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Selfish Beings #(2021)

Selfish Beings

Selfish Beings

  • Title: Selfish Beings
  • Author: J.L. Morris
  • ISBN: 9781472054814
  • Page: 427
  • Format: ebook
Selfish Beings By J.L. Morris,

[PDF] Download ✓ Selfish Beings : by J.L. Morris - Selfish Beings, Selfish Beings There s no place like homeUnless like Kaarl you are a demon and your home is Hellterally While the rest of Hell enjoys cruel games Kaarl is looking for a new challenge So he makes a deal with the d

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koeur.wordpress 2013 10 14This was a great read Very entertaining Kaarl plays a demons youngest son whom, gifted with an understanding of the mortal realm is conscripted by Satan to bring souls to perdition What made this novel so entertaining was the variety of biblical characters and their innate personalities I thought Gabriel was really well developed, and offers comedic relief in the form of destruction The twins were also very well done They will have you laughing in no time with their sa [...]

When I first came up with the idea of promoting Carina UK authors I only had a few authors in mind One I know personally as an actual friend, another I know online and due to beta reading for her They both suggested a few other authors who may be interested, and from there it snowballed Today s author is one who contacted me, which I am amazed at I will be honest, had I found his book on or and read the blurb I possibly wouldn t have read it Due to my features I have read it, and I can honestly [...]

This book was fantastic Hell as a business is an interesting concept that grabbed me from the start The characters are what really drew me in, especially the twins who are just hilarious The humour throughout the story was refreshing to read As a young adult I tend to stick to typical YA series but I took a chance on this and was pleasantly surprised The writing style of the author is simple and easy to read, never over complicating descriptions which I always find irritating You know when auth [...]

I usually choose a book by it s coverif it looks good I ll give it a go Although I didn t like the cover on this book the precis caught my eye and I m very pleased I didn t follow my first instinct This story is funny, entertaining, thought provoking and very well written With each page turn, I found myself eagerly following the antics of Kaarl and his twin demonette cohorts, waiting to see what mischief they got up to next A thumping good read and highly recommended.

Funny and different, very well written with lots of humour, it certainly made me think, a fresh look at Good v Evil, Heaven v Hell, the characters are well described and some of them so well done they actually made me shivver, I really loved the Twins, look forward to reading from this author.

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Selfish Beings : by J.L. Morris
    427 J.L. Morris
Selfish Beings