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The River of No Return #(2022)

The River of No Return

The River of No Return

  • Title: The River of No Return
  • Author: Bee Ridgway
  • ISBN: 9781101624319
  • Page: 227
  • Format: ebook
The River of No Return By Bee Ridgway,

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µ The River of No Return ☆ Bee Ridgway - The River of No Return, The River of No Return Two hundred years after he was about to die on a Napoleonic battlefield Lord Nicholas Falcott wakes up in twenty first century London The Guild a secretive fraternity of time travelers informs him

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This has everything I love in a book getting invited to join a secret cabal Time travel Regency romance Characters who are actual people Motivations that make sense Also, I really appreciated that keeping people ignorant for their own good was something the bad guys do, NOT the good guys Compare River of No Return He kept her entirely ignorant, inert, like a stone It is unforgivable Twilight, book 4 Wasn t shielding her important than answering her questions Harry Potter series THE ENTIRE CHARA [...]

I almost gave this a fived then I hesitated It was wholeheartedly a five until the last 40 or so pages, when I realized that the book would soon be over and yet so much was left unresolved, and it started feeling like someone was taking her time to craft a beautiful, lyrical novel and her editor said Bee Wrap it up in 40 pages and turn it in NOW and so she did.Now that I have gone to her website, I have realized that a sequel is planned but only by exploring some very veiled hints , but the book [...]

We are cowards, really, we time travelers We cheat death over and over Jumping away from one story into another Always pursuing the hope of another day In Bee Ridgway s wonderfully imaginative debut novel, a man and a woman travel through time in a quest to bring down a secret society that controls the past and, thus, the future On the cover You are now a member of the Guild There is no return Two hundred years after he was about to die on a Napoleonic battlefield, Nick Falcott, soldier and aris [...]

I must confess my initial interest in Bee Ridgway s debut, The River of No Return, was superficial I fell in love with the gorgeous cover The I read about the premise a time travelling historical romance, with an emphasis on the romance the dubious I became Then there s the fact that it has been widely compared to The Time Traveler s Wife, a book I tried three times to read without any success, and A Discovery of Witches, a book I finished but in many ways disliked All in all, by the time I ca [...]

At the point of death on a Napoleonic battlefield, Nicholas Falcott finds himself jumping forward in time nearly 200 years and in the care of an organisation called The Guild He doesn t know how he got there, just that he can never go back However after 10 years in the modern world he is told that he must do just that and that the future of the world depends on it.The cover blurb of The River of No Return compares it to The Time Traveller s Wife, but as I m the only person in the Western hemisph [...]

4 stars It was great I loved it A wonderful story about time travel, secret elite organizations and an enjoyable love story because don t all great time travel novels have romance in them I don t often say this, but I am pleased to discover the author is working on a sequel one I would pick up without hesitation Favorite Quote No man is a man until he is made weak by a woman.First Sentence Julia sat beside her grandfather s bed, holding his hand.

It s always fun to be surprised by a book you never expected to land on your lap THE RIVER OF NO RETURN was not a book on my radar until one day I received an email that brightened my eyes and made me determined to read this debut by author Bee Ridgway It s a book that blends genres to the point where the word genre no longer makes sense it s science fiction, historical, romance, action adventure, mystery, and so much And trust me, it might be close to 500 pages, but it gripped me and refused t [...]

The French have a spectacular dessert known as croquembouche a neatly stacked pile of cream filled pastry puffs, wrapped with caramelized sugar Creating it takes a master s skill with pastry dough, egg custards and confectionerie, and a generous dose of patience and attention to detail The River of No Return is a literary croquembouche Just reading the first page filled me with delight, hunger and a rapacious desire to consume the entire thing, and then two or three just like it Full disclosure [...]

A lukewarm three stars for this Though the underlying ideas and the plot itself are truly creative, thought provoking, and unique, the writing throughout seemed effortful I never forgot that there was an author writing the story, whereas the best authors make you forget they exist I think it was Stephen King whose advice to writers was to use the first word that comes to mind Ridgway apparently used a thesaurus From 1815 However, Nick and Julia were at least somewhat well rounded definitely int [...]

There are some genres that I just don t go near Not because they are bad, necessarily, but because every time I try and read anything set in that time place style I end up bored to tears For example, There s just something about the 1800 s that I can t stand being immersed in somehow I just do not care So that knocks out the possibility of me enjoying anything vaguely Regency or Victorian I had to look up those terms to double check I m on the right track I wish I knew why, I really do The close [...]

My rating 2.5 of 5 starsA copy of The River of No Return was provided to me by Dutton Adult for review purposes.Time travel is a tricky subject It has to make at least a modicum of sense no matter how outlandish you wish the concept to be River of No Return handled this aspect of the story quite well and managed to create a different form of time travel that I had not personally encountered in novels before While I believe it to of been managed well it was still one of the unbelievable versions [...]

What a fun book A light hearted genre mashing romp at bottom, but with such wonderful ingredients, and so ingeniously mixed together The ingredients a mind bending speculative story of time travel, with all the weird paradoxes, surprising contrasts, and aching separations you could ask for A robust narrative drive that keeps the pages turning Well researched historical detail, judiciously chosen and deftly interwoven to bring the past vividly alive Beautifully written sentences throughout An und [...]

The River of No Return was an ARC published by Dutton.Book Description You are now a member of the Guild There is no return Two hundred years after he was about to die on a Napoleonic battlefield, Nick Falcott, soldier and aristocrat, wakes up in a hospital bed in modern London The Guild, an entity that controls time travel, showers him with life s advantages But Nick yearns for home and for one brown eyed girl, lost now down the centuries Then the Guild asks him to break its own rule It needs N [...]

Originally published at Book Lovers Inc.Too many reviewers start by saying that The River of No Return reminds them of Audrey Niffenegger s The Time Traveler s Wife I may be the last lover of time travel stories that has not read that book.Instead, The River of No Return reminded me inexorably of the late, lamented Kage Baker s awesome novels of The Company Especially the early ones when it was clear that she was still having fun and before Mendoza became such a tragic figure in her own life.Why [...]

It s been several decades since I ve read a romance am really glad I waited for this one is a really wonderful read Lots of reviews here give the contours of this glorious mashup historical romance, fantastical time space traveling I loved the historical detail that kept on making me ask, really Yes, really From the quilling of letters, to the marital practices of early 19th century Britons, to Norwich shawls, to the consumer choices of the contemporary Guild members all the details sing In part [...]

Life s too short It s not that this was a bad book inventive premise, intriguing world set up but once things got rolling it just didn t grab me The level of of spoon feeding was a little much and as a veteran of plenty of hard time travel scifi I found it all a bit unengaging, particularly once the romance kicked in I feel like this book would appeal to people who like light, easy romance, but those seeking a fulfilling time travel story will likely be disappointed Not bad, but there are so man [...]

I don t remember the last time I read such a fun book There is something great about reading a book that s the perfect blend of mindless romance, historical fiction and adventure a combination that s far too rare I think about early Philippa Gregory her latest stuff is shit, don t bother or Jennifer Donnelly s Tea Rose series They re so fun to read They re right on the cusp of being just a TAD stupid but they toe that line for all they ve got That s what makes them such a good time The River of [...]

I really enjoyed this very different book I have to say however that I really hope there will be a sequel They story ended sort of but the major problem was not resolved Well anyway I liked the tone of the book The writing was well done and the feel for the regency era was pretty spot on In fact it was in depth than many historicals While this took place in the regency era it was not a regency It was a time travel arcane powers sort of book So the nitty gritty of 1815 London was emphasized tha [...]

I love time travel stories but this one missed the mark a bit for me I was hooked in the beginning with Nick s travel from 1812 England to 2013 America and then intrigued with his return to England in 1815 Some where along the way things got a bit convoluted for me All of a sudden there were too many time travelers, too many questions about who were the good guys the Guild or the Ofans I enjoy a twist in the story just as much as the next person but the twists just kept coming The best thing abo [...]

This book will appeal to most aficionados of the time travel genre There is quite a lot of originality in the thinking behind the plot and sub plots There are conflicts which span time and space the latter constrained to the surface of planet Earth, of course, but that leaves plenty of scope When I was a young lad, reading many books and watching plenty of films, I never had much difficulty in distinguishing the goodies from the baddies I confess that, having finished this book, I am still in so [...]

This is a whopper of a read 586 pages, but worth the read.The book is a cross between the stories of Barbra Erskine and Kate Mosse with the 60s cult TV series The Prisoner thrown in for good measure.At first I thought another historical novel with a parallel to someone in the present day, but this is so different The cover suggests this book is a story of love and travel this is a romantic literary fantasy story and as a fan of the Time Travellers Wife I was intrigued to see if I would enjoy thi [...]

What I found amazing, particularly for a debut novel, was how well the author captured the early 19th century vernacular She obviously did her research but was able to express it without showing it off I ve read some books where the author goes out of his her way to demonstrate their knowledge of a particular field but ended up making it a distraction to the main story Not the case here.As the summary goes, Nick Falcott is transported forward 200 years from an 1815 battlefield There he learns he [...]

I m not sure what I was expecting, but this was better than that The story moved somewhat slowly but proved to be a good mystery The time travel element was well done and avoided paradoxes The characters were well developed and likable enough.I think my trouble with this book was the audio narration It was done by Sam Roukin and I m sad to say that it suffered I wish they d been able to get Zachary Webber to do it, because he would have handled all the accents well and done the book justice.Over [...]

This book features solid writing, compelling characters, and an extremely tempting premise Unfortunately s not finished.I don t simply mean that it s a cliffhanger, or a book with some loose ends it is half of a novel And it s impossible to judge a book that hasn t bothered to do any of the heavy lifting associated with successfully wrapping up a story There was a lot to like in it, and I ll probably read the sequel Maybe everything will be resolved in the next book and I will be in fully love w [...]

El libro es malo, por no decir horripilante Desde los personajes que no tienen ni pies ni cabeza hasta la trama que tampoco Un batiburrillo de ideas y g neros que hacen de su lectura un mal chiste A mi parecer es una novela rom ntica del mont n mal desarrollada con unos toques de ciencia ficci n fantas a que solo sirven para enmara ar una trama de lo m s churrera y dif cil de seguir ya que los personajes no ayudan ni empatizan con el lector usease conmigo.

In The River of No Return, Lord Nicholas Falcott is about to be run through with a sword on a Spanish battlefield when he is hurtled two hundred years into the future He wakes at the mercy of The Guild, a seemingly benevolent organisation that supports people who find themselves displaced in time Nick spends a year in a reeducation center, adjusting to modern life and learning the rules of the Guild There is no Return.There is no Return.Tell No One.Uphold the Rules.Then, nine years after his res [...]

This enjoyable novel is a hefty undertaking with potentially something for every reader, packing Regency romance, SF, magic, thriller elements and even politics and economics into its pages The smorgasbord approach is also its downfall, though, as I think many readers will be irritated by the blend of genres, particularly in the earlier parts of the book where the pace is leisurely and the disparate elements not yet meshed together Just as the intrigue and machinations of the Guild were getting [...]

Once I read the last page of this novel and set the book down with a sigh of gratification I announced at the top of my lungs I LOVE THIS BOOK The River of No Return is a unique time traveling story with a beautiful romance and nothing less than page turning intrigue that had me swooning The River of No Return is a perfect fit for fans of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness You won t be disappointed.Where do I even begin to explain to you how much [...]

My first job out of school was as a temp, writing product descriptions for the website of a company that sold scientific equipment to labs and schools and the like I hated it But I had a coworker who made the time there a lot fun because he was a whackadoodle kind of guy When he wasn t writing about beakers and syringes for this company, he was writing plays He gave me one of his plays to read and, though I can t remember all of the details, it featured two characters that spent a lot of time d [...]

You are now a member of the Guild There is no return Two hundred years after he was about to die on a Napoleonic battlefield, Nick Falcott, soldier and aristocrat, wakes up in a hospital bed in modern London The Guild, an entity that controls time travel, showers him with life s advantages But Nick yearns for home and for one brown eyed girl, lost now down the centuries Then the Guild asks him to break its own rule It needs Nick to go back to 1815 to fight the Guild s enemies and to find somethi [...]

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The River of No Return