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Rapeseed #(2021)



  • Title: Rapeseed
  • Author: Nancy Freund
  • ISBN: 9780988708402
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
Rapeseed By Nancy Freund,

✓ Rapeseed ✓ Nancy Freund - Rapeseed, Rapeseed Rapeseed is a wonderful coming of age novel about an extraordinary woman It s a standard coming of age story of a teen age boy and a unusual coming of age of an American family abroad because familie

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Well, I m the author, and it took me 10 years to write and publish this novel, so I alternate between thinking it s a 5 star read and less than zero It s got some complicated themes within a pretty easy to read, accessible story line, so I ll just be bold and give it five stars.

An interesting story, with some big questions at its center how do you define yourself And how does that change in relation to how others define you Among the challenges characters in the book are facing physical deformity, adolescence, culture change, pre marital pregnancy, death, guilt and several others I m probably forgetting I really enjoyed the novel when I was able to see through the rear view mirror how it all fit together During the book which is a very fast read, there were too many co [...]

I m the author if anyone s going to give Rapeseed five stars, it better be me

Great first book by Nancy Freund Had a bit of a slow start not quite sure where we are and what the story threads are, but then it picks up nicely and the pieces start to come together The experience of being an American expat is really well captured the confusion, cultural differences, difficulty finding your bearings This woman is pretty unmoored in her life, and the book is about finding your bearings in a marriage and as a parent as well as in a new country.The main character is synesthetic, [...]

Literary fiction is not my thing I go for fast paced paranormal YA But I think it s a good thing to stretch my brain cells every once in a while and read something out of the ordinary for me And every once in a while I m glad I did Rapeseed made me glad to have read out of my comfort zone.I give this book five stars because the writing was seriously stellar The story wasn t perfect I did have some issues with the characters and motivations and some threads I didn t really understand But the wri [...]

Nancy Freund s book Rapeseed asks us to travel from the wheat fields of Kansas to the auction houses of England and to begin with I was not sure what to expect was it just another book about expat life Indeed, the writing is authentic and amusing in its approach to two countries divided by a common language, but the story covers some dark themes and is really about two generations fighting their demons I particularly loved the gentle portrayal of characters, especially of Chip, the enlightened a [...]

PACKED WITH EMOTIONAL PUNCH RAPESEED by Nancy Freund is about a fictional US family on a one year assignment in England Although I have now lived in England for 16 years and it feels like old hat, their struggles with British ettiquette and simple things getting a bank account really resonnated with me On top of that, there s the outrageous plot with big emotions that just won t quit think jealous twins , all masterfully delivered just when I was dying to hear the next bit If you are an expat, w [...]

5 stars for a debut author and debut press, Gobreau Press It s been over a week since I read Rapeseed , and I keep mulling over the family relationships The colorful theme drew me but Carolann s son added a great benefit to reading this book I left the book with a new favorite fictional character, Carolann s son His growth and independent thoughts kept my attention throughout the book.

Daffodil Yellow The color of rapeseed flowers in the sun It tells of promise and hope Disabilities can be terrible, but only when we allow it I enjoyed this story of a budding teen and his parents as they mature in a land distant from small town Kansas Getting out into the broader world grows everyone Read it and find out for yourself.

highest color mentions in a book, color has not been attached to every possible human sense before sometimes,evidently, rape wasn t black and white and it wasn t varying shades of gray Sometimes, in very particular circumstances, it turned out, rape was an unbelievable sunshine yellow and if the original title of the book was The Color of Rape, it would have been one STAR down

We are proud to announce that RAPESEED by Nancy Freund is a B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money

Very well written and interesting subjects such as synesthesia and expat life.

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