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Sworn to Raise #(2022)

Sworn to Raise

Sworn to Raise

  • Title: Sworn to Raise
  • Author: Terah Edun
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Sworn to Raise By Terah Edun,

year old sworn in by NYPD to raise cancer awareness year old sworn in by NYPD to raise cancer awareness The NYPD swore in a boy Wednesday as part of his goal to take the oath for police departments in six months. Affidavit An affidavit f d e v t AF DAY v t Medieval Latin for he has declared under oath is a written statement voluntarily made by an affiant or deponent under an oath or affirmation which is administered by a person who is authorized to do so by law Such a statement is witnessed as to the authenticity of the affiant s signature by a taker of oaths, such as a notary Chris Inglis formally sworn in as national cyber director Jul , Former National Security Agency Deputy Director Chris Inglis was formally sworn in as the first White House national cyber director on Myers, Beaulieu sworn in to Select Board News salemnews Apr , Myers and Beaulieu were sworn in at about p.m Friday, Beaulieu said The moment also marked the close of a hostile political season in Hamilton and Wenham, where national fights on mask Vanessa Gibson Sworn in as the th Bronx Borough President Surrounded by family and close friends, as well as a large contingent of local elected officials, former District city councilwoman, Vanessa Gibson was officially sworn in as the th Bronx borough president during a ceremony at her alma mater, Herbert H Lehman College, in Bedford Park on Sunday, March She is the first woman and the first member of the Black McConnell Trump impeachment trial to start after Biden sworn in Jan , Under a memo circulated by McConnell late last week, the earliest the Senate could begin consideration of the impeachment articles is at p.m either on Jan , the day Biden is sworn in, or Jan More than , Victorian police officers incorrectly sworn in due Feb , Victoria Police expects the majority of impacted police to be re sworn in by the weekend, a media release stated Westpac to raise variable mortgage rates by . per cent, matching RBA rate hike. City of Hampton proposes largest raises for sworn public safety Apr , City Manager Mary Bunting s recommended budget includes % raises for sworn public safety officers and operators because they re The US Military Oath of Enlistment Military Before you raise your right hand, make sure you understand what you are swearing or attesting to The military oath of enlistment or oath of office should not be taken lightly You will be bound France s Macron Promises New Approach During Second Term May , France s Military Chief of Staff to the presidency Benoit Puga stands next to French President Emmanuel Macron signing a document as he is sworn in for a second term as president after his re

Free Read Sworn to Raise - by Terah Edun - Sworn to Raise, Sworn to Raise Seventeen year old Ciardis has grown up in poverty a cleaner in a small vale on the outskirts of the kingdom But beneath her kingdom s seemingly idyllic surface lies a hidden secret Whispers of an in

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There are those books that you just love to hate You quote them, you have fun mocking the book, et cetera And there are those books that blow you off your feet from the incomprehensible amount of beauty, minimal flaws, and the most perfectly written characters.And then there are books like Sworn to Raise.You don t hate them, you don t love them, and they don t really affect your life in any way You re kind of indifferent to everything that occurs and could care less about any of the characters Y [...]

Kind of like a poor man s Harry Potter, but every flaw in the Harry Potter series is magnified here, and there s just nothing unique, interesting or worthwhile about it Especially egregious are the bizarre inconsistencies in the setting and tone For example, it s very obvious from the way characters talk and act that there s no kind of gender equality, but then the author goes out of her way to point out that there are female soldiers and male prostitutes escorts companions , like she wanted it [...]

You know, said Prima with a hint of cruelty in her voice, If you really wanted to learn how to pay respect to the ground, I would have had Teachene show you Going stiff with ire at the girl s dig at her friend, Ciardis retorted, It takes a dirt kisser to know one, Prima Perhaps you should teach me This book was an interesting combination of court intrigue, medieval esque politics and complications, ancient magic and the painstaking trials of etiquette involved in becoming a true lady Ciardis is [...]

I was initially very excited to begin this book, I had read praising reviews and looked forward to another exciting adventure set in a alternate universe My excitement was unfounded The editing of this book was not great, contingency errors counting I know that I am OTT about grammar and spelling but when I am constantly finding missed words pardon the pun or letters, sometimes even misspelled words no spell check , it can be distracting.Anyway that is not to say the story and concept was not go [...]

Decent ideas, but terrible execution.There was a core of a good story in here, but sadly the horrible writing muted and muffled it The heroine, in one paragraph, went from huddled dejectedly to smiling happly because she got a new haircut.The timelines were illthought out Far too much was cramed into far too short a time for it to be in any way realistic Three months to go from illiterate laundress to polished courtesan even with transfers is literally incredible Interpersonal relationships serv [...]

Mind candy can be tasty and it doesn t have to be good to be the flavor that you re looking for.That can definitely be said of Sworn to Raise by Terah Edun, which I got as a free Kindle download Skipping jerkily from well worn trope to well worn trope orphaned protagonist discovered to have a rare and unique magical power, courtier training, riddle maze graduation ceremony, and a disguised prince Sworn to Raise is NOT good literature But it was a light read that I enjoyed far than a 2 star rati [...]

Review posted August 5th on a reader lives a thousand live Book 1 of the Courtlight series.I received an ARC of Sworn to Raise from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.Ciardris Vane is the orphaned 17 year old daughter of a gypsy, she struggles to put food in her belly and a place to live Making a scant living as a washerwoman, when one of the members of the Companion s Guild comes to her town and sees her she is swept away into a completely different life At first believed to simply be a [...]

My first thoughts on this one What a phenomenally unique and completely captivating tale I couldn t put it down for a second And my final thoughts Holy cliffhanger without actually being a cliffhanger And everything that came in between was amazing too I don t think that I put this book down once This was a quick read that was very easy to immerse myself in I love this author s writing style It s smooth approachable without talking down to you or becoming simplistic It s eloquent yet not over th [...]

I m going with the description of It was ok for two stars on this fantasy I picked up at Netgalley It really is ok and has potential, but it is still very rough around the edges, even for a galley There are a lot of typos, and several times I got lost in sentences run ons are writing problems, not typos So it could use some good editing.The story itself is interesting, but feels disjointed or random at times There s a makeover story, learning of magic and history, a bachelorette type contest for [...]

This and my other reviews can be found at amethystbookwyrm Thanks to Netgalley and All Night Reads for giving me this book to review.Ciardis has grown up with the people in her small vale always looking down on her, however, after all the plans she has made begin crumbling around her, Ciardis s luck changes as she is chosen to train at the Companions guild, a position which a lowly laundress should not be available to her Now she must learn and discover skills to be able to attract a patron and [...]

I loved how unique the story was, in almost all aspects as well The Characters I loved the main character She was a very strong lead who was in afraid to stand up in what she believed in, whether she was talking to other people her age or princes She has an awesome power, how cool would being a weathervane be The Good the story was very unique companions a unlike anything I have read before, I am definitely interested in learning about them the protagonist was likeable and better than a fair fe [...]

I can t remember if I was fooling around on my nook looking for books to read or saw someone talking about this one online and picked up my nook, but somehow I stumbled across SWORN TO RAISE by Terah Edun The book is blurbed as being ideal for fans of Kristin Cashore, Michelle Sagara, and Maria Snyder I always take a closer look at books when they re recommended for fans of authors or titles I enjoy, and I decided to give SWORN TO RAISE a chance.The book centers around Ciardis, an orphan struggl [...]

This book had a lot of potential, but it needed a lot spit and polish to make it shine The plot and general idea of the book appealed to me a lot I love fantasy stories like this New worlds, high magic, poor farmboys girls finding out they have awesome powers, princesses, political machinations, intrigue, AWESOME It s the kind of story that has very familiar bones, but you don t care because the rest of the dressing can be made interesting in a million different ways The dressing in Sworn to Ra [...]

Sworn to Raise is a fantasy book set in the kingdom of Algardis where mages exist along with the mundane, with them being trained in a Guild to become Companions to nobles and other high ranking people This Companion thing is some sort of employee spouse bodyguard sort of thing, and consists mostly of female mages Ciardis is an orphan Gypsy living in the village of Vale as a washermaid when she is selected and sponsored by Lady Serena a Companion to become a trainee at the Guild Training usually [...]

Why did I wait to long to read this Short answer it got buried under a tonne of books on my ereader Long answer I kept overlooking it because I m a dumbass and judgemental of self published books, regardless of being a self pubbed author myself I mentioned I was a dumbass, right Sworn To Raise is about a girl, Ciardis, who is taken from her ordinary life as a poor washerwoman, and elevated to life as a Companion, a life partner to a rich and powerful suitor Along the way she discovers a conspira [...]

I got this book from NetGalley as a ARC book to review I loved the cover so much, that I didn t even read a summary about it before I started it Man oh man was I surprised I didn t know what I was getting into and now I m glad I did This book is about Ciardis who grew up as an orphan She always knew she was gypsy but didn t remember who here parents, or where she came from After working as a laundress for many years, she meets a Companion who offers her a place at the Companions Guild to train a [...]

I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This had an interesting premise, but unfortunately, it fell flat.At times i was confused, and through out the book, i was bored.It took quiet a long time for the pace to pick up, and when it did, it felt quite jumbled and rushed There s a few things that aren t explained either Quite a few times, it was mentioned that Ciardis s sponsor wasn t very fond of another sponsor, but we never found out why While it s not important to the [...]

Such a great book I enjoyed rereading this book, so fantastic Now to read of this series First read April 10th 2013 Great book, a bit short for my tastes, but a compelling story, very interesting, can t wait for book 2

A rags to riches, Cinderella sort of story with a bit of magic, action, adventure and mid evil thrown in For those that like Castles, Kings, Prince and Magic then you will enjoy this story Not much on romance even though the girls are trained to be someone s companion partner for their lifetime She struggled while growing up but still has a soft heart The story was well written, the characters for the most part were likable and the prince likes older woman Ciardis, I have no idea how I would say [...]

I gave Twilight 2 s That s my feelings on this book.In Twilight, Bella has 0 superpowers and 0 personality Somehow our main character I ve actually forgotten her name already I only know her second name, Weathervane, because it was the most interesting part of the book has 0 personality but an apparently 100% superpower but was less likeable than even Bella.Not that likability is the point of storytelling but you re supposed to like this girl I think you re supposed to pity her because people th [...]

More of a 2.5 rating Aside from some missing words here and there, the grammar and editing were competent enough not to bother me And the story certainly wasn t hard to continue reading the ideas behind the story were actually pretty engaging But the plotline was depressingly lacking in tension until very near the end Everything always turns out right for Ciardis Not in a painfully Mary Sue way thank goodness , but definitely in a way that leaves the reader with no doubt whatsoever that Ciardis [...]

Despite the fact that I am not a big reader of high fantasy books I have always been attracted to the covers of The Courtlight Series and once I started reading Sworn To Raise I was immediately enthralled Terah Edun s world building is powerful and vivid, transporting the reader into Ciardis Empire.I enjoyed the fact that from the moment we meet Ciardis she is not meek, or even perfect she has many flaws and is constantly in trouble, but she is witty, loyal and caring attributes all readers can [...]

I devoured this in one day I have two papers to write, but this book sucked me in And, of course, now I have to read the second and third one It wasn t a perfect book There were a few typos and grammar problems, but this book has heart It has the spark that makes a good book, and the imagination to fuel it I would have liked to see the book expanded The relationships felt rushed, and since the book wasn t that long, it wouldn t have hurt to add in a little depth Also, the curse words seemed for [...]

Juramento de Crianza es la primera parte de una saga, que es introductoria, pero que no te deja con mal sabor de boca A pesar de quedarte con ganas de seguir, la trama central de esta parte queda cerrada, lo que hace que no sientas esa necesidad imperiosa de seguir con el siguiente, aunque tengas ganas de saber como continua la historia de Ciardis y el pr ncipe Sebastian Con algunos errores de edici n, la pluma de la autora es sencilla, de esas que te invita a leer una p gina tras otra Una histo [...]

DNFI don t rate review books I DNF I only review them if I have a lot to say, which I don t so.

This book was delightful Will definitly read the 2nd one.

Not bad I look forward to the next book.

Sworn to Raise is the story of Ciardis, a cleaning girl who is noticed by a member of a group known as the Companions Guild Despite being from the equivelant of the boon docks, her sponsor, Serena, takes her in and prepares her to be a Companion on this in a bit During the course of the Companion training it is discovered that Ciardis posses what was thought to be a lost talent the ability to magnify other magic users abilities This makes her a much desirable Companion and also introduces some [...]

Originally posted at keepersbookreviews Actual Rating 4 stars Book Format eBookAfter reading the synopsis for Sworn to Raise on , sure, I was interested, but not as interested as I am now The cover doesn t do the book justice The cover is probably one of the main reasons I withheld form reading this book for so long, too What the synopsis failed to include was that this book had magic, courtship, royals, castles, deceit, Court banter, and a touch of romance This book is almost perfect for me Cia [...]

Vote 3.75 5I received the ARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion Ciardis is a poor girl, an orphan and gipsy She isn t well seen from the village where she lives One day, she takes the opportunity and follows the Companion s Guild to become a Court Companion Ciardis is the last of the Weathervane s family and must find its Patron.The story is very nice, I liked it a lot, even though the genre is not one of my favorites, but I accepted the challenge.I have encountere [...]

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