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Safe in His Arms #(2022)

Safe in His Arms

Safe in His Arms

  • Title: Safe in His Arms
  • Author: Renee Rose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Safe in His Arms By Renee Rose,

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[PDF] Safe in His Arms | by ☆ Renee Rose - Safe in His Arms, Safe in His Arms For as long as she could remember Becca dreamed of a dominant man to take her in hand and Zac the handsome Marine she met at her sister s wedding filled the role with aplomb for a weekend Then the

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Who knew a little mistake of broken condom could lead to such journey As a HUGE lover of Ooopsie Babie stories I naturally fell in love with it also a huge lover of a good Alpha Male with strong military background Sexy danger factor ooooh and can t forget a nice Kink I absolutely loved this story As short as the story was I didn t feel like it was lacking in anything content or development it was JUST RIGHT PS there is a bit of Paranormal hint to the book only that the main character view spoil [...]

2.5 starsSuper hot spanking in this domestic discipline story The scenes were great Focused, passionate and thoroughly about Zac and Becca s needs for D s and spanking respectively I loved the way the characters interacted, but the actual plot of the story was a miss for me One needs to suspend belief and just accept the fantasized thriller or be utterly frustrated Which though I often roll my eyes at, I was like, Okay, sure Take me on the magic carpet What really annoyed me were inherent charac [...]

Can I just say when I requested this book from Netgalley thank you Netgalley that I was not expecting what I got at all Some sort of second chance romance, yes Baby s daddy drama s, yes Military man, possessive, alpha loving, yes.Domestic Discipline Who knew hahah, loved it Although it sort of came out of no where the spanking lefting me tickled pink about this book The characters where interesting and there was even an element of the paranormal in there This was a short, kinkilicious book If I [...]

Safe in His Arms didn t work for me I had problems believing that Becca would take Zac back and trust him with her body as soon as he waltzes back into her life I know this novel is a short one and things have to move fast but I think the need for character development shouldn t have been overlooked There was also a moment when Zac omitted important information from Becca that had me fuming and then Becca doing something incredibly stupid to get Zac s attention So what s the story about Becca h [...]

Safe in His Arms by Renee Rose Author Renee Rose Title Safe in His Arms Series Cover Rating Book Rating Buy This Book For as long as she could remember, Becca dreamed of a dominant man to take her in hand, and Zac, the handsome Marine she met at her sister s wedding, filled the role with aplomb for a weekend Then the fling came to an end, Zac went off to war and died for his country, and Becca learned she carried a child who would be born without a father Seven years later, Becca has done her be [...]

I ve enjoyed several of Renee Rose s historical spanking books, and, when I saw the name of the heroine in this one, decided I had to add it to the list This was a fun and erotic book, filled with hot scenes and much spanking I didn t read it for the cloak and dagger parts, since that isn t generally my favorite scenario, but it did add to the spiciness in this case The back story isn t particularly realistic, but, if you can suspend belief and enjoy the fun, it wraps up with a satisfying HEA.Be [...]

Warning This book contains bondage, spanking with hand s , paddles, wooden hairbrushes, a blind pole and other things but I ve forgotten them , and dominance submission role playing I recommend this book to mature readers over 18 only.I was surprised when I started reading this book by how much I enjoyed it.I liked the writing, characters, and the story.There is a bit of paranormal content to the story, and it works well with the characters.Well done Ms Rosec provided by Netgalley in exchange fo [...]

Stopped reading at 20%.Can t give a review because it is a DNF.

bookslifewine.wordpress 20This is short story novella length I find reading and reviewing shorts novellas to always be rather challenging so I can only imagine that writing them must be just as challenging There s a lot of information that needs to be condensed down to its purest version to be able to fit into the required word count.And that is the exact same reason why I find reading shorts to be challenging I want so much from the book, the author, the characters, the plot but there s so litt [...]

As an erotic contemporary romance story, Safe In His Arms felt short The novella is about Becca, a young woman who longs for a spanking spice in her bedroom, and Zac, the undercover special ops ex marine who s than happy to help her out.For starters, I think for the general plot, this novella should ve been a full blown novel It may be an erotic story, but the subplot of assassin involvement in Becca s life, the mystery of who is behind the act of treachery, and the fact that Becca and Zac have [...]

3.5 star feel good book This is a delicious domestic discipline DD story for those just getting into reading spankings and domestic discipline Becca met the man who could finally bring her sexual fantasies to life and then he disappears She does keep a souvenir from hima child Zac is a ghost who in an agency specializing in wet works He can t have any relationships because of his job He breaks some rules because things become personal.This story from a suspense perspective is a bit weak It s sti [...]

Oh My Goodness Pardon me while I get a cold drink This was a new author to me and this was somewhat different from what I was expecting I was drawn to the blurb that mentioned Undercover Ops and Assassins I got that and a whole lot Becca has a weekend fling with a military guy before he ships out A weekend that fulfills her fantasies about spanking Yes, there are episodes of spanking, although it is well written and is a bit graphic There are a lot of flashbacks and remembrances in great detail [...]

Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews Sizzling Pages Facebook Twitter Sizzlingpages5 Sizzling Stars Too many to count Sizzling Hearts for the Sizzle FactorPublisher s Note Safe in His Arms is an erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, and If such material offends you, please don t buy this book.So I knew going into this book exactly what I was getting into It s not a roses and candy love story But it s a beautiful love story an [...]

What would you do if you find out that your child s dad did not die That he has been alive and watching over you for the past 6 years and you had no idea.How would you react Exactly, I would be super upset yet elated that he was alive This is how Becca felt One weekend of passion turns into a pregnancy for her and when she tries to let Zac know that she is pregnant, she finds out that he is dead She lives her life for Parker always taking care of him and just being the loving mother she can Out [...]

A fun read It packs a serious punch and is fast paced from the moment you start reading and all the way until you re done I m glad it wasn t longer, with the fast pace and intensity of the book, it would have been too much.I love how Zac connects with his kid on a paranormal wave It gives the story that extra touch I may be biased since I m a huge fan of the Paranormal genre, but it just fits in perfectly with the story Well, basically I just love Zac Talk about your Alpha He s just dominating e [...]

Arc courtesy of Netgalley, Thank you, thank you thank you Loved this book, it s a quick fast paced read, with great main characters Becca meets Zac at her sisters wedding and winds up spending the weekend exploring with him her secret desire to be dominated and spanked for Zac bring a black ops agent assigned to keep an eye on her and look out or a family member of hers he truly having hsvcakebandeting it too The weekend goes all too quickly and they must part with a promise to try and stay in t [...]

Boy oh boy This is the most overtly erotic book that I have read in a while Renee Rose holds nothing back in her description of the intensity of the spankings that Zac dishes out to Becca, and Becca loves it Zac is a Black Ops agent whose life isn t his own and Becca is an English teacher who loves literature, quotes Shakespeare, and discovers that she enjoys being spanked really, really hard and quickly skips down the BDSM path I have to note that I don t mind a spanking scene in an erotic book [...]

I think I ve called Renee Rose the queen of spanking romance before but I m going to repeat myself today Safe in His Arms was completely different than the last two I read by her The Westerfield Affair and The Devil of Whiskey Row in that it was a contemporary romance It opened hot and fast as expected from Renee Rose I think we were spanking within a few pages which I always appreciate.cially when there s a story to go with it And what a story A spy who doesn t find that hot and he spanks among [...]

Completely over the top but I truly loved every second of it Zac and all is alpha yumminess Quick novella with an HEA Read it, you ll like it NetGalley ARC Read Now

I saw the blurb on this one and was intrigued to give it a try Spies and Spankings Yeah, it totally caught my attention For being what started out as a curiosity read, I found it was definitely better than what I thought it would be.In the interest of full exposure snicker that might be construed as a pun , I do want to admit that this was my first spanking romance or Domestic Discipline story I don t know what the protocol with that is, but from what I can tell things were handled properly.The [...]

I have submitted this review after listening to the audiobook of this book Renee Rose writes about a spanking fetish, in almost all her books, however, I have found that there is also a fantastic story that incorporates the disciplinary lifestyle, with a dramatic background story which always holds my interest This is a romance, with political intrigue and a spook spy thrown together, to make one h3ll of a good yarn.

Great Spanking Romance This second chance romance was so much fun with an oh so slight paranormal bent I adored the dynamic and respect between the characters, and Parker was cute as a button a kid who actually added to the story D

The connection that a son and father have is beautiful in this story Only that there are too many secrets that surround Becca that can either break her or make her stronger to hold dear the people she loves Things are never what they seem or could they be Becca is a single mother that believed that the man she slept with died for his country, until the day that she finds a man fighting with her nanny in the kitchen in her apartment She met this man seven years ago at her sister s wedding Becca h [...]

I really really enjoyed this book minus a few things we ll get to in a minute and I will definitely be looking for from this author in the future because she wowed me with how much she managed to pack into 124 pages What I loved I loved the characters and their personalities They were both incredibly well wrote and for being such a short book I didn t feel like they were under developed at all Becca has this personality that just jumps off the page Her conflicted emotions were portrayed realist [...]

SAFE AND SPANKED IN HIS ARMSEdit SAFE IN HIS ARMS is a 125 ish page story priced at 4.95 OUCH by Renee Rose, who believes that no romance story is complete without a spanking The publisher of her book plainly states Safe in His Arms is an erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, and If such material offends you, please don t buy this book.Sue me I don t listen well Good thing there is absolutely NO desire on my, or The Ma [...]

Safe In His Arms is a steaming hot novella that packs a lot of punch into what amounts to just over 100 or so pages.Becca meets Zac over the weekend of her sister s wedding and she winds up having a weekend fling with someone she believes is a Marine After that steamy weekend, she finds out that Zac went off to war and was killed Shortly after, she finds out she s pregnant.Fast forward seven years and we find Becca coming home from work to find her son s nanny in mortal combat with a man who is [...]

What could be hotter than a hotshot military guy who was thought to be dead, returned from said death to protect the woman he left behind and his son Well, add some kink into that, with a dash of spying and bit of suspense action and you have Safe In His Arms by Renee Rose This is a novella length book and given that, there isn t too much backstory though the reader is given a glimpse into the hot weekend Zac and Becca spent together before he left for Iraq Back then, she thought he was a Marine [...]

I just finished Safe in his Arms and I just freaking loved it Becca and Zac are one of my top favorite couples and I am so glad that they got their happily ever after At the beginning you find out that Becca and Zac had a one weekend fling at her sisters wedding which ended up her being a single parent She did try to contact Zac and with knowing that he was in the Marines she knew it might be tough to get ahold of him She finds out later that he died in battle or so she thinksPresent day brings [...]

HOLY COW THIS IS ONE REALLY HOT, EROTIC AND WICKEDLY GOOD READ RENEE ROSE HAS OUTDONE HERSELF WITHOUT THROWING US TOO FAR INTO FANTASY LAND I MEAN WHO DOESN T OCCASSIONALLY NEED A SPANKING TO SET THEIR MINDS STRAIGHT AND CLEAR ALL THE CRAP FROM THEIR HEADS All I really want is a guy who will bend me over and spank me SAFE IN HIS ARMS is a fast paced tale of what if It just goes to show that sometimes you can bite off than you ever thought possible Becca is the quintessential single mom She had [...]

Safe in His ArmsRenee RoseThis ARC was given by Stormy Night via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I give this book 3 starsBecca finds complete satisfaction after asking the complete stranger to spend the weekend spanking her for pleasure She finds herself attracted to a very good looking Marine that is also attending her sister s wedding weekend She has never felt pleasure like she did the evening he tied her up and spanked her with many things Months later, she finds out that she is p [...]

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    301 Renee Rose
Safe in His Arms