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Life Makeovers #(2021)

Life Makeovers

Life Makeovers

  • Title: Life Makeovers
  • Author: Cheryl Richardson
  • ISBN: 9780767906630
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
Life Makeovers By Cheryl Richardson,

Life Makeovers Best Read || [Cheryl Richardson] - Life Makeovers, Life Makeovers Offers advice on how to rejuvinate your life in a weekly program including tips on self management regaining happiness and clearing clutter from your life

Recent Comments "Life Makeovers"

I find Cheryl Richardson s work to be insightful and useful.

Honestly, the advice was sound while reading it but I found it difficult to stretch it out over the year Reading the book within two days may have taken away from the over all usefulness of the book.I cannot take full responsibility for this books inability to substantially validate the time it stole from my reading time Many of the ideas can be found in her previous book about life transformations and I rated that book 3 stars I believe.The basic tenants of the book is to identify your prioriti [...]

A practical lesson for each week of the year to help you create the life you want.Some reasonable ideas and others not so reasonable not everyone can hire an assistant to help them with their work load.

I registered a book at BookCrossing BookCrossing journal 11996956

Lots of great notes on areas of my life to change and expand upon Quick read Not a book that I d want to take a year to read through, instead read in two days and decided to go back and make notes and grow from there.

Imagine each morning you re given a pocketful of love to share throughout the day Your mission is to empty your pocket If you haven t noticed, the things I record in this spot are just that, records for me So you ll forgive me for my notes to me, I hope.Books and websites she recommended that I want to check out Your Heart s Desire Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want by Sonia Choquette, Patrick Tully, and Julia CameronTuesdays with MorrieThe Courage to Start A Guide to Running for [...]

Cheryl gives positive outlook into changing your life one week at a time She gives you goals to achieve throughout that week, giving you the chance to spread your wings and exit your comfort zone I enjoyed most of the chapters but, after a period of time the chapters repeated themselves They had different titles and the wording was different but, the goals were the same I guess repetition is the best way to perfection She does have some wonderful ideas though, but I had always been one to focus [...]

This is a great book for people wanting to make a change in their life whether it is a post divorce situation, post college or perhaps the empty nester Cheryl Richardson takes the reader step by step with a chapter each week to work on a single area of your life In the end, you have made little changes that add up to big dividends This is an excellent book for a reading group or a support group It is much fun to do this with someone else So much so that Cheryl offers make over groups on her web [...]

Found a Life Makeover group because of this book years ago and over a two year period we went through the book I made some great changes in my life and accomplished some goals I ve read the book through about once a year and I purchase this book at thrift stores every time I see it if it is in excellent condition and gift them to friends, acquaintances, and co workers This book helpfed me create a lot of healthy new life patterns but a lot of time has passed and I m thinking its time to take thi [...]

I loved Cheryl s Take Time For Your Life so when she wrote this I was thrilled that she d broken it down into weekly assignments.A great way to make changes one week at a time and improve your life without taking elephant steps Some you are going to be working on for weeks, but the baby steps makes it easier to handle than trying a huge self improvement project and failing by trying to do everything at once and just giving up.

This book has changed my lifeI bought this book with the intention of starting a group on the meetup site and not only does it focus on a different topic each week but it allows a great discussion between the group It has given me a great group of friends who I can trust and divulge all my inner secrets, past hurt insecurities including my goals, focus and direction

Good advice by a personal coach on making small changes in your life a week at a time She includesideas for reflection, as well as specific, pratical things to do to improve the quality of your life I m a believer that little changes make big differences, so I enjoyed hearing her ideas Lots of ideas on self management as well as making deeper connections with others.

I ve read this book in Portuguese under the title Voce Pode Mudar Sua Vida which means lireraly You Can Change Your Life.The book illustrated a lot of activities that we can do in ourlives, but they are many things tha are not put for thr first things of successful people, so I think that selecting few things from the book is better than choosing all of em.

There are some excellent ideas in the book to help create a balanced life I can t give this book 4 stars though, because some of the ideas are impracticable for most people in this day and age.

This is a great book to help you set small goals and accomplish them There s a new challenge for each week of the year It s helped me TONS with projects around our house, journaling, and finding gratitude.

A clear and decisive manner in which to organize and put ourselves in order and lose our personal chaos Inspire yourself with one method at a time It is remarkable Cheryl Richardson never lets me down.

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Not really a good book to listen to in the car The week by week suggestion plan seemed repetitive.There were a few interesting points but overall ehh.

I listen to this CD set every few months After listening to this CD, I spent the first year with my main focus exercise, the next year art, and this year to have fun

A great weekly plan to improve your life I love the resources in each chapter would love to see an updated listing

I have been reading this book a chapter a week since January Vastly improved the quality of my life.

Short chapters with exercises at end of each chapter Exercises are easy to complete and practical.


I found the approach changing one habit a week for a year intriguing but was not ultimately inspired to join the program I did enjoy the quotes and resources though.

This book is an inspiration for anyone wanting to live a intentionally positive lifestyle The strategies are excellent.

Practical and life changing advice presented in week by week chapters There is also action plans to help you instigate her advice and resources list to help you discover A very helpful book

So helpful I ve read it twice A practical plan for making positive changes in your life, broken down into small steps that anyone can do

nice and simple things to do each week A no nonsense book of self care.

I loved this book Really helped me clean house mentally literally

  • Life Makeovers Best Read || [Cheryl Richardson]
    309 Cheryl Richardson
Life Makeovers