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Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery #(2022)

Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery

Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery

  • Title: Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery
  • Author: Annabeth Leong
  • ISBN: 9781909181793
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery By Annabeth Leong,

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Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery Best Read || [Annabeth Leong] - Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery, Untouched A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery Celia Lambent lives in constant conflict Her sexual appetite is voracious and yet she cannot bear to be touched Untouched is a raunchy journey of voyeurism and discovery as Celia seeks the cause and

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This is cross posted from the review I did last year on my website I read Untouched with dread, and could not put it down I didn t get enough sleep last night because I couldn t put it down.You know right from the prologue that Celia is intensely pushing past her boundaries around touch, because her relationship is on the line That is the frame from the start, and it is one that inherently filled me with dread How can a book like that turn out in a way I could be okay with It seemed impossible I [...]

An amazing and unusual premise for an erotica story weaves trauma, sensation, confidence, unabashed sexuality all into a complex narrative Highly recommend.

This is not only incredibly hot, but also powerfully emotionally engaging It was a pleasure to follow Celia s journey in Untouched, and to watch her grow in such erotic ways I love the strengths that Celia possesses as a lover too strengths we might not immediately think of such as being able to use language to powerful effect during sex because she cannot use touch to communicate Nicely done.Celia s need to remain untouched is beautifully illustrated, and I enjoyed the to and fro between herse [...]

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  • Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery Best Read || [Annabeth Leong]
    372 Annabeth Leong
Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery