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Demeter #(2022)



  • Title: Demeter
  • Author: Becky Cloonan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Comicbook
Demeter By Becky Cloonan,

Free Read Demeter - by Becky Cloonan - Demeter, Demeter A fisherman s wife tends the garden and animals while her husband is at sea but secrets buried under the waves begin to bubble to the surface revealing a secret treachery and forgotten truth The thir

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Demeter is the latest addition to Becky Cloonan s Ink and Thunder series of black and white digital comics and though this is the third in the series, after 2011 s Wolves and 2012 s The Mire, each is a standalone one shot so even if you haven t read the previous two, you can still jump straight into Demeter Set in an indeterminate time in the past definitely pre Industrial Revolution , Anna and Colin are young lovers living in a small cottage on the coast Colin is a fisherman and Anna the housek [...]

Becky Cloonan s art is fantastic, and her atmospheric writing leads me wanting I wish this were a full on graphic novel, or 8 issue limited series, instead of a one shot.

When Comixology made available several dozens of its Comixology Submit books to coincide with the epic weekend of Free Comic Book Day 2014 If one was into pop culture and comic books, it was indeed an epic weekend, a perfect storm formed by the convergence of The Amazing Spider Man 2 opening weekend, Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day or May the Fourth.Demeter was the final book of comic book creator Becky Cloonan s trilogy of acclaimed mini comics It continued the recurring book found in the [...]

Despite it s name being derived from the Greek goddess of the harvest, Demeter, Becky Cloonan s mini comic which debuted at TCAF last weekend, really has very little to do with the presence of higher beings Instead it s the story of two lovers who have been torn apart by the sea After one lover, Anna, makes a deal with the ocean, her Colin is returned to her, but not before the ocean names its price.Demeter is a short story that s written and illustrated by Cloonan and is the second mini after T [...]

More clarity than Wolves, and in a way less bad intent on anyone s part, but still a tremendous amount of pain.

An intersection of great art and a rushed story A hot boy washes up half dead on the beach, and our girl Anna rescues him They fall in love, but Anna always fears he ll be dragged away Why Well, the story s too short to make it a rational fear, so instead she just looks nervously out the window a bunch until it turns into another selkie story Demeter is very scant as a comic book, and has the traditional flash fiction problem of telling an ending rather a story It s worth reading for Cloonan s a [...]

Originally posted by me at deerinthexenonarclights demeter Comics are a strange and almost mercurial medium, mixing together elements from those traditional and truly defined forms of art in ratio s of their creator s choosing The superhero comics of the big two tend towards the cinematic, their panels playing out like storyboards of an action sequence we have to animate in our mind some eschew sentence and story near altogether, allowing their ambiguous but suggestive art to awe us, akin to a [...]

in the vein of classic Irish folklore

I bought this a while back on comiXology and this is my second time reading it It s gorgeously drawn and very atmospheric, and selkies ALWAYS interest me due in part to a beautifully written version of the story I encountered years ago But I actually have no idea what s going on Part of my confusion both times reading is that the narration is done by both main characters, differentiated only by the background of the little rectangles it s in Anna s narration goes on white rectangles Colin s on b [...]

Demeter is an eerie book about consequences When you try to keep what isn t yours, you may find yourself in a terrible situation like the protagonist Cloonan has produced an exceptionally beautiful zine comic The printing is wonderful, the illustrations gorgeous, and the story is haunting and unnerving It ends on a chilling note, letting readers imaginations fill in the rest of what probably happened when the pages ran out Definitely recommend for fans of cool indie comics and horrifying ocean t [...]

Rating 4 5 How far are you willing to go for the one you love comixology Demeter digOver the last several years Becky Cloonan has done mainstream comics work Conan the Barbarian, Northlanders, Batman, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys along with self publishing mini comics Demeter follows the loose trilogy of self published books that started in 2011 with Wolves and continued in 2012 with The Mire Note reading Wolves or The Mire is not necessary to understand Demeter Demeter, written and i [...]

Becky Cloonan is a talented artist, no doubt about it Her works are sooo beautiful, detailed and well thought out overall.As for the story, however, I m not it love It s good, don t get me wrong Intriguing, sometimes creepy and dark well, almost always creepy and pretty dark But oh, why always this but I need It s not as caprivating as I hoped and I m left underwhelmed in 2 cases out of 3 I mean Becky s self published works mini series here, if you wanna know And maybe even in all 3 casesAnyway [...]

I really enjoyed this mini comic It still feels weird to call it a mini comic, though I mean, it s 30 pages without ads Most comics today are maybe 30ish pages, with ads, right Oh well, it s not as large as a comic book in page size, so I guess it still fits.Anyway, this book was a great one shot story It has some wiggle room in the narrative for interpretation, which is always interesting It s well written, and very enjoyable.The book really is well crafted The panels flow together nicely, maki [...]

Yet another excellent short story from Becky Cloonan I really hope she ll consider publishing these are one volume so that they ll be available widely not that I m complaining, of course I love the zine format, and finding them in hole in the wall book and record stores is always fun , because people should read these and appreciate her gorgeous storytelling skills.

A beautiful and haunting little folk tale that feels both timeless and eerie I didn t think it made much of an impression on me at first but it does linger in your mind long after you finish it, despite its diminutive size.

Beautiful short comic Creepy and sad and mysterious.

short the art is beautiful the writing is overwhelming the end is amazing.


I mean, it was Becky Cloonan doing another of her gorgeous self published comics We all knew this was gonna end with a high rating.

Beautiful art, decent concept Just didn t love it But I do plan on reading from this author.

A very spooky and compelling read Gorgeous artwork as always from Cloonan Would be good for fans of ghost stories or those looking to get into comics beyond the traditional superhero fare.

Really lovely Wish it could ve gone on for longer.

A haunting and beautifully told one shot by Becky Cloonan, expertly crafted, wonderfully drawn Reminded me of Kirsty Logan s short stories.

  • Free Read Demeter - by Becky Cloonan
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