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Flowers and Stone #(2021)

Flowers and Stone

Flowers and Stone

  • Title: Flowers and Stone
  • Author: Jan Sikes
  • ISBN: 9780615799490
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
Flowers and Stone By Jan Sikes,

Flowers and Stone Best Download || [Jan Sikes] - Flowers and Stone, Flowers and Stone Nothing could have prepared Darlina Flowers for the reckless Texas rogue musician Luke Stone to come stampeding into her life like a team of wild horses Their love ignited into an ever burning flame

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I ve just finished reading Flowers and Stone by Darlina Flowers I mean, Jan Sikes I hated for the book to come to an end but all good things must My immediate review is of a confession Because I m such a soft hearted in love gal and I believe in love at first sight and I do believe that soul mates will find a way to defy all that rises against them I cried No, I didn t get a little misty eyed I cried tears from deep within my heart Kudos to the Author for capturing such raw emotions This month [...]

I won this book in a Giveaway I was so excited i could hardly wait to begin reading it.Basically the book is about a love that is beyond our normal limits Nothing seems to diminish this love Not even a twist of fate that tore them apart I loved the characters, but imagine they aretrue to life Jan and Rick, just as much as they are Dalinda and Luke I can hardly wait for the sequal to be published Thank you Jan for your autographed book, and for sharing your story I lovedit 5 stars.

Such a wonderful confirmation of a love that refused to die I love this story It touched my heart And what makes it really special is that Ms Sikes lived it so she knows first hand about life with Rick Sikes and living with a popular country western singer I can t wait for her next one I hope this is just the first of many books.

A friend recommended this book to me and said I would enjoy it Me not being an avid reader thought I should at least give it a try Once I began reading I did not want to stop I can t wait for the next book to come out by Jan Sikes I believe this author might have turned me into a reader.

This is not my usual type of read, yet I really enjoyed this book Jan knows how to grab your attention and pull at those heart strings From start to finish I was hooked.I cannot wait for book 2.

This shows there is lasting love out there I look forward to the next one to see if their premonitions are correct.

The opening of the book tells the reader that this is a fictionalized autobiography Very quickly it becomes clear that the story is a girl boy well, girl man romance, except that in the preface we already find out that the man is destined to go to jail for a crime he didn t commit This twist gives all the highs in the book a bitter sweet flavor Doom is coming, although we don t find out how till near the end Darlina is a na ve 19 year old, rebelling against her strict parents by working nights a [...]

I enjoy a good romance novel and this is just that except it is based on the author s own story I loved the details of her lifestyle Ms Sikes took her readers into her world of country music, go go dancing and some drama to go along with it It is a world I am not familiar with and it was interesting to read about I had no idea what was coming next in the story or how it would all turn out It was raw and honest I enjoyed it and think anyone who loves country music, the power of love, or the depth [...]

Flowers and StonesBy Jan SikesJan Sikes debut historical romance is based on the true story of a turbulent year of her life in the early 70 s The author s talent in making a memoir read like a fiction novel is phenomenal Author Sikes has an innate talent as a storyteller, bringing the reader into her story and making one feel her emotions.Nineteen year old Darlina Flowers leaves home to work in a factory in Texas by day and a go go dancer in a bar at night This is where she meets the up and comi [...]

Note I received a copy of this work from the author in exchange for an honest review This is the abbreviated version of the review The full version is on The Review Board If I could sum up Flowers and Stone, it would be the homemade maple syrup that swirls outward from the pat of butter on the top of the pancakes The syrup is viscous and leisurely as it tumbles from the top of the stack to the base of the plate.By now you are attempting to decipher what I mean by this analogy For the hopeless ro [...]

Reviewed on behalf of The Review Board by Harmony Kent.I received a PDF copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.Flowers and Stone is a true story based on the lives of Rick and Jan Sikes Roguish, Texan musician, Luke Stone, sweeps the na ve, nineteen year old Darlina Flowers off her feet In a short time, her whole life becomes entwined with his, and she cannot imagine living without him When Luke distances himself from her, she cannot understand why Then tragedy strikes, and they are [...]

Flowers and Stone is a fascinating true story, based on the lives of Rick and Jan Sikes Nineteen year old Darlina Flowers Jan is quickly swept off her feet by Texan musician, Luke Stone Rick , a rebel and known for his womanizing ways Author Sikes takes the reader on a journey their journey from love at first sight, their passionate love affair, then the devastation of goodbye Darlina s world is turned upside down when Luke pushes her away, subsequently protecting her from the imminent turmoil h [...]

I found this story an interesting read given the characters of Darlina Flowers and Luke Stone are representative of the author, Jan Sikes, and her late husband, Rick Sikes The story takes us from the first encounter between these two, who destined to follow each other down a topsy turvy path that brings love and heartache, all set among the backdrop of the honky top club and music scene The author s writing style makes this story extremely easy to read with one passage quickly moving toward the [...]

As I close this amazing book by Jan Sikes, my heart aches for the hand Luke and Darlina have been dealt Flowers and Stone is an amazing, fast paced story of two people who against all odds have found a true and binding love The love story they create with one another is heart gripping, turbulent, and heartbreaking This is a true story of two souls brought together, soulmates, who were given the chance of true love until society and the justice system decided, differently As Ms Sikes quoted in th [...]

Author Jan Sikes brings readers a poignant story, filled with both romance and heartache, with her debut novel, Flowers And Stone Through a fictional accounting, Jan brings the story of her life with Texas musician Rick Sikes to life, and it is a fascinating story of music, love, a man gone wrong, and a woman who loved him enough to stand by his side, and then brave enough to share their story Jan shows a mastery for descriptive storytelling as she captures the atmosphere of the Texas music scen [...]

Really 3.5 stars, but I rounded up I felt the writing could have been better sometimes it was just flat and the dialogue had moments of redundancy but I enjoyed the story Sweet and na ve, Darlina fights for and holds onto her man with a tenacity that is almost unheard of today Luke Stone projects bigger than life and seems selfish and cruel at times, but he s very human A powerful love story one can savor all the fully knowing it is based on a true story Flowers and Stone is the first in a tril [...]

I started reading this book hoping to shed light into some of the events in the second sequel, which I read first, and the two stories began to make sense First, this is a very exciting story, told from the heart.Darlina and Luke s love was indeed the stuff of which romances are made They loved, and expressed their love in a way that can almost be described as erotic When danger came knocking, their love stood firm Even when Luke was arrested, accused and imprisoned for bank robbery, Darlina s [...]

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Flowers and Stone