into a man you could like and admire, even when faced with how unstable he could be Vanessa , I really liked her, how she [...]

So Jango s Anthem picks up right where The Road to Hell is Paved with Zombies lets up I gave the first book of this series 4 stars and this book 5 stars together I give this series a 9 10 rating why not 10 10 only because I would have done some things differently if I was Jango just like in the first book this is some non stop zombie killing a whoppen two tote hang n gun slinging zombie bit h slapping blood and guts chewing throat slitting intestine chopping fun what Jango goes through to do wha [...]

I enjoyed every moment of this Cedric Nye has a writing style that keeps me turning the pages What I like most is that he puts so much of himself into his stories His stories have heart I love the inclusion of a transgender character and I even learnt some new uses for Duct tape LOL I eagerly await the next book in the series Cedric Nye could write a shopping list and make it interesting.

I loved how this story was about saving people and acceptance of others I found myself thinking though throughout this story what the actual plot or goal of the story was In the end I figured it out and I guess I knew the whole time Thanks for the different take on the z apoc and the comedy throughout

Well if I thought book one was violent then this one cranks it up another notch We find our man Jango still on the Apocalypse Road coming across goobers of both the dead the living variety dealing with them in his own unique style.Now Jango maybe a very very violent man, but he also believes in helping people that are in trouble providing they don t screw him over in this book he does help a lot of people who are victims of the lawlessness after the zombie outbreak One such victim touches Jango [...]

Fun times through large scale destruction of zombies, undead and otherwise Mr Nye follows his first book with a new episode in the adventures of Jango, zombie destroyer extraordinaire, at times demented, at times out of control, but always a life saver for those who need it most Jango is a modern times flawed hero with all the darkness and virtues paradoxes we come to expect from them e.g Batman, etc The book is well written and the action practically non stop The tragic situations depicted are [...]

Contains SpoilersWhat can you really say about a book you ve spent time thinking about than reading One thing is for certain, Jango s Anthem is a incredible story about a survivor, the very people Mr Nye dedicated the book to On the surface you have Jango obliterating zombies and destroying anyone who may wish him harm He rescues woman, children and animals and teaches each to care for themselves I like to think that they are the chorus singing Jango s Anthem I encourage anyone who reads this b [...]

The second part of Jango s story, and like the first, it s brutal and gritty Though there s than just random violence at work here.Some of it is for extra effect, but most of the blood and gore actually serves a purpose It s a survival tool and helps our zombie fighter in his quest for vengeance.There s hope as well, compassion and kindness serving as the last few pockets of resistance against the overwhelming hordes of the undead.Definitely a good sequel and I look forward to the next installm [...]

Jango rocks This book is not your average zombie apocalypse book The author takes you into the mind of a man, Jango, and shows you what makes him the zombie fighter Jango not only fights zombies he fights evil and injustice A definite page turner I am off to read the next book in the series.

Good read that needs a structural editor The shifting PoV can be, at times, confusing Still a solid zombie tale.


  • [PDF] Unlimited ¼ Jango's Anthem : by Cedric Nye
    500 Cedric Nye
Jango's Anthem