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Odyssey #(2022)



  • Title: Odyssey
  • Author: Walter Mosley
  • ISBN: 9780345804457
  • Page: 190
  • Format: ebook
Odyssey By Walter Mosley,

[PDF] Read ✓ Odyssey : by Walter Mosley - Odyssey, Odyssey In this gripping and provocative eBook original novel celebrated bestselling author Walter Mosley explores the mind of an African American man who is forced to re examine his most closely held beliefs

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If odyssey is defined by a long and eventful journey, then this novel is aptly titled The adventure here belongs to Sovereign James, a HR manager who has been implementing a secret social engineering project designed to empower Black people to the point where they can take over the company The novel opens with Sovereign meeting with a psychiatrist, because he has suffered from hysterical blindness There is no apparent physical component to this, but for the past 9 weeks, Sovereign hasn t been ab [...]

How often do we see our life reflected in a character How much of our own life do we ever see in another mans story I think that is what I respect most about Walter Mosley s stories, their capture and portrayal of real life conflicts and struggles Especially the internal ones Odyssey uses blindness to help us see, distance to define desire, and the past to illustrate the present all presented with grim honesty, whit, and some surprise Well worth the time to read it.

I enjoy all of Walter Mosley s books and this one was no exception As in all of his other books the male characters are very well developed but the female characters are not In this case a young woman was one of the main characters and we don t know much about her background or what motivates her to do what she does.

Downloaded for a couple of bucks, worth the price of a hardback What is blindness that is the philosophical essence of this novel Plus it had me hooked from the dedication page Jean Bethke Elshtain was a Larimer County, Colorado gal who made it big time as an ethicist She died just last August.

Another excellent Walter Mosley novel This one is neither in the mystery or science fiction genre It is a story of a middle age man coming to terms with his life and the choices he made I enjoyed it immensely.

Interesting,but took much to long to get through It s ironic that we see and understand when you can t see at all The characters were needy and could t see what was right before their eyes It was a thought provoking story with a big revelation at the end.

Finishing this book was torture, but by the time I realized it, I was too invested to give up.

Always love Walter Mosley s writing Great storyline, excellent, tight writing and a nice dose of philosophy thrown in.

I ve enjoyed other books by Walter Mosley This one was not for me Abandoned.

Love Walter Mosley and this character I wold love for him to do a book about Drum Eddie Sovereign was an interesting character but his brother would make a better read

This was fairly entertaining reading but I really have come to expect from Walter Mosley.

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Odyssey : by Walter Mosley
    190 Walter Mosley