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Thankful #(2022)



  • Title: Thankful
  • Author: Shelley Shepard Gray
  • ISBN: 9780062204493
  • Page: 364
  • Format: ebook
Thankful By Shelley Shepard Gray,

[PDF] Download ✓ Thankful : by Shelley Shepard Gray - Thankful, Thankful New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray captures the beauty devotion and warmth of Amish life in this engaging tale of family commitment trust and love set in the beloved community

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Picked up book justbto meet the criteria for a game called scatagorries But so glad I did main charcaters are Christina and A Reese but all the characters awesome The only thing I was not happy with is that book ended and I need to read the next one to find out the rest I feel the books should be read in order Grest love story

Shelley Shephard Gray has written another masterful novel Two of the central characters in this book are Christina Kempf and Aden Reese, both strong but also somewhat vulnerable They are bound by friendship and family but also by the love they have for each other.Shelley has created new characters as well as bringing back character that we have known and loved since the Seasons of Sugarcreek series The characters are endearing and engaging important to the story and some of them are at a crossro [...]

I absolutely love love love the Return to Sugarcreek series I loved book 1 Hopeful so much and wasn t sure what to expect for the second book Let me say it exceeded all of my expectations I immediately fell in love with Christian and Aden I love that they struggled in their feelings for each other I just love stories like this There is also the story of another couple hoping to adopt a child ere were so many ups and downs along the way for them.Thankful is appropriately titled, because that is e [...]

This was a very sweet romance and a quick read Christina and Aden are raised as siblings but felt differently for each other There were also two other stories interwoven in the pages of Aden and Christina s romance Jana worked at the Inn Christina works at and she s looking for mostly retiring, and Judith is wanting to adopt a baby but might ended fostering one A very quick read, short and satisfying I enjoyed getting to know Christina and Aden and as theirs was the main story, it was good The o [...]

This book seemed a bit lighter than the last book in this series However it does reunite us with familar faces from Book One I enjoyed the story, but often felt myself getting frustrated with the two main characters If they had just communicated it would have been better I loved the side story of Jana, in fact I liked her story better than I did Christina s and Aden s Overall a good fast read, a great way to spend an afternoon 4 stars from this reviewer This book was provided for review purposes [...]

Thankful, By Shelley Shepard Gray This is the story of Christina Kempf and Aden Reese Aden saved Christina when they were children The Kempf family took Aden in when his parents died in an accident.They are raised like they are siblings Their feelings are a lot deeper andpersonal than siblings though Christina starts to see someone can they even have a chance though Christina and Aden both have suchstrong feelings that they haven t admitted to the other.I loved this book

I can honestly say that any book that I see that is written from Shelley Shepard Gray will be one that will find a permanent home in my growing collection of her books In her latest novel from the Return to Sugarcreek Series, Thankful compromises a couple of stories with being thankful as their central theme My favorite is that of Christina Kempf and Aden Reese, who experienced a tragedy one day when ice skating, as Christina fell through the ice Aden successfully saved her but would be the one [...]

About the Book New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray captures the beauty, devotion, and warmth of Amish life in this engaging tale of family, commitment, trust, and love set in the beloved community of Sugarcreek.Christina Kempf has always known that God chose Aden Reese to be her husband As children, he was there to save her when she fell through the ice, and he s been by her side ever since After his parents died in a car accident ten years ago, the Kempfs raised Aden as one o [...]

Thankful is the second book in Shelley Shepard Gray s latest series, Return to Sugarcreek As a huge fan of Amish Fiction and having read the first book in this series I was excited to have the opportunity to read this book As children, Aden Reese saved Christina Kempf when she fell through the ice one winter day and since then the Kempfs gave him a place to live and raised him along with their other children Everyone believes Christina and Aden are brother and sister except for Christina who tru [...]

Follow us on Instagram lindseyfrombfcg to see behind the scenes and seek peeks of BFCG About this book Christina Kempf has always known that God chose Aden Reese to be her husband As children, he was there to save her when she fell through the ice, and he s been by her side ever since After his parents died in a car accident ten years ago, the Kempfs raised Aden as one of their own, and everyone sees Aden and Christina as brother and sister But Christina has never given up hope that Aden will on [...]

This is the second book in the Return to Sugarcreek Series by Shelley Shepard Gray and it is another winner The theme is thankful and we learn a lot about how the characters learn to be thankful It is also a story about adoption and fostering a child, specifically a child of a different race Aden was adopted into the Kempf family and as the children grow into adults, he realizes that his love for his adopted sister Christina is than that of a sibling Early on, he saves Christina when she falls [...]

Shelley Shepard Gray in her new book, Thankful Book Two in the Return to Sugarcreek series published by Avon Inspire takes us into the lives of Christina Kempf and Aden Reese.From the back cover From bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray comes a tender story of faith, family, and finding love with the Amish of SugarcreekChristina Kempf has always felt that God chose Aden Reese to be her husband When they were children, Aden was there to save her when she fell through a patch of thin ice, and h [...]

Shelley Shepard Gray has written a fantastic new installment in her Return to Sugarcreek series The saga continues with Christina and Aden trying to determine how to carry their relationship into adulthood There s an overarc ing theme that s even greater than romance, though, and that s overcoming Triumph Peace I m not sure of the right word, but though it s been ten years since Aden rescued Christina from the icy pond, neither of them have ever talked through what really happened that day or de [...]

Thankful is the second story in the Return to Sugarcreek series Just like all of the other books by Shelley, I loved reading it and was sad when it was finished Christina and Aden have known each other since they were young children Aden was taken in by Christina s parents, and to everyone else they are just like brother and sister If life was only that simple Christina and Aden have a beautiful connection that goes beyond just mere friendship, but even they can t seem to let each other know how [...]

Thankful is a wonderfully written story of the lives of two young adults Aden Christina , a married couple Ben Judith , and the English owner of Sugarcreek Inn Jana.Aden Christina Christy as he calls her are life long friends and neighbors Aden s parents, who had always been too busy with their furniture business to pay him any attention, died in an accident when he was fourteen and Christina s family took him in and loved and treated him like one of their own No one knew, including Aden Christi [...]

Thankful is the second book in the Return to Sugarcreek series Once again Shelley Shepard Gray has written a story that will touch your heart, and pull you right into the lives of her characters right from the very first page when we meet Aden Reese and Christina Kempf From the moment Aden saves Christina s life she knows he is the one for her, but because her parents have taken Aden in and raised him as one of their own, they both struggle with their feelings for one another as they are raised [...]

I really enjoyed this sweet love story There were some cute moments as Aden tried to deny his feelings and Christina felt sure he didn t have romantic feelings towards her The description on the back is a little misleading as I didn t think her parents pressured her to court but she felt it would help to forget Aden I liked the other two story lines, too, as an Amish couple decide to be foster parents to a baby whose mom is in prison and an English widow who owns a restaurant realizes she needs [...]

I feel in love with some of these characters in the first book in this series Hopeful, and Thankful the second book, does not disappoint We are reunited with Judith and Ben and their desire to have a child, and how their lives become full of joy.The main characters in this book are Christina Kempf and Aden Reese these two have been raised together as brother and sister Now how can that go further and they fall in love When you are raised as siblings and under strict religious circumstances, how [...]

Christina Kempf surrendered her heart to Aiden Reese when they were young children He was her hero, best friend and protector He was taken in by her family after the tragic death of his parents They have not revealed the depth of their love for for each other fear the other only carries the love of a sibling Christina makes the move to court other young Amish men at the persistence of her parents This rips a hole in Aiden s heart He is afraid of loosing her but also fears loosing the respect of [...]

I was lucky enough to read book one, Hopeful, and I am so glad that I was able to read this book as well This story made me think about how my parents had an open door policy and they accepted who ever came through their door Unless they got between us siblings I also thought about how my parent knew my siblings spouses, and my spouse, before we did One of my brother in laws was my mom s paperboy, and the other was her boss I wonder if when they had them as friends if they wanted to have them as [...]

In Shelley Shepard Gray s Thankful, the reader is drawn back to Sugarcreek.At a young age, Christina Kempf and Aden Reese knew in their hearts, they would one day be together After an accident on the ice, when Aden saves Christina and the death of his parents, it seems they had misunderstood what God was telling them.At the same time Aden and Christina are working through their tests in life Judith and Ben Know, waiting to adopt a child have been asked to be foster parents for a baby Will they b [...]

This is the first Shelley Shepard Gray book I have read I really liked her writing style It flowed very well, was smooth and easy to read I loved the plot of the book, and the underlying message This is the second book in the series, but it didn t feel like I was missing information Overall I enjoyed the book.However there were a few things that didn t allow me to give it a higher rating It felt too short As I stated I like the plot, but it felt shallow I kept wanting her to dive deeper into the [...]

I absolutely loved this story It has been a long time since a story pulled on my heartstrings and this one captured me from page one Aden and Christina have loved each other since they were children, but an accident has placed a barrier between them Will they learn to overcome the obstacles or will they continue through life without confessing their love Judith and Ben have wanted a child of their own for a long time, but circumstances have prevented it from becoming a reality Can they learn to [...]

I love visiting Sugarcreek Both Christina and Aden have always expected to be together When Aden s parent s die and Christina s family takes him in as their own, that hinders anything but sibling love Doesn t it As they get older, Christina is pressured into courting and both must make decisions that will affect them and their family.I love the way this author writes Getting to go back and see the people we ve already met in this place is probably one of my favorite parts Christina and Aden s bo [...]

Shelley Shepard Gray has woven another heartwarming tale of the people of Sugarcreek With characters you like as soon as you meet them and situations relatable to both Amish and English life this is a five star read.Christina and Aden have been friends since childhood Aden is adopted by Christina s parents after his are killed and this changes the dynamic of their friendship as they are often considered siblings The two struggle with their feelings for each other There are also two other stories [...]

Thankful Return to Sugarcreek, Book Two was sent a little while ago to review I was excited because I had read the first book in the series Hopeful This book was no disappointment from the first book in the series It is a story line that completely stands alone from the first, so anyone can pick this up and read it without reading the first book This book has companion characters from the first but nothing direct Christine has long had a crush on a childhood family friend whom she hopes will not [...]

Second in the Return to Sugarcreek Series, Thankful by Shelley Shepard Gray continues to move the genre of Amish stories into the real, modern world This time, she takes on the stories of four different people and the way they make decisions to move forward in their lives She deals sensitively with the brokenness of being an orphan, a widow, a childless couple, and much Each person must decide whether to continue to be afraid and stand still, or be brave enough to move forward, trusting God and [...]

Aden and Christina have been raised in the same home for years, but both do not have a sibling affection for each other Aden feels he is Christina s protector, and Christina feels as though as is a young woman who doesn t need protection.Ben and Judith Knox fans of the Seasons of Sugarcreek series will remember these characters have been praying for a child to love Now, they may have the ability to be a foster parent to a newborn, but will they be able to love a child that is only in their home [...]

Another 5 star read by Shelley Shepard Gray It s always fun to continue reading about characters from the Sugarcreek series and see where life has taken them this time In this second book of the series, they learn how to be thankful and what being thankful really means A widow thankful for love and family, a childless couple thankful for fostering, two young Amish people thankful for each other Being thankful doesn t just happen at Thanksgiving In this story, you see how it is to be thankful eve [...]

Judith and Ben are back in this second book in the series and have a chance at parenthood if they will accept it We re introduced to new characters as well The story is about two people that fall in love, the problem is that they ve been raised as siblings and within the strict Amish laws a romance can never happen Sugarcreek is a lovely setting with interesting and good folks The Inn is a nice place to visit, its owner, Jana, believes she will never find love Their stories pull on your heartstr [...]

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