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End of the Beginning #(2021)

End of the Beginning

End of the Beginning

  • Title: End of the Beginning
  • Author: Jon Snyder
  • ISBN: 9781626204423
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
End of the Beginning By Jon Snyder,

Free Download End of the Beginning - by Jon Snyder - End of the Beginning, End of the Beginning Earth s ancient heroes and man s oldest and most dreaded foe collide in the greatest epic saga ever known to man BEFORE their race became the mystical beings we now call angels they ruled the earth a

Recent Comments "End of the Beginning"

For an author review, I m admittedly biased However, this book is truly original I don t think anyone has ever written a prequel , if you will, to the origins of angels So in that, this book stands alone, while staying true to the historical mythological origins of the characters in both their personality and powers to create a world that is original, imaginative, magical, mystical and compelling As a sci fi, fantasy novel, this book has it all action, adventure, romance, mysticism, wisdom, and [...]

This book needs to become a movie Not to give away too much with spoilers but the scene near the end when everyone is fighting together and everyone has their powers was awesome A little critique as a Christian reader, I heard it was a Christian fantasy book and at first i was wondering where the Christian influence was But it is definitely in there as you read on but not in a way that you wouldn t like it if you aren t a Christian I think the writer did a good job taking this topic, which is Cl [...]

I only read the four chapter sample, but I still wanted to say what I thought about it.So this is supposedly a book about angels, but already from the start we are told that it s not the same as other stories.We meet both good and evil, we get to see pictures of the flower of life, the tree of life and maps of stars and the history of this universe, which I appreciated a lot.Suddenly our good hero Helel is transported to the chaos of the modern world has the dark lord anything to do with this , [...]

This innovative novel does an intriguing job creating a world before we know it with characters that had a lot of personality and depth I ve read other angel books that had really wooden, static characters and I was surprised how much I liked the characters, the story and the concept Well done a great read I couldn t put it down.

Loved this book.

like writing for me

great I also suggest The Last Pharaoh Mubarak and the Uncertain Future of Egypt in the Obama Age Last Pharaoh Mu

  • Free Download End of the Beginning - by Jon Snyder
    385 Jon Snyder
End of the Beginning