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The Freedom Summer Murders #(2022)

The Freedom Summer Murders

The Freedom Summer Murders

  • Title: The Freedom Summer Murders
  • Author: Don Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9780545477253
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Hardcover
The Freedom Summer Murders By Don Mitchell,

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Ø The Freedom Summer Murders ↠ Don Mitchell - The Freedom Summer Murders, The Freedom Summer Murders To coincide with the th anniversary of the Freedom Summer murders this will be the first book for young adults to explore the harrowing true story of three civil rights workers slain by the KKK In

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The Freedom Summer Murders was a very deep and eye opening book It starts right off by informing you what happened to those three men during that summer But trust me when I say that you will not expect what they tell you about those murders I m not going to go into details of what happened because it would ruin it for you I will say that 97% of the time I was either mad or frustrated at the events and reasonings in the book I couldn t, still can t, and won t ever be able to wrap my head around w [...]

Really Really good book, especially for people who like history or other Crime Murder books.

Many people feel that this country is not yet at the place where the killing of a black mother s son is as important as the killing of a white mother s son But the United States is closer to that goal than it was in 1964 In the wake of tragic events across the country, from the Trayvon Martin case to that of the riots in Ferguson, MO, Mitchell s biography could not come at a important time Thoroughly researched and organized in a fast paced rea, interwoven with photos and other primary document [...]

As famous civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr once said, The time is always right, to do what is right These words of wisdom reflect the journey for a better world in the nonfiction thriller, The Freedom Summer Murders by Don Mitchell In a time where people were judged on the color of their skin, it took courage to stand up to this age old system James Earl Chaney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman were three men who saw the injustices in society and stood up to make a change These thr [...]

The Freedom Summer Murders, by Don Mitchell, is about the murders of three young men in Neshoba County Mississippi This novel is told during the civil rights and segregation times Mitchell talks about three young men James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Andrew Schwerner, during the summer of 1964 These men were civil rights workers, two of were white and one was black These three men went to Neshoba County as civil rights workers to work at Freedom Summer One night these men got pulled over by the [...]

The book I am doing this book review on is The Freedom Summer Murders The author of this book is Don Mitchell I think that you should read it because it talks a lot about slavery and what happened with slavery back in the 1960 s and up to the 1980 s It talks about what most whites said to the blacks if they passed them on the street or the sidewalk and stuff Whites yelled bad words, they were racist towards the blacks and At most times whites called the blacks the N word And if a white saw a wh [...]

This was a wonderfully writing book providing both primary images and first hand accounts, made it a very hard book to put down.

Freedom Summer Murders by Don Mitchell, published in 2014, is a non fiction, historical book I, personally didn t like the book very much There were three main characters, the three who were murdered, Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, and Micheal Schwerner It doesn t go into much detail on their personality The entire book goes on about them being murdered How it happened, the case, the theories, etc It was all from the Civil Rights Movement time period It was all very dry to me, though I would reco [...]

This book is quite an eye opener to America s segregated history The Freedom Summer Murders by Don Mitchell focuses around James Chaney, Andy Goodman, and Mickey Schwerner The three good men all bonded and knew each other by working towards a progressing society and attaining civil rights for Blacks in Mississippi Three good men who wanted what was best for people in the USA Three good men who were compassionate and considerate people and well known for being caring Three good men who died early [...]

I found this to be a powerfully told story about the Civil Rights era During the Freedom Summer of 1964 when several groups were working to obtain voting rights for blacks throughout the south, three young men disappeared Mitchell explains the circumstances surrounding their disappearance before giving a brief biography of each of the three young men, two white and one black Even in death there was great bigotry The two white young men were shot, the black young man was severely beaten and proba [...]

This book was difficult to read not because of the author s style of writing but because of the content It is hard to read about such hatred and corruption This is a good summary of what happened with the murders of Civil Rights workers in Mississippi and is an excellent choice if you re looking to read something this month in honor of Black History Month.

First of all, I am so glad that there is an account of these murders for young readers We need our kids reading far literature pertaining to race and civil rights That said, there were a few things I didn t love about this book The sentence structures were simple, as was the language It read like a biography nonfiction book I d expect to see a fourth grader reading rather than a middle schooler Throughout the book, I felt like I was learning a lot of facts, but I was not moved emotionally very [...]

The Freedom Summer Murders briefly outlines the turbulent 1960 s U.S civil rights movement in the Deep South s This book highlights the horrific murder of 3 civil rights workers by the local Ku Klux Klan The story of the three young men murdered in this story inspired the movie Mississippi Burning as well as other documentary films and book Sadly, it was somewhat disjointed and the author failed to capture my complete attention and empathy for the victims The first couple of chapters read like a [...]

This book is wonderful and perfect for middle school children The details helped to refresh my memory of individuals on both sides Often time I find it challenging to keep up with the Civil Rights Movement because there are so many prominent people involved as well as the lesser known individuals whose stories are not often told The book also puts in perspective what the civil rights story was in Mississippi because it is often clumped together with other southern states.

An excellent account of the brutal murders of Civil Rights workers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner in Mississippi I particularly like how Mitchell emphasizes the selfless devotion of these young men to the cause they passionately believed in and their incredible courage to work for it under extremely dangerous conditions.

This book was good, not the greatest but it was good The great big mistake that was made is that it was pretty much the same story just from different perspectives This made every story predictable and I knew what would happen throughout the chapter How ever it was still good and very descriptive on what was happening.

The movie Mississippi Burning had a huge impact on me This book provided some background on what happened during a significant event in our nation s history.

Poignant, clearly written, and important hard to believe this was only fifty years ago.

In The Freedom Summer Murders, Don Mitchell provides a compelling story of three young men who lost their lives fighting for equality in one of the most segregated states in history Mississippi Mitchell walks the readers through the lives of these three men, their deaths, and the fight for justice of their murders These men Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney, and Michael Schwerner, truly were heroes in the civil rights movement, and their case brought national attention to the segregation going o [...]

I don t remember where I got this book but it was in my to be read pile I probably got it last spring when I was buying a whole bunch of civil rights books but I can t guarantee it.I m glad I got it because I just got this year s curriculum and our second unit is on civil rights and social justice This fits the bill.I never watched Mississippi Burning so I had no background for this one Even while reading, it took me a couple of chapters to realize it was related to the movie.I was truly disturb [...]

I enjoy the writing style and informational overview of the Freedom Summer Murders but I would have liked details surrounding the murders and the life of the important actors, including the sheriff.

Its not you book its me.

My review is here.

Richie s Picks THE FREEDOM SUMMER MURDERS by Don Mitchell, Press, April 2014, 256p ISBN 978 0 545 47725 3 Here s to the state of Mississippi,For underneath her borders, the devil draws no lines.If you drag her muddy river, nameless bodies you will find.Oh, the fat trees of the forest have hid a thousand crimes.The calendar is lying when it reads the present time.Oh, here s to the land you ve torn out the heart of,Mississippi find yourself another country to be part of Phil Ochs 1965 The governme [...]

You re treating this trial as the most important trial of the civil rights movement because two of these three men were white That means we all have a discussion about racism in this country that has to continue And if this trial is a way for you to all acknowledge that, for us to all acknowledge that and to have that discussion openly, then this trial has meaning Rita Schwerner BenderA great young adult introduction to one of the most publicized cases during the civil rights movement of the 196 [...]

I thought this book was a really good book I liked it because it was based on a true story it was a time in history when there was a lot of racism He was very descriptive throughout the whole book and giving details on what was going on It made the book easy to read.In 1964, three men were killed by the Klu Klux Klan They were trying to help African Americans to vote for Freedom Summer registration effort in Mississippi The murder and disappearance caused a national commotion and was one of the [...]

Obviously the story is a must read However I found it very basic and writing less than stellar

Hundreds of young, mostly white volunteers traveled to Mississippi in 1964 to run voter registration drives in black communities during what would come to be called the Freedom Summer There was resentment among white locals and retaliation against the volunteers and local blacks who worked along side them was common The most shocking of these incidents was the murder of three young civil rights workers local black man James Chaney and two white New Yorkers, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner T [...]

ARC provided by NetGalleyIn June 1964, at the height of the Civil Rights movement, one of the most horrific events occurred when three young men one black and two white were lynched by the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi for trying to register African Americans to vote The horror though did not end with their murder, but the failure of the courts to convict the guilty parties of their murder, some of whom were members of local law enforcement This book, published on the 50th anniversary of James Cha [...]

Moving on to much deeper level of fear in terms of dealing with race I read The Freedom Summer Murders I found this to be a very powerful read The murder of three people working hard for the right to vote for African Americans that probably only drew attention in the wya that it did because two of them were white This story did a nice job setting the stage and taking a look at how things operated back then which was not that long ago We claim we live in a society of democracy, but I don t know t [...]

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The Freedom Summer Murders