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Ghost Moth #(2021)

Ghost Moth

Ghost Moth

  • Title: Ghost Moth
  • Author: Michele Forbes
  • ISBN: 9780143189398
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
Ghost Moth By Michele Forbes,

Unlimited Ghost Moth - by Michele Forbes - Ghost Moth, Ghost Moth During the hot Irish summer of tensions rise in Belfast where Katherine a former actress and George a firefighter struggle to keep buried secrets from destroying their marriage In this emot

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From BleachHouseLibrary.Blogspot, my book review blogThis is the story of Katherine Bedford She is a wife and mother of four and the book starts with a look at her present life in Northern Ireland, 1969.In her earlier years she was an opera singer with a local musical society in 1940 s Belfast While being fitted for her costume for a production of Carmen she meets a handsome tailor for whom she feels an immediate attraction The only problem is, she has a long term boyfriend who she has agreed to [...]

I received a copy of Ghost Moth by Michele Forbes courtesy of Penguin Books Canada in exchange for an honest review As this is her first novel this shows the talent of this literary author, a real storyteller who has written an exquisite novel The novel is set in Ireland at the time when Northern Ireland moves to the brink of civil war.Ghost Moth tells the story of Katherine, alternating between two time periods, the late 40 s and the late 60 s The story begins in the 60 s, when Katherine is wif [...]

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars What a beautifully written book The writing is just phenomenal Michele Forbes has a gift for the written word.Ghost Moth s setting is in Ireland It tells the story of Katherine, alternating between two time periods, the late 40 s and the late 60 s The story begins in the 60 s, when Katherine is wife to George, and a mother to four young children The book then returns to the 40 s Katherine is a stage actress, has a dedicated boyfriend of a couple of years, but falls i [...]

I know a book is really good when it leaves me grieving for hours after finishing it I knew a few pages into chapter 2 that this book was going to be a tearjerker And I was right However, there were so many depressing and unpredictable layers, I ended up crying for completely unexpected reasons I actually really like tearjerkers, so I did not mind the tears It s a really raw and honest read I can t believe it is Forbes s first novel I hope she will be writing .

This novel is written in a lyrical style with a sombre tone Bringing skillfully together the lyricism of Irish writing and the sombre ugly backdrop of East Belfast at the beginning of the troubles Forbes gives as a strange evocative threnody of a thwarted love story and its far reaching implications There are some marvellous passages of restrained passion as when the tailor measures Katherine for her Carmen costume, or the milky luminescence of the apricot dawn when Katherine and her daughter si [...]

Michele Forbes debut novel has garnered fulsome praise from writers such as Roddy Doyle, John Banville and Anne Enright, in addition to a whole mass of laudatory reviews from reviewers But for me this book was of an extended clich than an enjoyable and accomplished piece of fiction The author seems incapable of writing about anything without adding adverbs and adjectives to excess, nor to be able to write a sentence without adding in a simile or metaphor or without piling on the imagery Some ha [...]

This, Forbes debut novel, was a terribly sad read, but one that I m glad I picked up.Set in the present of 1969, the tells the story of Kathleen, her husband George and her three daughters as Belfast, their home city, stands at the brink of self destruction Early on, it becomes clear that Kathleen s relationship with her husband is complex, and through flashbacks to 1949, we soon find out why In 1969, the fact that the family are Catholic and living in an increasingly hostile area while sectaria [...]

Ghost Moth is a very lyrical debut novel, though it didn t quite feel like a novel The author s style, the compactness of chapters, made this work feel closer to a collection of short stories, but the arc connecting beginning to end was certainly one So while the succinctness and tone reminded me of a collection, and while some of the chapters could stand alone, it would be inaccurate to call Ghost Moth anything but a novel.Mich le Forbes debut is profuse in language She can form a very beautifu [...]

When I was offered the chance to review Michele Forbes debut novel Ghost Moth, I had heard nothing about either the novel or the author before The description was enticing and seemed to be just up my street The debut novel of an female Irish author, a dual time story, set in Belfast what s not to love The uncorrected proof copy is a slim paperback, just 237 pages long The first few pages are taken up with praise for this novel, from editors, publicists and managers of the publishing company Prai [...]

Ghost Moth is utterly heartbreaking Not that Mich le Forbes debut novel should be confused with that bathic and manipulative genre contrived to play on ones emotions the tear jerker Forbes tells a haunting story of an Irish family during the early days of Belfast s troubles Rather suddenly mother Katherine is drawn back to her past, trobled by memories of a tragic affair that nearly brought about the end of her engagement to the dependable, but rather dull George As she is haunted by memories of [...]

Ghost Moth, Michele Forbes debut novel, is not only beautifully written but heartbreakingly mesmerizing The story haunted me for days once finished.Set amidst the religious conflicts of 1969 Belfast this is the story of Katherine Bedford a wife and mother of four In her earlier years she was an opera singer in the production Carmen and met a tailor Tom, whom she feels an immediate attraction for However, she is engaged to her longtime boyfriend George at the time The intense desire that Katherin [...]

In this poignant debut novel, the weight of suppressed guilt haunts and torments a couple, threatening their relationship and exhausting their spirit An eloquent story that draws beauty from ordinary life, placing scenes of charming domesticity against the misery of grief, remorse and civil unrest Many thanks to Penguin Canada, for providing this heartbreaking ARC box of tissue not included Also enjoyed voting for the winning book cover Brilliant.

Here s my review from The List This Belfast set novel, the debut of Irish actress turned writer Mich le Forbes, is initially underwhelming its story of Katherine, a wife and mother in 1969, struck by memories of a defining romantic encounter 20 years earlier, is beautifully written, but not gripping But Forbes writing possesses a stealthy power, and her patient layering of the story, memory upon memory, results in a surprising emotional impact by the time the final page is turned.On the surface, [...]

This is Forbe s first novel, but it is one that will stay with me It is set in Northern Ireland, in a suburban like neighborhood of Belfast Katherine is a mother of 4, in 1969, married to a civil servant who also serves as a volunteer firefighter, George George converted to Catholicism when they married, and aside from a local shopkeeper couple, the only Catholics in their neighborhood Early on, we learn that Katherine still has deep feelings for another love in her past Much of Forbes descripti [...]

This book wasn t what I expected It s described as Ireland during the troubles and I suppose the present day stuff is that, but hardly The only way that enters into the story is Katherine s husband is a fire fighter and her daughters get teased for their religion But they are not the focus, Katherine is the central force of the novel.The way the novel started, with Katherine swimming and staring into the eyes of a seal and almost drowning I thought oh maybe this is a selkie story That first chap [...]

I loved this book I listened to it on audio then bought it in hardback Michele reads it herself, beautifully Ghost Moth is set in 1949 and 1969 by which time Northern Ireland is aflame It moves between the decades In 1949 Katherine meets Tom while already engaged to devoted, patient George She is playing Carmen, a woman not careful with her love , in a local production Tom, the head tailor makes her a magnificent costume and sews into it all his love for her It is love with all its flaws and unc [...]

Ghost Moth by Michele Forbes is an excellent story The tragedy of Katherine s lost love, her settlement for a life with George and her eventual death from cancer are partially balanced by the final acceptance of the life she has chosen and the love of her children The story line is well crafted and effectively involves the reader in the conflicts in her life The word images created to describe her world are vivid and poetic.The story has two settings one involves her life as a young unmarried ac [...]

The novel is so strange in its darkness and ghostliness, I feel hardly able to describe it I am numbed and silenced by it, but awaken somehow from inside, some deep quiet part of me emerges as I read it The rolling, swaying rhythm of Forbes s prose lulls you into a magical place that is both here, there and somewhere in between.The poetic qualities of her writing perfectly capture the story of a woman who appears to be with one foot in another world, as though is not quite there, as if she is hi [...]

Fine, lyrical writing Large swaths of this novel, however, suffer from overwriting, which sets up the reader for tension or drama that rarely materializes Most of the major characters are, at first, established with great care, but are not as fleshed out as one would like A promising, hopeful, but ultimately unsatisfying read This has nothing to do with my rating, but Yankee readers who may not have much knowledge or awareness of Ireland s Troubles, which forms the backdrop of The Ghost Moth, sh [...]

I feel so so about this book I was thrown by the seal scene it never did reveal itself as to meaning Still, I was rooting for Katherine and George I thought the character of Tom wasn t as fully fleshed out as he could have been, so I found myself wondering what about him so bowled Katherine over I liked the interweaving of the stories, and I think some of the writing was excellent Having said that, however, I agree that there are probably better books on the list for general reading and for book [...]

This is a good, well written story set in the hot summer of 1969 in the early days of the Troubles in Northern Ireland Katherine and George are devoted to their kids and seem to have a loving, happy family life There is however a hidden secret in their past that is gradually drawn out set alongside the fact that the couple originally come from different sides of the growing sectarian divide and are now living in the wrong part of Belfast in terms of the children s religion and schooling.

Very powerful and poignant novel about love and tragedy The story switches between two time points and explores the dilemmas faced by Katherine Fallon, an actress and later on a mother, in love with two men Michele Forbes writing is excellent I highly recommend it.

Beautiful and tragic The final 50 pages gutted me.


I won this book from , firstreads I really enjoyed it It was such a real and simple story Beautifully written and thought provoking.

Ms Forbes has created an intense, haunting, beguiling inner world of one ordinary woman s life The interplay of her characters, especially the children, flows along so smoothly you cannot but be a fly on the wall, watching the story play itself out The author s deft switching between past and present tenses creates and maintains a subtle difference between scenes playing out in the memory of the main character versus scenes happening to move the story forward Truly a well crafted story peopled w [...]

For my full review girlwithherheadinabook 2Forbes debut novel is a delicate and dream like feast for the senses, carefully constructed around two time periods The novel opens in 1969 and we see the respectable wife and mother Katherine on a day out to the seaside with her husband George and four lovely children While swimming, she is startled by the sight of a seal and gets out of her depth The lovely day is ruined and Katherine is caught by memories of another hot summer, twenty years before Th [...]

Very simple story, beautifully written.

Set in Belfast, Ghost Moth follows the lives of Katherine and George against a backdrop of considerable social unrest and religious tension.In 1949, Katherine is young, vivacious and discovering all of the new opportunities that life has to offer She s also torn between two men George, her fianc , who is steady, loyal and dependable, and Tom, who offers fire, passion and unpredictability As months go by, Katherine has to make a choice that will have far reaching consequences, indelibly marking a [...]

  • Unlimited Ghost Moth - by Michele Forbes
    321 Michele Forbes
Ghost Moth