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Race to Redemption #(2021)

Race to Redemption

Race to Redemption

  • Title: Race to Redemption
  • Author: Megan Faust
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 338
  • Format: ebook
Race to Redemption By Megan Faust,

↠ Race to Redemption ☆ Megan Faust - Race to Redemption, Race to Redemption Chloe had always dreamt of racing on the dirt track but being the only daughter in the family she s only allowed to race with her brothers and no one else When her older brother Brant gets into an ac

Recent Comments "Race to Redemption"

This was a freebie download and it was a pretty quick and fun read I don t know much about the racing world so I can t say how authentic any of the races were but I can say that it was a pretty good story about Chloe, a small town girl and her brothers who take on the racing circuit in the big city Trey, a competitor who unwittingly gets involved with Chloe causes some drama when she has to lie about her relationship with him as he is suspected of sabotaging her brother s car.I won t post any sp [...]

While this wasn t a bad story, it was unrealistic in how quickly these two fell in love at first sight And the brothers were obnoxious and refused to listen while this makes for conflict, it was irritating to read And really Her brothers dictate if she has to go home or not This was an interesting story, but the characters were not ones I liked or wanted to read about The book gets a mid level rating because I didn t care for the subject characters.

It s a nice book and a fast read.

  • ↠ Race to Redemption ☆ Megan Faust
    338 Megan Faust
Race to Redemption