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If It Wasn't For Tony #(2022)

If It Wasn't For Tony

If It Wasn't For Tony

  • Title: If It Wasn't For Tony
  • Author: Anna Black
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
If It Wasn't For Tony By Anna Black,

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[PDF] If It Wasn't For Tony | by ↠ Anna Black - If It Wasn't For Tony, If It Wasn t For Tony After taking a short break from dating JOCELYN meets the man of her dreams and promises herself that she d take it slow and not move too fast But as usual her promise to herself is broken because it

Recent Comments "If It Wasn't For Tony"

Excellent story with very realistic characters dealing with real life issues Love can cause joy pain and Jocelyn went through both but she survived Great story and looking for from Ms Anna Black

Another Great Love StoryI liked the story but it took awhile Jocelyn was too needy and borderline stalkish and that turned me off from her Everything happened to her because of her I loved the ending it was a nice surprise I was Glad Tony got it together too.

LovelyI am a sucker for a good love story and this is definitely a good one I love how realistic the story line is I also loved the characters in the story to.

On a short story roll and Anna Black did not disappoint as usual with this one I was ready to strangle Jocelyn s crazy self.

This was a nice quick fix for me Loved the story line, but I loved Brian I didn t like Tony at all, which made me want to slap Joss for her actions Overall, it is a nice little read.

Good story but too short

WellThis was a good short Wow I m sure plenty of us have had a Tony What a rollercoaster ride It all worked in the end.

Jocelyn is the complete package but one thing is missinga man to share her life with She finds what she wants in Tony.d no one else will do If it wasn t for him.ny things may have turned out different.en again.ybe not.I enjoyed this read Though the storyline was short in length, it left me satisifed wasn t rushed at all And even better it was a stand alone that gave a fulfilling ending Was looking for a little drama Also I wish that the character details of Joss were in the beginning it took so [...]

If it wasn t for Tony is a good short read I love this book from beginning to end even though I wanted to slap some sense into Jocelyn and shoot TonyBut all in all this was a great book I loved it

Definitely a page turner and well written story I was upset with Joycelyn for allowing Tony for having such controls on her, after treating her so badly But it all worked out in the end I definitely enjoyed this story.

I loved this book It was such a great story and there was a part of the book that I totally unexpected But it was great I highly recommend this book and I give it 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book, the only thing I didn t like was it was a short story, I m just waiting on your next release.

This was a great story Kudos to you Anna.

Loved it.

Loved this book

I loved this short read My only complainto short lol The author has done it again Great story line and I loved the ending.

Held my attention to the end Did not guess this ending Found myself getting mad at some of the characters.

Really great story sometimes I feel like I ve dated a Tony

Loved it Jocelyn went through so much with Tony But, in the end, she finally got her man I felt sorry for Brian, but it was just something about Tony I knew what happened after Jocelyn had Brianna Tianna when Brian walked out of the room He was right they couldn t come back from that.

Well writtenThis is a well written piece of work The author held my attention throughout the book The end was very fairytale, which I prefer to have depth at the end Overall, good work

If it wasn t for TonyOmg Joss had me in tears the love she had for Tony was so overwhelming she really didn t see what the issue was until he left Tony couldn t take so much of Joss being over barring it push him away even with all the love he had for her just couldn t deal Anna girl my feeling was so mad at Tony but his hold on Joss was crazy Beautiful and passion Happy ending

Second ChancesThis was a decent short read I really felt bad for Brian, he was a good dude and didn t deserve what he got but Jocelyn was just weak for Tony and couldn t seem to leave him alone I thought the story ended abruptly like the author got tired or just bored with the story and just decided to end it but it was worth the read.

Joss is like so many woman that fall in love can t let go I felt bad for the addiction she had to Tony He knew it used it to his advantage He didn t want her but didn t want anyone else to have her Brian was her knight in shining armour but she allowed her weakness for Tony to mess it up In the end she found her happily ever after with the one she thought impossible.

Awesome bookWonderful love story A must read You ll cry and laugh Will even want to take your earring off and fight.

Unnecessary use of profanity Book would have been just as good w o it The relationship us so back and forth and it makes Jocelyn look weak.

BittersweetI m glad Joss got her happy ending but I hate in was someone else s heart being broken for it to happen Overall a very good read just feel very sorry for Brian.

  • [PDF] If It Wasn't For Tony | by ↠ Anna Black
    137 Anna Black
If It Wasn't For Tony