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How to Read a Book #(2022)

How to Read a Book

How to Read a Book

  • Title: How to Read a Book
  • Author: Kelly Ana Morey
  • ISBN: 9780958253895
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
How to Read a Book By Kelly Ana Morey,

How to Read a Book Best Download || [Kelly Ana Morey] - How to Read a Book, How to Read a Book An award winning novelist reveals the books that have captivated her and the influence they have had on her life and writing Highlighting a true love affair with books this story emphasizes the trans

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What a difference a couple of years makes I originally read this book let in one session in 2011, and enjoyed it A recent reread, however, has left me disappointed and wondering what planet I was on There is definitely no problem with listing My Friend Flicka along with Lolita and Heart of Darkness, it is good to read a wide variety of books I just got fed up with the number of part read discarded books and the long list of authors towards the end Life may be short but persevering with a book of [...]

This was a fun little book, about the books Morey reads while she s writing a book, the writing process and some snarky, but entertaining peeks at some of the book reviews she has written I may try one of her novels, but she implies some use of stream of consciousness blech , so we shall see.

I grew up reading comics in my teens and non fiction in my tweens I enjoyed both Lately on the verge of 30 I ve been giving novels ago with mixed results, sometimes fiction is a chore for me This book had some great advice on how to get out my reading experience

I just chanced on this book in the library sale, 50c well spent, worth much much I was captivated by it It is part Bio, part How to read a Book and part How Kelly writes.Very enjoyable The book came about when she was invited to vote in yet another Best 100 Books Ever Written You just know that these lists will be filled with best sellers not Best Books Ever Written Like Kelly I largely ignore best sellers, I keep my eyes pealed and ears tuned for other recomendations, like books that motivated [...]

Expected Found myself worried about the author s smoking habit than much else Perhaps I had difficulty relating to the author, had hoped for writing and reading inspiration but the constant references to chick lit lost me I believe she mentions some fantastic titles and her novels may be better but those titles were lost among the babbling.

Not much about how to read a book here Nor is there much about how to write a book It is anecdotal and mildly amusing and includes a reading diary where Morey reads very fast or abandons books after 30 pages It s a very slight memoir.

how do i read books on this

Another misleading title, come on people

Don t waste your time.

  • How to Read a Book Best Download || [Kelly Ana Morey]
    252 Kelly Ana Morey
How to Read a Book