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Harvard Hottie #(2021)

Harvard Hottie

Harvard Hottie

  • Title: Harvard Hottie
  • Author: Annabelle Costa
  • ISBN: 9781301974337
  • Page: 416
  • Format: ebook
Harvard Hottie By Annabelle Costa,

☆ Harvard Hottie ¸ Annabelle Costa - Harvard Hottie, Harvard Hottie When nerdy unhip Ellie Jenson meets rich handsome Luke Thayer the Third as freshmen at Harvard University it s Hate At First Sight Ellie loathes Luke s smirk and superior attitude and decides if s

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I found this one disappointing It started pretty strong, but then it just got lazy, maybe I liked everything up until the MCs got together But then I guess there needed to be some extra conflict, so the heroine got upset that maybe the hero had once used the services of a prostitute which, yeah, okay, not an attractive feature, but she went on and on about how much of an asshole he used to be and how self centered and arrogant he was before, so, really Hiring a prostitute one time would have bee [...]

Originally reviewed here Dear AuthorI am monumentally relieved that the cover gods came up with a second better cover for this contemporary romance, if not a second better title It s not that the original cover was bad it s that it was so mind numbingly bad that nothing could have induced me to read it were it not for the fact that the ebook is free from most vendors and I read a handful of thoughtful, positive reviews I feel compelled to point this out right off the bat because going off the c [...]

If I could give this book a zero I probably would I ve read a lot of bad books that I know are badly written but still enjoyed at least a little, I cannot say the same for this one.There was just so many inconsistencies throughout the story, like for example the way or heroine kept harping on about being poor then half way through she states she was upper middle class and a couple of pages later she changes her mind and calls herself lower class The author clearly does not realise that there is [...]

One of the worst covers and titles I ve ever seen, but the story itself was actually pretty good.1st person POV from the heroine, typical poor smart girl meets and hates gorgeous rich boy in college With a hate like relationship 16 years later, they meet again, and circumstances have really changed.He s a quadriplegic.For me, I thought the handicap was handled well It s not the typical romance that ends with a miraculous recovery, and the very real physical body effects of being unable to move f [...]

Run, Run away This book is so wrong, it s not even funny.Why did I read it I was told that despite the terrible tittle and cover, the book was not a bad one I was also curious to see how it dealt with a disabled hero.The answer is NOT WELL First, regardless of the disabled hero theme and how that was handled, the heroine herself is annoying, self centered, closed minded and not likable at all The story really led nowhere The sex scenes where traumatizing and the ending was ridiculous ARGH This b [...]

The first 85% 4 starsFinal 15% 1 starFinal Rating 3 stars

I was going to write a lengthier review, but my growing hatred for this book just sucked the life out of me I think it s because I thought it had potential in the beginning it wasn t A writing, but it was cute and quirky and I hoped for the best But then the main character turns into a soulless, ignorant asshole We re supposed to think Luke is the asshole because he s rich and used to give her a hard time in college, but oh, he s so lucky Ellie falls in love with him despite all that She s a rea [...]

Again mixed feelings on this book Great premise, strong main characters to begin withally liked the way they reconnected after 16 years but there were some weak spots in the story The ending was abrupt and didn t resolve the main conflict in my opinion Because of language and strong sexual reference I wouldn t recommend for younger or sensitive readers.

UNIQUE HEARTWARMING SENSUAL SARCASTIC BANTER CHEMISTRY ATTRACTION.16 YEARS LATER THEY MEET AGAIN.Luke Thayer GOOD LOOKING WEALTHY COOL.Ellie Jenson NERD PLAIN INTROVERT WITTY DIALOGUE ROMANCE CHEMISTRY.Luke starts out as a cocky, intelligent show off very good looking, preppy, privileged, and into sports He s sarcastic and is constantly picking on Ellie he s attracted to her but doesn t know how to approach her because he s the Harvard Hottie and she s the Harvard Nerd EMOTIONAL TALE OF LOVE RED [...]

Frizzy haired computer nerd Ellie meets rich, golden haired Luke in their first semester at Harvard She hates how attractive he is, and the way he needles her during class Sixteen years later, they meet again when Luke buys the company Ellie works at Their attraction to each other hasn t dimmed with the years Each of them has self esteem issues Ellie still feels low class and unattractive next to Luke, and Luke is bothered that now that he s in a wheelchair he s no longer the golden god he once [...]

It might be considered an ordinary, juvenile romance from college breakup to wonderful reconciliation some years later at the story s end It is all that, just not ordinary Two angry college competitors that throw spiteful jabs at each other builds up to a split of irreconcilable differences and separate ways well past the ten year reunion time Getting to the HEA is not even thought of until Luke Thayer of Thayer Industries buys the company that Ellie Jenson worked at as a computer programmer and [...]

If you enjoyed The boy next door you HAVE to read this one.Like always, Annabelle has a way to drive you through the story and to make you feel what the characters are feeling.That s why, at the begining, I couldn t stand Luke but while the lines are flowing, I ended up loving him.Thank you Annabelle for a so nice book.

Not your typical lust at first sight romance It s a wonderful book about true love acceptance Luke s disability is depicted realistically There is no miraculous cure to the problem but the characters find a way to live happily despite it.

Actually read in 2013.

The first half was good and I like Sadie to be my neighbor.

2.5 stars.This book started off with a bad case of prologue syndrome I realize we re establishing that the two characters knew each other in college, but honestly, I could hardly get through the opening It wasn t until the present that things began to get interesting, and I think the book may have benefited by using flashbacks later rather than starting off with the faux prologue, since things got interesting in the present.However, the biggest problem I had with the book was the fact that the [...]

This book is THE most honest, best look at the life of a disabled person that I ve found, yet.Eleanor got into Harvard on brains Luke got in on his daddy s money It was hate at first sight he argued with every single thing she said, and she despised him for being rich, handsome, entitled, and for poking fun of her every chance he got Yes, he was gorgeous, but he was also rude and pompous, and she wanted NOTHING to do with him Yet he seemed to seek her out, to egg her on And once, he even came on [...]

1.7 Stars.I didn t like this book.It actually started really great, I had a good laugh and giggled a lot because the start was nicely done Ellie had a great sense of humorbut that s it Halfway, I swear I wanted to strangle her to death She gets annoyed when someone judges Luke because of his disability when she kinda did, too, at that part where she saw him crippled for the very first time And then, she feels bad for him but doesn t even console him or squeeze his shoulders or anything I mean, I [...]

4.5 stars Great writing Great story Great everything I Inhaled.It I had read some of the reviews on here before I started to read this, and was afraid I would end up with the It was okay team.Instead, I could not stop reading this little juwel It was this good One of the most realistic romance stories I have read so far I was afraid Ellie would make the wrong decision, but she came to her senses in the endAnd then relief washed over me and a weight fell of my chest.So why 4.5 stars and not 5 Wel [...]

This book made for a very nice read I have gone back to read it a few times now It is a wonderfully romantic story which combines college romance, a employer employee dimension and a disability aspect I loved how the main male character is living a productive life with a job etc but how also the author portrayed his disability The female lead was also very nicely described an independent woman getting to grips with her own feelings I look forward to reading books from the same author

Awful I liked the idea of the book and the blurb was intriguing But the writing didn t flow and everything seemed so stiff with tons of cliches added in There were multiple grammar issues, tense changes, and missing words The only thing I liked was that the author didn t sugar coat anything about being disabled But stillI got this for free on and I still wanted to get a refund.

I give the first half 3 stars and the second half of the book 2 stars The heroine became an idiot at the second half of the book.The book finished abruptly It ends at 85% Then there is a preview of another book.

I surprised myself by liking this book way than I expected I must say though that the ending felt a bit rushed but all in all a good book.

4.5 starsThis book deserves all the praises because I absolutely loved it Lately, I haven t had time to read at all, and everything I pick I just drop it, so when I started Harvard Hottie last Friday night, while I waited for my food, I wasn t expecting to enjoy it But boy oh boy did I get a great surprise, or what For starters the story was fast paced and the characters were so good I have always love stories about disable people, maybe because I always get the feels when I read about their fee [...]

I saw this book on a list of disabled main characters while I was looking up things to read for this month s diversity challenge I absolutely love stories that are loathing to love, because I m a grown ass woman So I figured I needed to read it It also helped that it was free on.So I started it And the beginning amused me Although it wasn t mutual loathing, sadly to say But hey, one sided is okay too But as I went on things just continued to bother me.Read here platypire j hooligan

I liked just the beginning, I thought the book had a good plot but then it was absolutely weird in some way I also had problems with the characters, especially with Ellie I never got why she had to remark every single time the difference between poor and rich people She was too self conscious, it was like she wanted everybody to feel sorry for her Definitely it was not what I was expecting.

A good, fast read I enjoyed reading about Ellie and Luke, especially when they were in college I felt that the older Ellie was not as headstrong as her younger self, but that eventually led to her not fighting her attraction to Luke any It was a sweet read but all the conflict resolved rather quickly and easily Still I really like this author s writing style and will definitely check out of her books.

I really wanted to like this, but it just came off as uncomfortable for me Not because the main male character was paralyzed, but just because I didn t really feel a connection between them once they were reunited Everything to me just felt awkward I thought it started out well enough, but went downhill and ended rather abruptly I m disappointed.

I loved this book and have now read it a couple of times I like the teasing friendship between Luke and Ellie and even had a lol moment with the cooking attempt The book flowed well and i felt invested in the characters.

I m not sure where I even start on this it started off good and then it just went bad after that So I will start with what I like about the book The beginning started off very strong Ellie is a freshman and Harvard and she meets Luke in a class In most books this is where Ellie would have swooned and feel in love with Luke But that is not what happened she can t stand him and things he is a pain in the ass But for Luke he like what he sees in Ellie and is willing to give a it a try but she rejec [...]

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