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Just Right #(2021)

Just Right

Just Right

  • Title: Just Right
  • Author: Barbara Bice
  • ISBN: 9781628391770
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Hardcover
Just Right By Barbara Bice,

[PDF] Just Right | by ✓ Barbara Bice - Just Right, Just Right Barbara Bice has a story that needs to be told On top of that she has an amazing gift in telling it Just Right is a realistic and inspirational book about one of the great battles in our country and

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This is what it is like to get clean You have to find something to fill the hole you have after you cut the drugs out When you are an addict, it becomes your entire life Every thought that goes through you mind revolves around your next fix After prolonged use, you cannot function without Statistics show that most successfully recovered addicts turned to religion It makes sense There is no better supprt group than that of a church congregation You will need a support group You need to believe th [...]

Inspiring story that will give hope to many that are going through this situation themselves As a recovering addict myself, child of one and also the spouse of one it hit home for me Barbara Bice s story is one that you can hear at an AA NA meeting anywhere but often as a family member of an alcoholic you feel alone with nowhere to turn This reminds you that you aren t alone, there is hope and above all there is God with whom you can survive most all trials and tribulations I felt some degree of [...]

Provides A Way to Cope with Life s Struggles Just Right The Road from Addiction to Redemption By Barbara Bice Just Right is an excellent example of what a spouse and family deals with as they find themselves thrown in the midst of the dark, lonely world of a loved one s addiction What Barbara and her family experience parallels most every topic we cover in Why Don t They Just Quit What families and friends need to know about addiction and recovery The author expresses her thoughts in such a simp [...]

InspirationalThank you so much for sharing A must read for people suffering from the actions of those who are addicted It offers hope to them and also to the addicted It is Just Right

Having been in a relationship with an addict, Barbara s story hit home Though the writing itself isn t particularly beautiful, the story is worth a read However, if reading about God and faith rubs you the wrong way, I don t recommend adding it to your collection.I received my copy through a First Reads giveaway.

Inspiring story of courage and of faith and one of very few and they lived happily ever after when dealing with addiction A wonderful story for anyone but a must read if you are living in the middle of a nightmare like this Barbara shares her story but also shares her heart and shares hope

Very good inspiring book full of hope for anyone that is dealing with or has dealt with addiction in their family.

  • [PDF] Just Right | by ✓ Barbara Bice
    213 Barbara Bice
Just Right