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Sebastian Falls #(2021)

Sebastian Falls

Sebastian Falls

  • Title: Sebastian Falls
  • Author: Celeste Holloway
  • ISBN: 9781939865427
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
Sebastian Falls By Celeste Holloway,

Ç Sebastian Falls Ü Celeste Holloway - Sebastian Falls, Sebastian Falls She s the reason the devil never sleeps A year after her parents death seventeen year old Meadow Parker is close to having a grave of her own Beyond her shrink s false diagnosis of PTSD there s no

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Extended review available on Mina s Bookshelf minadecaro 2013 0SEBASTIAN FALLS by Celeste Holloway Meyer s Twilight Saga Meets Trussoni s AngelologyI ll start this review with a short cautionary tale I was preparing dinner while reading the closing chapters of Celeste Holloways debut novel last nightwell, those delicious spaghetti alla bolognese never made it to the table Burned, completely forgotten on the stoves, my kitchen enveloped in a pall of smoke I got carried away, completely distracted [...]

I absolutely love love loved this book It s definitely one of my favorites for all time I could not stop reading once I got started It s so addicting to read with all the witty, funny, dark and mysterious characters Just amazing It s a good plot twist and definitely makes you think There are so many twists and turns that you are constantly guessing what s coming next It s religious in a way, but not pushy which is great for people who don t want that preachy stuff I really love the pace of the b [...]

I loved this book I could hardly even put it down You will love this book I know I m in love with it and can t wait for the next one to come out This book has a nice variety of words and the story has a nice set up I had to stay up all night when I got it to finish it It s that good

The first paragraph of this book is pure awesomeness Very few books have hooked me from the very first sentence But this did This whole book is wonderfully written, in fact The plot is unique, suspenseful, and fast paced Twenty five pages in I was sitting in my bed thinking, Oh my gosh, it s going to be a book version of Evil Dead It wasn t Which I had just watched the night before with my cousin The writing was just so descriptive and awesomely creepy, it managed to make me freak myself out Des [...]

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION s Pack Alpha Michelle L Olson eARC received from the Publisher in exchange for an honest reviewMy first thoughts upon finishing this book were Another review book that completely took me by surprise and knocked my socks off Sebastian Falls was a unique and highly imaginative tale, set in a well built world with relatable characters Created with a biblical undertone, it kept you thinking as a reader, not only because there were numerous twists and turns and plenty [...]

I loved this book on so many levels The characters are good the story is unique and the setting makes the imagination hum All that goodness aside, this book touched me at a spiritual level also I won t give away the plot But I will say this is the kind of story that keeps you actively discussing and considering the what ifs from the central theme of the story If our maker gives us talents, but also trusts us with free will, what path would we choose What if Hitler s charisma was used for good an [...]

Amazing book It definitely made me stop and think about things I loved the fast pace and the interesting characters It was very hard to put this book down, and sometimes I didn t, which I regretted the next morning in my classroom Celeste Holloway did an outstanding job

Love love love this book Started reading it yesterday , less than a day later done Could not put it down Superb on so many levels I can t wait for the next one Fantastic writer Will recommend this book to everyone Great job Celeste.

I love this book, I m still reading it at this time It s starts out a little slow but man it picks up speed in a hurry It s good to read a good Christian book for a change It s worth reading on all levels.

One of the best I ve read in awhile, it kept me on edge waiting to turn the page.

Amazingly good when it comes to good vs evil So many good Bible references Celeste did was able to portray what happens all around us, but made it into a fiction novel May good always prevail

Read this review on my blog takeawalkonthewriteside 2013 09 review sebastian fallsml I received a free ecopy of this book from the author through the Group YAholics Anonymous in exchange for an honest review Actual Rating 3.5 starsCeleste Holloway had a lot of interesting ideas for the plot and the world building of her debut novel, Sebastian Falls a river that defies gravity in a way that would make Elphaba weep from envy, Eden as a school for angels in training and evil makeovers from hell oh, [...]

I received a free e copy of this book from the author via International Girls YA Book Club I loved this book From beginning to end An epic battle of good vs evil with one confused teen thrown in the middle Meadow Parker is a snarky, sarcastic 17 year old girl One year ago she lost both of her parents and she now lives with her grandparents Meadow used to be a regular, healthy, neat freak teen but her health is steadily decreasing She wakes up each morning with new cuts and bruises, her hair is f [...]

I received a free ecopy of this book from the author through the YAholics Anonymous Club in exchange for an honest review This book overall was great At first I wasn t sure if I was going to like it The beginning of the book left me with a lot of questions I was really irritated with Meadows moodiness and freakouts Casey s half truths also frustrated me If he was trying to help Meadow, why not be up front with her Once Banter and Kaler were introduced into the story I was hooked Meadow had this [...]

I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side Firstly I would like to thank Celeste Holloway, author of Sebastian Falls, for giving me this wonderful opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.I liked the book quite a lot, it has the great story line and the plot is also very well thought and well executed though I felt a little bored at first but later on the author pulled it up and the story became interesting and exciting.The suspense and acti [...]

I received a free ecopy of this book from the author via Teen Critic s read and review project in exchange for an honest review Meadow is not a normal girl,her parents are dead,and she is dream hunted by demons,what will happen when her dreams become reality I have to say the beginning of the book made me put this book off for a while the beginning of this book just didn t interest me for some unknown reason,and the plot moved slow at the beginning,but after a few chapters,this book starts to ge [...]

The beginning of the book was a hard read It took till about 70 pages of reading to get into the book However, once I finally was grabbed into the book I just could not put the book down I enjoy the fact that the author use religion as the main focus on the book but did not make the book seem like it was a religious book.The only thing that I felt would benefit this book is it starting off with the parents and the accident in which killed them and then go into Meadows present time.

A truly great book with good characters, an awesome plot and a brilliant setting I loved the story and the suspense and action provided a good pace to the book But to be honest the start of the book didnt appeal to me It took me 2 days to read the the first 50 pages, but as the story progressed it gripped me with its thrill And yeah an amazing end too All in all Celeste Holloway has done a great job Appreciate the effort

Wow You need to get this published This book was really great Everything in it was balanced There wasn t too much romance, or suspense, or humor Just the right amounts of each for a book like this The story was gripping and complex The only complaint is that I read it until 11 30 and I was pure tired the next day p haha But really fantastic read I hope you write Thank you

Interesting and exciting Sebastian Falls has all of the elements to make it a must read for anyone I loved getting to know the characters and couldn t wait to find out what was going to happen next in the book.

I gave this book 3.5 stars I liked it,but the review is coming tomorrow cause It s 3 23 am here

Very good book If anyone needs or want a signed copy I can get them one My email is chandrawilson953 yahoo

This book had a lot going on I am very critical when I read and things need to make sense and fit the story and the characters for me to be completely on board There were so many good ideas in this book and there were several parts that I really enjoyed view spoiler the mystical aspect of Sebastian Falls the town, the uncovering of the mysteries in the woods, being in Eden, angel training, and even the idea of a Christian teen paranormal fiction how many books can you name within that genre hide [...]

I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book from the author Thanks Unfortunately I didn t like this book that much, and as I promised an honest review, here it is I loved the beginning of the book It sucked me in completely and I dived into the rest with high hopes I was curious to find out why Meadow would wake up everyday with visible injuries, and why in the beginning of the book she could say that this time the blood wasn t her own What happened to her And what had changed But I f [...]

So given the star, you might have guessed that I am not a big fan of this book I read it from cover to cover, but I did not enjoy the experience In fact, I threw the book across the room once because I was so frustrated, which normally is a good thing because the book brings up feelings in me, but in this case it wasn t because of the story It was because of the way it was written Which is a big no no for me.This is a story about a teenage girl called Meadow She lost her parents not too long ago [...]

I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review.I have to say, that synopsis drew me in I liked the premise of this book I m always skeptical when it comes to books about angels and demons, because there are so many out there It s hard to bring something new and exciting to the table But I thought Sebastian Falls had a fresh take on angels and demons it had a religious aspect that really worked for the story I was drawn in by the main character s voice, and I loved ho [...]

I rated this a 4 because it is very well written and has very well rounded characters I loved the action and the clues the author blended into the story along the way The book kept me enthralled through most of the book I did however have a few issues This book is being sold as a Paranormal Romance when in actuality it belongs in Christian Paranormal Romance It has several references to the bible and often, especially towards the end, tries to sway the audience to get their Jesus on as my daught [...]

Epic battles Yes, please.First of all, I read this book several months ago, and in going back to refresh and review it, I ve been startled by how much of the story is still with me, and how much I love it.Sebastian Falls took me by surprise I had no idea what was coming next, and I never could have predicted the slant and angle this story would take The set up was amazing I immediately empathized with Meadow, liked her best friend, Casey, and adored her grandparents whom she lives with because h [...]

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review I ve had to force myself to read this, which is unfortunate I read 65% and just couldn t finish I wanted to, I really pushed myself but I just couldn t.The first third of the book seems to be telling a horror story, and then from then on, it gets so confusing as it seems to be telling about 5 different stories This book goes in one direction, starts to get some traction, and then redirects to something else It seems like there is no definit [...]

I was given this ebook in exchange of an honest review I didn t read the synopsis when I accepted to review this book so I didn know what to expect from it As soon as I started reading it, I knew it was a science fiction book It s not the type of book I like reading but I did it anyway Fortunately there were some romance elements in it to which I could rely on On the whole, it s a nice book but I was bothered by all the religious aspect in it I would have liked to stay at the angel level and not [...]

  • Ç Sebastian Falls Ü Celeste Holloway
    249 Celeste Holloway
Sebastian Falls