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The Loch Mess Monster #(2021)

The Loch Mess Monster

The Loch Mess Monster

  • Title: The Loch Mess Monster
  • Author: Helen Lester Lynn Munsinger
  • ISBN: 9780544099906
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover
The Loch Mess Monster By Helen Lester Lynn Munsinger,

↠ The Loch Mess Monster ↠ Helen Lester Lynn Munsinger - The Loch Mess Monster, The Loch Mess Monster Ever since Angus was a wee baby monster living below the surface of Loch Ness his parents tried to teach him to be a proper monster But as Angus grows bigger he gets sloppy Puggy nit shells peanuts

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My 6 year old enjoyed the book, and hearing some Scottish vocabulary It was a bit to get through but I am raising a reader so it was worth it This is a great book to help re enforce keeping rooms clean and manners It also touches on when children get older what we parents have taught them gets forgotten sometimes With boundaries and lessons, children will remember rules given.

Funny book

In Scotland, there is a legend of a monster that lives at the bottom of a lake, but it turns out that the legend is false there are actually three monsters Angus, the little monster, has always been taught the Five Basic Monster Rules, but even though he is well behaved, he makes huge messes and doesn t pay attention to rule number two always pick up after yourself Until he does, his parents tell him that he needs to stay in his room so he can keep his mess in there His pile of stuff on the bed [...]

My review for the San Francisco Book Review If you thought there was a monster in the Loch Ness, you would be wrong There is not a monster, but three Deep in the Loch, Nessie and her husband Fergus, and their wee laddie, Angus, live Monster rules need to be followed, and Angus needs to learn them The most important rule of all is to never, ever go up to the surface of the Loch Angus is a pretty good little monster and follows most of the rules but isn t good about picking up He has to stay in hi [...]

The dynamic duo of Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger are back with their newest collaboration about a baby monster named Angus, who grows up to be a messy boy, in this tongue in cheek Loch Ness Monster tale Angus is given 5 basic monster rules from his parents the most of important of which is to never, ever go up to the surface of the loch Of course, Angus ever growing pile of trash eventually pushes him to the top of the loch where he is spotted by three friends who had been waiting patiently fo [...]

The Loch Mess Monster has a glossary of Scottish terms in order of appearance before the story It is needed Trust me Unless you happen to know that hummie doddies are mittens or that puggy nits are peanuts The story will make sense if you familiarize yourself with the vocabulary The Loch Mess Monster is a book about being messy, too messy It is a book about how one should clean up after himself, to put things back where they belong Angus is the mess maker His messy room is out of control Some o [...]

I like Helen Lester books starting with my favorite of several years back Wodney Wat Kids love the Loch Ness monster myth and so this book will engage them immediately Angus the little monster is a character kids will relate to as he is just a mess and because of it gets himself in danger of being discovered The illustrations are zany and fit the mood of the story and the characters The 5 rules of being a monster set up the premise for the problems that Angus brings upon himself Illustrations ar [...]

I have a little boy in mind who would love this book While it s not the most creative story ever a little monster gets messier and messier as he gets bigger and bigger, until his parents ground him to his room, where he gets even messier until his mess hits peak level, view spoiler he meets terrifying land monsters, and he scrambles to become a clean little monster hide spoiler , it is pretty cute While it s not quite of the same caliber, children who are addicted to monster books like The Gruff [...]

Such good stuff This is a story about the Loch Ness family, especially their son Angus and his ability to make messes There are lots of cute nods to the Loch Ness mythology and Scottish words are strewn throughout For anyone interested in the Loch Ness Monster or Scottish culture, this is a must There s also the point that the book emphasizes both the importance of cleaning as well as the importance that kids will be kids I loved it.

The Loch Ness doesn t have just one monster, but three A family of them The youngest is such a mess that his parents send him to his room until he can clean up his act He doesn t for a long, long time and as his messy room fills up, he comes closer and closer to the surface of the lake One morning he awakes and see three dreadful monsters on the shore of the lake and decides to change his messy ways.Cute illustrations.

This is a fun addition to the fantasy monster genre The author uses some Scottish dialect in the story but offers a quick glossary at the beginning of the book Nessie and Fergus are monsters living in Loch Ness with their wee laddie, Angus, who is a very messy Nessy I think parents and kids would love reading this book together especially if parents can put on a bit of a Scottish accent

Genre Easy Fantasy I love Helen Lester and all of her Tacky Books So I knew that I would love the Loch Mess Monster THis book is about a cute under the water family of Nessys who s little one, Angus is very messy and doesn t follow the Monster Rules His mess gets so big that he breaks monster rule 1 never go to the surface of the loch What ensues makes Angus clean up his act.

This books is pretty good Having been to Loch Ness, this brings back a lot of fond memories It is also a cute way to talk about being tidy I speak what I thought was Fluent Scottish but some of the words I didn t know Thank goodness for the glossary in the front of the book or I would still be scratching my head about what a hummie doddies mittens were or peelie wallie sick

While this book was a little long for the younger set you could get through it in two sittings It s cute and carries a good lesson about why monsters should clean their room While I don t think the child will make a personal connection with why they should clean their room I do think it s worth reading.

Some of my students had heard of the Lochness Monster, so they thought the title was pretty humorous.The scottish influence on the words were puzzling, but good fodder for discussion The book has a glossary of Scottish terms It also has an epilogue way to introduce those vocabulary words.They thought the little monster was pretty cute.Fun story

What I especially liked about this book was the connection to Scottish culture in the writing particularly in the accents that are used in this book It s a good lesson about cleaning up, and fun for people who are into Scottish lore It is a longer book and the text is a bit small for my liking, but overall it is a good one.

My boys ages 6 and 2 loved the story and the glossary of Scottish terms was fun My boys had fun coming up with ways to use these new words, hummie doddies being their favorite I do wish however that the flow of the book was better.

I love it Wee Angus is a Scottish monster after my ane own heart Illustrations are bright and emotive The story is easy to follow and clear, and the repetive prose keeps the story moving Highly recommend it.

This book was cute and it definitely had a good moral I liked the illustrations as well A little long for smaller kids to read, so probably would not include it in a normal story time routine.

Wonderful story about the Loch Ness Monsters and how the youngest one s mess led him to the scare of his life I really enjoyed the Scottish words thrown in as well.Good for preschool storytimes.

The Loch Mess Monster is a fun read aloud to share with young readers featuring an untidy little monster and the curious lengths his parents go to force him to rethink his disorganized ways The forward has a glossary of Scottish terms that are used throughout the story.

A cute story about a wee loch ness monster who is anything but tidy no matter how hard his parents try I loved the illustrations than the actual story I was being reminded of Where the Wild Things Are while reading it I found the illustrations to be better than my liking of the story.

This wee laddie gets peelie wallie of his grottie bedroom after he breaks Rule 1 of the Five Basic Monster Rules Even so after he sees what lives above the surface of the loch Best not to go around leavin messes every place, Wee Angus A great bedtime book

Very wordy

Fun language fun read aloud.

My kids 6 3 both loved this book.

Cute story about the Loch Ness Monsters, two parents and a child The parents are trying to keep their kid from being so messy, but he is the Loch Mess Monster.

I always enjoy a book about Scotland, and simply adore Lynn Munsinger s art.


Cute book about the Loch Ness Monsters The little Monster is MESSY And has to learn to keep clean.

  • ↠ The Loch Mess Monster ↠ Helen Lester Lynn Munsinger
    340 Helen Lester Lynn Munsinger
The Loch Mess Monster