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Land of Masks and Moonlight #(2021)

Land of Masks and Moonlight

Land of Masks and Moonlight

  • Title: Land of Masks and Moonlight
  • Author: S.K. Falls
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 216
  • Format: None
Land of Masks and Moonlight By S.K. Falls,

Unlimited Land of Masks and Moonlight - by S.K. Falls - Land of Masks and Moonlight, Land of Masks and Moonlight Three weeks on a ship to China as a stowaway Backbreaking labor in paddy fields A one room shack for a house Vika Cannon will endure anything if it means giving her unborn child and her sister Ceres a

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The second book in the Glimpsing Stars series finds Vika on her way to China Most of the story takes place within a Chinese camp where they must try to fit in and not be discovered by the authorities who have been tipped off about the New Armanian fugitives This novel is definitely darker than the first, and it does feel like the stakes are much higher It is a very gritty kind of book, which the characters just fighting to survive and less about trying to overthrow the dystopian government and r [...]

This is the sequel to World of Shell and Bone It picks up a couple weeks after the previous book with the characters still on the ship to China The book is mainly focused on Vika s struggles to survive in a new type of world while protecting her family I feel like the author does a better job with this sequel than the first book This has actually renewed my love for dystopian genre There is also romance in this book then the previous one Likewise, an increase in drama and moments that leave you [...]

This is definitely an engaging installment or ending to the Glimpsing Stars series I really enjoy this author and certainly recommend this series You just have to keep reading to see what happens next However SPOILER ALERT This story line slows in places and the ending seems rushed There are also two lines regarding Ceres that are totally just thrown in there with no prelude or follow up Maybe they were accidentally left in from a previous draft If not, I question why they were written intention [...]

I loved the beginning of this book Got going right away, very fast paced with a lot happening Then it turned into a sappy love storywhich can be great, just for my tastes it was a little too sappy Still a good book though and well written and if there s another one, I ll be reading it

As with World of Shell and Bone, I loved this book I think the writing is delicious And I love the characters I love how Vika and Shale s relationship is I was surprised that I actually ended up liking Ceres Just an interesting book and series I hope there s to come

Very good book with many ups and downs The part where Vika has her baby is terrifying, and broke my heart Loved itd so glad with the ending.

It appears I rather enjoy sappy endings in a book

Even better than the first book More grit, higher stakes, and fast paced suspense Great dystopian series for grown women

Good ending, but a frustrating journey to get to that good ending.

I loved this story The writing is very poetic and passionate I feel as though I am Vika while I m reading her tale.

This book took a turn for the worst it turned into a sappy traditional love story don t get me wrong, it was fun to read, but it felt rushed and just felt like a traditional love story.

  • Unlimited Land of Masks and Moonlight - by S.K. Falls
    216 S.K. Falls
Land of Masks and Moonlight