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The Horse's Mouth #(2021)

The Horse's Mouth

The Horse's Mouth

  • Title: The Horse's Mouth
  • Author: Joyce Cary
  • ISBN: 9780060800468
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
The Horse's Mouth By Joyce Cary,

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The Horse's Mouth Best Download || [Joyce Cary] - The Horse's Mouth, The Horse s Mouth Joyce Cary wrote two trilogies or triptychs as he later preferred to call them The first comprises Herself Surprised To Be a Pilgrim and The Horse s Mouth The Horse s Mouth is a portrait of an artis

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Gulley Jimson is a starving artist in the 1930s maybe the 40s , who consistently borrows and steals money from those around him to help keep him fed and with art supplies Not only does he seem to have trouble paying anyone back but he himself seems to find his actions reasonable at all times because they are in the name of art With his constant lack of decorum and respect for other s feelings and property, Gulley manages to constantly get him self into situations of questionable legality, requir [...]

Description The Horse s Mouth, the third and most celebrated volume of Joyce Cary s First Trilogy, is perhaps the finest novel ever written about an artist Its painter hero, the charming and larcenous Gulley Jimson, has an insatiable genius for creation and a no less remarkable appetite for destruction Is he a great artist a has been or an exhausted, drunken ne er do well He is without doubt a visionary, and as he criss crosses London in search of money and inspiration the world as seen though h [...]

I ve read The Horse s Mouth about four times since I discovered it through the film adaptation written by and staring the incomparable Alec Guinness I m still baffled how a book can be so hillarious even while referencing William Blake and Spinoza all over the place I don t know how a writer goes about creating the kinds of majestic sentences and authentic characters and vivid images that fill this book I ve read a bunch of other works by Joyce Cary and had extremely varied reactions to them I m [...]

3.5 Gulley Jimson was quite a character but on the whole I felt that the humor in this book was of the sort which made me smile inwardly than the sort which make me laugh aloud Jimson indubitably was an artist but one who had gone off the rails sometime in his past I loved the way that he was always describing the sky and clouds in terms of colors shapes What I found melancholy was the fact that it seemed to me it was clear to him that his best work was behind him but he couldn t admit that to [...]

Gulley Jimson is one of the great literary creations, and as many times as I ve read this novel, Gulley still appears as unique and unpredictable as he did the first time I read it Joyce Cary s novels aren t as popular as they once were, but his First Trilogy remains a timeless masterpiece I read the series backwards, it seems, for this is the third and my favorite novel It s one of the finest descriptions of an artist and the artistic process ever written, in my opinion Oh, and as an aside, it [...]

I meet two friends every six weeks or so to discuss a particular book that the three of us have agreed to read One of the many pleasures of such an arrangement is that you are sometimes encouraged by one of the other members of the group to tackle a novel that might otherwise have passed you by I had never heard of Irish writer Joyce Cary or of his novel The Horse s Mouth before it was suggested as potential reading material by one of my book group friends I am so glad that my friend nominated i [...]

Remember I m an artist And you know what that means in a court of law Next worst to an actress Some words from the many of Gully Jimson in The Horse s Mouth.There are two English novels that may give some profound insight into the artistic mind I say may because how the hell am I supposed to know to a certainty, not being an artist myself Those two novels in question are The Horse s Mouth and The Moon and Sixpence by W Somerset Maugham You will forgive me, I am sure, if I do not include Irving S [...]

The painter Gulley Jimson is a soundrel, and no mistake He would not be judged either a good man or a success, yet he has a talent and an appetite for living.Joyce Cary s trilogy was good, better, and this, the third book, best for me At the same time, all three now beg to be read again the different points of view Sara, then Tom, then Gulley , filled in by each character s separate inclinations, prejudices and intentions, would illuminate especially Sara s story, Herself Surprised.None of the t [...]

While it might be too broad a generalization to declare a stylistic similarity amongst many mid 20th century Irish writers, Joyce Cary has a bit of Joyce and quite a bit of Flann O Brien.The Horse s Mouth is actually the third of a trilogy, though not having read the prior two parts was not remotely a problem It is set in London in the late 1930s, where a 67 year old painter who has had his share of success at various junctures in his career is now completely down and out and fresh out of a bri [...]

I loved this book it was a window into the mind of a modern artist and along with The Shock of the New it changed the way I looked at and understood modern art forever It s too long since I read it to write a proper review, I should read it again

I was walking by the Thames Half past morning on an autumn day Sun in a mist Like an orange in a fried fish shop All bright below Low tide, dusty water and a crooked bar of straw, chicken boxes, dirt and oil from mud to mud Like a viper swimming in skim milk The old serpent, symbol of nature and love Five windows light the caverned man through one he breathes the airThrough one hears music of the spheres through one can lookAnd see small portions of the eternal world The sheer beauty and the clo [...]

Amazing hence 5 Stars tour de force telling the story of the latter stages of the life career of artist painter Gulley Jimson one of the greatest individual literary creations I ve ever come across oOHe is a proper artist seeing everything in terms of his artistic temperament obsessed material matters such as money for food clothes lodgings etc being of minor importance inconvenience personal relationships similarly take a back seat Consequently his life is a continuous switch back rollercoaster [...]

I found this novel both brilliant and boring The brilliance appears in flashes throughout The narrator is an original character, low and high all at once, completely incorrigible, much like Roth s Mickey Sabbath or vice versa Cary also uses language marvelously I don t know if it s a matter of Cary s style being copied so much, but after a while the prose, the observations, the personality come to seem relentless than brilliant And pretentious, as well I wanted a respite from the wild lyricism [...]

I have read this but I ought to reread it since ALL that I remember is I liked it a lot Why I do not remember I remember it being humorous.

This is Tom Robbin s favorite book Thought it worth reading for that alone I had to order an old copy from somewhere in the midwest cause I couldn t find it around here We ll see.

3.5 StarsThe story of the last days of the artist Gully Jimson is by turns comedic and long winded, sometimes pell mell, and sometimes a bit shocking, at least by today s standards Long sections held me pretty well entranced, while the beginning took a while for me to get into, and the ending seemed to last and last and last The Horse s Mouth appears on the Guardian s list of 1000 Novels Everyone Must Read, and it has also been re issued under the NYRB imprint, so obviously it hasn t been forgot [...]

School assignment way back when

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As an artist author I am very interested in books about artists acts of creation There are a lot of books written by lovers of art who describe the act of painting, but don t capture what is going on in the artist s heart and soul during the act of painting Joyce Cary captured it in The Horse s Mouth and captured it as well as in any other book that I know of.I believe he was able to do this because he was an artist who tried to make a go of it in Paris in his early years Realizing he didn t hav [...]

The flow of descriptive language on display here is overwhelming The main character of the novel is an artist, and as if that weren t bad enough, a modern artist, as he, Gully Jimson, might say The prose describing the art and importantly the thought behind the art is staggeringly beautiful Yes I was mentally staggering around my living room as I read passages like this one on a sunset, Under the cloudbank Sun was in the bank Streak of salmon below Salmon trout above soaking into wash blue Rive [...]

To blatantly namedrop, Tom Robbins suggested I read this as I had mentioned that I was reading An Artists Way of which he had not heard He said the best book he had ever read of the artistic temperament was The Horse s Mouth, now if Mr Robbins suggests one reads a book one does I ordered it straight away It is a great tale of the trials of Gulley Jimson, who discovered, rather late on in life, that his role was to be a painter, he had tried to rebel against this family trait but to no avail and [...]

What a romp this book is I m sure it s not to everyone s taste, but I had to give it five stars It made me laugh it sometimes annoyed and sometimes bored me, but it got under my skin As a painter I was with the old scoundrel, the ageing artist Gully Jimson, all the way All the world was a painting to him and I know what it is like to lose the thread of a conversation because I m thinking of what color I would use or how I would paint the person or the sky or the scene I m looking at He was a cro [...]

Seemed like serendipity that I randomly chose this book from my shelf at the same time as listening to John Updike s Seek My Face Both books deal with art and the relationship between the artist and philosophy The main character in this book is Gully Jimson, a well educated man who sees himself as an artistic genius but lives on the fringe of society and his real talent appears to be as a con man.The descriptions of world as he sees it are what makes this book special n I got the feeling of this [...]

If you haven t met Gulley Jimson, you haven t lived He s everything He s wastrel and a workaholic, a genius and a simpleton Nobody but Cary could describe him right, so I won t try But for Pete s sake, put down that poor excuse for a book you ve got in your hand, and get The Horse s Mouth You ll be inspired and disgusted, you ll shake your head in puzzlement and you ll vow to do something a little empassioned with your life For anyone who gets a bang out of artists, this book is for you.

I ve enjoyed what I ve read of this book I ve read the first third of it, which gives me a good idea what it s about and about the writing style I m having some problems with the print size, even though I m reading online, so I ve decided to give the rest of the book a miss I remember my parents having this book on the bookshelf when I was quite a young child, so it s quite a nice link to them to get a chance to read it I remember as a child that I was fascinated by the title

Had to read this for a Modern Novel class back in 1969 Of all the books I read for the course, this was the my least favorite Since it was up against the likes of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man , Sons and Lovers , The Magus , Trout Fishing in America , A Passage to India , and The Voyeur , it suffered perhaps unfairly in comparison.

I love this book My third time reading it And this time I read it with a painter friend of mine, who reminds me a bit of Gulley Jimson actually Like Gulley, my friend paints because he has to, is compelled to, if he hasn t got a paint brush in his hand, he s still painting in his mind A beautiful, powerfully moving, very funny, utterly original book about art and the artist.

happiness in the face of despairing circumstances.nity of genius

read this one in a lit class, yay, all those years ago i don t recall being blown away, nor do i recall having to plod through itbut reading under a deadline is never great shakes.

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The Horse's Mouth