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Hadrian's Lover #(2021)

Hadrian's Lover

Hadrian's Lover

  • Title: Hadrian's Lover
  • Author: Patricia Marie Budd
  • ISBN: 9781909878471
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
Hadrian's Lover By Patricia Marie Budd,

Free Download Hadrian's Lover - by Patricia Marie Budd - Hadrian's Lover, Hadrian s Lover Hadrian s Lover is a stunning novel about a dystopian society disguised as a utopian one raises difficult questions about right and wrong government control and an individual s right to express hims

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In a posited future a section of present day Canada has become a refuge for gay and lesbian persons Christened Hadrian, after the Roman Emperor, it is a utopian project, not only providing sanctuary for sexual minorities but endeavoring to govern justly and to provide social and economic equality In Hadrian it is illegal to be heterosexual What happens then if you are born heterosexual The central narrative of this novel is just that, if homosexuality can t be cured could it be any different for [...]

Wow, I don t quite know where to start because Hadrian s Lover is perhaps one of the heaviest and most disturbing books that I have ever read Set in Hadrian, a fictional futuristic country in what used to be Canada, Hadrian is a seemingly Utopian country created purely for homosexuals Heterosexuality has been outlawed, the population is tightly controlled, all embryos are screened and any showing heterosexual chromosomes are destroyed Perhaps most disturbingly anyone caught engaging in heterosex [...]

3.5 stars Note, this book is not for the faint hearted Though not explicitly written, some things may disturb you.In the year 21 , the planet is finally breaking under overpopulation, humans reaching a stunning twenty billion in numbers In the midst of chaos and starvation, the newly founded country Hadrian invites homosexuals from all over the world to join their sustainable and ecological haven, since extremists threaten their lives Here you need not worry about starvation, lack of resources, [...]

Hadrian s Lover wouldn t have found its way onto my Kindle if it wasn t for the fulsome praise it received on So So Gay It s actually the sort of book I contemplated writing tables turned on sexual norms and all that sort of thing although I hadn t taken the plot development any further So I m bound to say at the outset that the basic premise is a good one and it s hats off to the author for delivering the goods I don t think I d offer the same sort of praise to the publisher, though, as clearly [...]

Heavy hitting, poignant and deeply disturbing, this novel details the lives of several characters living with the xenophobic country of Hadrian, a homosexual utopia In a world where heterosexuality is shunned and illegal, budding youth must contend with their own desires and sexual awakenings Strais must be wary not to be uncovered, for fear of being placed into brutal reeducation camps A must read, in my opinion, especially for an understanding of what life is like for a sexual minority, or ind [...]

Imagine a world that has fallen into chaos because of overpopulation and global warming according to many, this future is unavoidable unless drastic measures are taken to prevent it Now imagine Hadrian, a land of peace and plenty in a newly temperate zone in what was once Canada, including Hudson Bay This country features gender equality, political stability, a green economy, universally accessible health care and education Who wouldn t want to live there This is the setting for a fantasy novel [...]

Imagine the world in a century s time there are many studies and scientists that say that our biggest problem as a global community is overpopulation caused by unsustainable and unregulated population growth This, combined with environmental factors and food requirements, could potentially end the human race in the next generation or two This is where Hadrian s Lover suggests a way of making sure that the human race continues a homosexual country, where heterosexual urges are removed from any bi [...]

The Author was clearly inspired by her support of LGBT youth, but it failed to transcend into her writing in so very many ways Not only was the dialoged unrealistic, insincere and riddled with exclamation marks but the story ended where it probably should have started It wasn t until the last 60 pages or so that we began to address her reasons for writing the book This Author had a top notch concept and created a interesting and thought provoking world, and the person most lacking in seeing that [...]

Loved this book One of the best dystopian novels I ve read in the last 10 years As important as George Orwell s 1984 and Ayn Rand s Anthem and Atlas Shrugged a book to be read by our generation and shared with our children A huge undertaking on the surface, but a simple story of acceptance Thanks for the read Patricia

An interesting and thought provoking story.See my full review at Gerry B s Book Reviews

  • Free Download Hadrian's Lover - by Patricia Marie Budd
    118 Patricia Marie Budd
Hadrian's Lover

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