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The Letter #(2021)

The Letter

The Letter

  • Title: The Letter
  • Author: Sandra Owens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Letter By Sandra Owens,

The Letter Best Read || [Sandra Owens] - The Letter, The Letter THE LETTER is a story of a betrayal that wasn t Even so it still tore two lovers apart for eleven years Michael Jeffres Earl of Daventry found his betrothed the woman who meant as much to him as t

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In the interests of full disclosure, I received a copy of this book from the author with no strings attached It is my personal choice to write this review and these are my honest thoughts about the book THIS BOOK WAS JUST AMAZING SO HEARTBREAKING YET SO UPLIFTING I found myself totally engrossed in the story and just couldn t put it down It was so compelling and so rewarding I found myself experiencing so many emotions revulsion, hatred, sorrow, hope, laughter and joy This story touched me deepl [...]

I wanted to really like this book The abused woman finding her previous love trope is one of my favorites and there is no doubt the book is well written, I just could not make myself like the H enough to overcome my sense of disappointment with the book The basic premise is that the H Michael and h Diana were engaged to be married 11 years earlier Then Diana is found in bed with Michael s cousin Michael freaks out, breaks the engagement and Diana is forced to marry Leo 11 years later it is disco [...]

Not sure where I picked this up, I suspect it was a kindle freebie In any case, having recently started wandering around in historical romancelandia with somewhat hit and miss results , and since it had such rave reviews, I gave it a read Good grief do I regret that This book opens with a letter from a villain clearly twirling his mustache and cackling to himself in glee to the supposed hero, detailing a decade of abuse heaped upon the woman the hero was to have married and her child It does not [...]

I heard about this book from Grace Burrowes, and would have gotten it on her word alone, but I thought to sample a couple of paragraphs from , just to get a feel of the story What I got was a kick in my solar plexus as the novel opens up with the letter in question.Most stories are structured in three parts, with a climax at the end This story had its climax right at front, and with it made you want to demand to know what in the hell happened and how the hell is our hero going to make it all rig [...]

I stayed up way past my usual bedtime two nights in a row to finish this book Ms Owen superbly engages the readers emotions from the moment they read The Letter until the closing page What s not to love about Diana, the terribly wronged heroine Though she s endured unspeakable horrors, her intrinsic decency and gentleness is never tainted She finds a core of strength to continue on and her love and devotion to her son are deeply touching I loved Michael He admits, from page one, he s been an don [...]

I don t even know what to sayhonestly, this story shocked the hell out of me I had read a review about it a rave review, mind you and thought it sounded like a story I would like I was wrong I didnt just like it, I LOVED this tale Extremely romantic and heart wrenching It even had just the right amount of humor to have you laughing and lightening the sometimes deeply saddening parts I do hope that this author comes out with historical romances because I devoured this story.

Michael Jeffres, The Earl of Daventry, reads The Letter and finds that his cousin had played a cruel deception on him and his intended bride on the eve of their wedding He is frantic to find out if he has a son that he has not known about for eleven years who has been completely under the thumb of his evil cousin Diana, raised a lady as the daughter of a marquess, is forced to marry the cousin and begins a lifetime of cruelty and abuse in his household From the grave, the cousin reduces her to p [...]

I have been a romance reader for well over 40 years And like other long time readers when you discover an author you have not read you buy one book to see if they are any good Imagine my excitement in finding a wonderful gifted author The Letter is the first book I have read by author Sandra Owens The novel The Letter is a story of first love, betrayal, evil and surviving In the first chapters you meet Diana and her ten year old son, James She is barely surviving a harsh life in a baron one room [...]

Posted on What I m ReadingLast night, I started The Letter by Sandra Owens When I started the story, I was getting ready for bed and thought this would relax me Let me just say, don t start this if you plan to go to sleep soon, because you will find yourself not wanting to put the story down Which happen to be my case By three I was thinking I need to stop, because I need sleep However, I craved to finish the story, I started Seriously, The Letter is a heart wrenching story about two lovers who [...]

From the synopsis, I expected a book that was deeper and heart felt than the average regency romance, but I had not expected one that was filled with such warmth, humanity, realism, and humor Great story, great characters, wish I could give it a 6th star just for Peggy I so crazy loved this book that I don t even know how to begin to explain why, so I am glad there are enough other well written 5 star reviews to say see them This is also the kind of book that will make the next few books I read [...]

The Letter is a period drama which tells the tragic story of two lovers, Diana and Michael, who are torn apart by the deceit of Michael s evil and jealous cousin Leo The night before their wedding, Leo publically fakes an intimate moment with Diana, disgracing her so that she is forced to marry him instead of Michael, leading to eleven years of psychological and physical abuse for Diana at the hands of her callous husband A year after Leo s death, Michael receives a letter from Leo explaining hi [...]

I got The Letter as a gift Author, Sandra Owens s debut book And the first regency I ve read by her All I can say is WOW Talk about emotional I cried than once for Diana Poor Diana I can t imagine what she went through And the hero, Michael Le Sigh I absolutely adored his humor This guy is so fun I think he probably has the best humor of any book hero I have yet to read I loved how kind, patient and understanding he was with Diana I adored every time he spoke French and called her, Myana So sex [...]

Gather all the sappy romancia cliches you can imagine and mutliply that by 100 and you ll still fall short of doing justice to the ridiculousness of this book No sense or rather an active anti historical anti sense of time or place, of class and gender relations not even a smidgen of a smidgen, just to get verisimilitude going Nothing at all A bland, awfully, excruciatingly and unbearably intrusive contemporary voice or should that be shrill for its contemporary waffle projected upon an empty wa [...]

Wow, what a way to gather all the angsty, soup operish elements together and put it in the middle of the Regency time story without any sense of place, history, man woman, lord servant relationships of the times Based on all these positive reviews, I thought this would be me my kind of book second chance romance, abused heroine overcoming her past, etc Unfortunately, the book was another wallpaper historical Well, another author to avoid.

Wow.Just Freaking Wow.I do not know if I can praise this book highly enough I do not remember the last time a book was able to inspire so many emotions from me grief, rage, happiness And triumph Yes, this is a romance novel, but it is so much It is the story of the ability of the human spirit being able to climb from hell to heaven, for good to triumph over evil Diana was amazing To have been brutalized so thoroughly and still have the will to live, and not just live, but to live joyfully is in [...]

Let s start with why the 4 stars and not 5 Let me first clarify that when I rate a book.I rate it in comparison to others of the same genres unfair to pit a regency romance like this against Tolstoy s War and Peace, that being said I rated this book 4 stars because of the way it began The book started too strategically for my taste The author knew what would grab the audience s attention instantly and planned her moves accordingly This was a smart move for a new author.but felt too cold for a ro [...]

I loved this book, from the first page where you read the vile letter sent from the now deceased Baron til the HEA ending I would not change a page of this book, I cried as the story unfolded of the unimaginable abuse the heroine has suffered and again when the hero discovers each and every sin that was committed against her You watch her turn from the horrifically battered widow back into the woman he fell in love with and watch the hero fall in love with her son there were so many special mome [...]

OMG This one reminded me of Downton Abby, my favorite show All of these Earl s, Barron s, Ladies and Duchess.Wonderful The book started with The Letter , which I thought was Brilliant What a shocking scandal for 1814 This is a story about the age old tale of jealousy but the lengths that one man took to ruin another s life was unbelievable Michael and Diana had everything and were about to be married when Leo, Michael s first cousin, played the ultimate trick on the whole family Leo ended up mar [...]

it s been a long time since I ve read a historical romance and I m so glad I did this one It is amazing.

About the Story When Michael Jefferes, Earl of Daventry read the letter he could not control his rage How had he been played so thoroughly with such devastating results for himself, but particularly Diana, his ex fianc e and love of his youth A man of action, he set wheels in motion to find her.Diana, the only daughter of a marquess, had lost her will to live except for her son, James She was glad that Leo, Baron Brantley, her husband, had died, but the pain he inflicted on her body and soul rem [...]

The Letter by Sandra Owens grabbed my attention from page one and never let up My heart was broken from all the pain that Michael and Diana had been through over the past ten years and watching the struggle the two went through to reclaim the love they had once had.Ten years earlier, Michael s beloved fianc e and cousin, were found in bed together With his heart and trust destroyed, Michael left and never looked back Despite proclaiming her innocence, Diana was forced to marry Leo and the next t [...]

Find this review and at Lusty Penguin Reviews Beautifully written with lush details, The Letter by Sandra Owens is a captivating historical romance set in England in the 1800s The Letter begins with a bang by enticing readers with a hate filled and malicious piece of correspondence written by a character they can t help but hate even though he is dead, Leo Standish, Baron Brantley.Widow Lady Diana Brantley was physically and mentally abused during her marriage to Leo A year after his death, Dia [...]

Wonderful, Wonderful Read Review to come soon From the first paragraph of The Letter you are drawn and cannot put it down I spent a lovely summer Sunday reading this compelling historical romance.The story opens with a powerful letter to Michael Jeffres, Earl of Daventry from his deceased cousin Leo This is not a letter from the grave expressing how much Leo will miss his cousin but a letter expressing triumph as he took the one woman who Michael ever loved and destroyed her beyond measure, for [...]

This book started out really strong I really loved the first half where Michael and Diana found out what happened all those years ago Maybe I should have finished the book right away but I lost interest after it became evident that Michael pretty much already decided what he was going to do with Diana He wanted to marry her, of course, to make up for lost times And Diana naturally had her reservations about just everything Not that she did not love Michael, just after what she had been through, [...]

Such a great story that 5 stars doesn t seem like enough A letter filled with hate but truth sent from a vicious cousin to the Earl of Daventry sets the stage for this amazing journey of regret, fear, mistrust, doubt, patience, healing and love All of these emotions are expertly crafted so I experienced them along with Michael, Earl of Daventry and Lady Diana Brantley The harm done by the horrible cousin to Michael and Diana seems too devastating and the healing insurmountable But, what they fel [...]

The Letter is a fantastically addictive Regency romance It s a wonderful story that begins with a letter sent from beyond the grave to turn the worlds of both Michael and Diana upside down The undercurrents of trauma and recovery is wonderfully woven within the story of a love regained Michael and Diana are the quintessential couple She must regain who she once was after a horrifically abusive marriage that, if it weren t for the trickery of Michael s cousin Leo, she wouldn t ever have been in I [...]

Clever start with the letter coming to Michael from his cousin after the cousin died It is a nasty letter in which Michael learns how the cousin managed to steal Michael s fiancee from him ten years ago This prompts Michael to find his former fiance, Diana, and the son that could be Michael s As the story continues we learn the horrors Diana faced at the hand of the evil cousin It is heartbreaking to read what she went through And I love that she doesn t just fall for Michael and that erases all [...]

The early pages of this novel had me imagining what it would be like to have my future set before me a happy, peaceful one only to have it ripped away by a madman who was bent on destroying my body, heart and soul.This is what happened to Diana, who was set to marry Michael two souls who loved each other deeply with a love that would transcend time and circumstance After numerous years, the two came face to face because of a letter left behind, a letter written by a madman but there were scars f [...]

This was one emotional read The story definitely pulls at your heart strings and weaves in so many emotions from sadness, regret, betrayal, forgiveness, tenderness and joy to provide a bitter sweet love story.I liked the fact that the story began with the letter and stayed in the present, leaving you to learn the details of the past from conversations and Diana s memories I was surprised that Diana did not feel anger about what happened to her and towards Michael I was expecting her to be angr [...]

I had no preconceptions about this book before reading it and honestly can t remember how it came to be on my Kindle But am I ever glad it was I absolutely loved it It has just the right mix of sweet sexy, with a dash of humor here there Michael Daventry has solidified a spot on my favorite book boyfriends list.

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The Letter