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Who Was Frida Kahlo? #(2022)

Who Was Frida Kahlo?

Who Was Frida Kahlo?

  • Title: Who Was Frida Kahlo?
  • Author: Sarah Fabiny Jerry Hoare
  • ISBN: 9780448479385
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
Who Was Frida Kahlo? By Sarah Fabiny Jerry Hoare,

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[PDF] Unlimited º Who Was Frida Kahlo? : by Sarah Fabiny Jerry Hoare - Who Was Frida Kahlo?, Who Was Frida Kahlo You can always recognize a painting by Kahlo because she is in nearly all with her black braided hair and colorful Mexican outfits A brave woman who was an invalid most of her life she transformed he

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I honestly checked out this book from the library thinking it was a biography of the artist for grownups, but it is, in fact, a short book for children This sweet, highly sanitized bio of Khalo is high comedy for anyone who knows anything about the artist s life she was no saint, and her relationship with her partner was not as tidy and special as depicted in this book That said, it is a gentle, kind way to introduce children to the Frida Kahlo, but make sure they read a REAL biography later

Who Was Frida Kahlo by Sarah Fabiny is a wonderful book and I learned so much I didn t know I didn t realized what a painful, physically , her life had been and why I didn t study her at all in school or in college so this was all new to me I just knew her art because I am an art nut but I knew about some of the great artist that I liked and her art didn t strike me so I never looked her history up Wow, what a history Wonderful info and great illustrations I got this book from the library.

This is a tame biography of Frida Kahlo, but does the job I wanted to read one of the books in this series because they are quite popular I found it a bit dry, but thought they did a fairly good job of showing who Frida was.I appreciated the addition of historical background materials in between the narrative Young readers will benefit from the help building context.

I like how Frida Kahlo was a painter and was proud of her country, Mexico She wore flowers in her hair and she wore traditional Mexican clothing I also think it is cool that even though she was hurt, she still painted I really really love the Who Was books.

Who was Frida Kahlo by Sarah Fabiny is a biography about famous artist, Frida Kahlo The book is intended for readers age 8 12 The book details the early years when she contracted polio, the terrible accident that caused her pain for the rest of her life, her family and culture that cultivated her outspoken manner, her hidden talents as an artist, her noteworthy art work and the love of her life, Diego Rivera, also a well known artist of their time I gave the book a 4 star rating because of the i [...]

BIOGRAPHY This book is about the life of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist, who despite many obstacles still managed to persevere and become one of the most famous female artists of all time Frida Kahlo was struck with polio and then twelve years later she was in a bus accident that almost took her life While having to lay in bed for almost a year, Kahlo started to paint Within the two years after her accident, Kahlo painted over twenty four pictures Her work consisted of many self portraits and wer [...]

Decmber Who was Frida Kahlo Sarah Fabiny The book Who was Frida Kahlo is about Frida Kahlo and her lifetime Frida was very smart, and wanted to become a doctor Frida studied all the time, but didn t always make wise decisions When Frida Kahlo was still young something terrible happened to her that changer her whole life Frida Kahlo grew up dreaming to be a doctor but became a famouse artist I believe that one themes of this book is to never lose hope In the book something prevented Frida from do [...]

Who was Frida Kahlo by Sarah Fabiny is about a Hispanic girl and she wishes to be a doctor when she grows up and when she was six years old she got the disease called polio and since then that is that is when she figured out that she is a very good artist and that was what she wanted to do with her life like her father But one day when she was riding a bus home and crashed in a metal arm from one of the seats went through Fritos body and she was hospitalized for a very long time I like this book [...]

Who Was Frida Kahlo by Sarah Fabiny is a book about the life of the famous artist Frida Kahlo It showed all of the struggles she had to deal with and still managed to be a succesful artist.I liked this book because I had never heard about her before but learned a lot about her after reading this I enjoyed learning about all the things she overcame.I would recommend this book to 5th to 8th graders If you like art you will like this book If you like other Who Was books then you will like this one [...]

These books are flying off the shelves at work, so I had to try one I chose Frida because I like her paintings and her feelings A fun and easy biography for elementary school kids Reading other comments on this one makes me feel like noting these are for early chapter book readers They re little They can get into depth and nuance when they re a little older Speaking of which, are there any middle grade biography series that have this level of appeal

I have never heard of her until I read this book Now that I have read it I think it was an amazing book She was a great painter She painted her feelings and made great artwork I liked how she painted and what she painted For example once she made one with Mexico and with her pretty flowers and then with the U.S And the industry That s why I liked this book.

These books are so great My 9 year old read this to me I love that they take on explaining complicated figures, and framing what their role in history is Now he can identify her image, and her art Just so great.

It was ok She got in a bus accident at age 18 and it took nine months to recover She broke a lot of bones Then she also at age 6 she came down with polio She managed to get through that, but her leg was left weak for the rest of life.

My daughter 7, almost 8 picked this book out after we had talked one day about various artists, including Frida Kahlo I read it to her, although I think she could have read most of it on her own She really enjoyed learning about Frida and all the pictures in the book.

Embarrassed that I knew little about Frida minus her uni brow and that her face is tatto d on my friend s shoulderis a quick 3rd 5th grade worthy biography series that always gives you the basic facts.

Daughter just started Kinder so this might be a bit early for her but I m a fan of Frida s work so wanted to introduce my daughter to this artists early She really like the book, asked a ton of questions and we watch bit of the movie too Plan to follow up with crafts and art projects too.

Read this today with my daughter Perfect level for her kept her attention the whole time.

The book is really great I never heard Frida Kahlo before in my country , and by reading this book, I became to know her normal life as well.

per Brooke My favorite part about this book was that she loved the beauty of Mexico and that she expressed her feelings in her paintings.

Alright read.

The most melancholy artist I ve ever seen Her life was full of despair and pain I also went to her art exhibition that gave me a weird thought about how I could die painfully like Frida Kahlo.

Short, sweet, and simple overview of Frida s life

Love this series Interesting last I didn t know anything about.

I Liked it

this was easy to read.

good summary of frida s life, but I feel like even if it was meant for kids, this book oversimplified major aspects of her life, and left some of them out completely, namely frida being openly bisexual and wanting to look masculine on purpose the book made it seem like frida was acting masculine because her marriage had fallen apart, but that is false I feel like this was kind of life the page for frida simplied into a child s language and picture heavy would recommend to those who are just t [...]

I ve been a fan of Frida Kahlo s weird paintings since I first learned about her back in high school I even had the opportunity to see an exhibit in Atlanta featuring Frida and Diego s art This book is a nice introduction to her and her work for students As is always true with the Who Was Is Series, the sidebars are just as valuable as the books themselves The sidebars in this book cover the Mexican Revolution, The Great Depression, Surrealism, and other topics.


I like that she was an artist, like me

BiographyFabiny, Sarah and Jerry Hoare, ill Who Was Frida Kahlo New York Grosslat and Dunlap, 2013 Summary This book traces the life and artistic work and legacy of Mexican Frida Kahlo Who Was Frida Kahlo details the artist s upbringing in Mexico, her penchant for defying the dominant gender roles of the early twentieth century, the after effects of a debilitating accident on her life and vocation, and her marriage to her former teacher, Diego Rivera Critical Response Review The content and layo [...]

  • [PDF] Unlimited º Who Was Frida Kahlo? : by Sarah Fabiny Jerry Hoare
    335 Sarah Fabiny Jerry Hoare
Who Was Frida Kahlo?