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Mr Loverman #(2021)

Mr Loverman

Mr Loverman

  • Title: Mr Loverman
  • Author: Bernardine Evaristo
  • ISBN: 9780241145784
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
Mr Loverman By Bernardine Evaristo,

Mr Loverman Best Read || [Bernardine Evaristo] - Mr Loverman, Mr Loverman Barrington Jedidiah Walker Barry to his friends Trouble to his wife Seventy four years old Antiguan born and bred flamboyant Hackney personality Barry is known for his dapper taste and fondness for

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His name is Morris He is my Morris and he always be my Morris He s a good hearted man, a special man, a sexy man, a history loving man, a loyal man, a man who appreciates a good joke, a man of many moods, a drinking man, and a man with whom I can be myself completely Yes, I was in the throes of a Malibu and Coke soaked madness, a madness that could lead to the demise of my life as I d hitherto known it But I was on the verge Bernardine Evaristo, Mr LovermanI love this book s cover it reminds me [...]

I enjoyed this book immensely Bernardine Evaristo is an incredibly talented author and her witty writing is certainly on display here Barrington Jedidiah Walker Mr Loverman is a hoot Witty, audacious, loving and carefree He s a 74 year old closeted gay man born in Antigua and living in London with his wife of 50 years Oh, and did I mention his lover whom his wife figures as just his BFF lives nearby where they enjoy a tryst every now and then, unbeknownst to anyone Will Barry finally tell his wi [...]

Shabba.Right, we ve got that out of the way The record is mentioned once in the book, BTW A novel about a seventy four year old black Caribbean man in East London who s been in a down low gay relationship for most of his adult life, and is forced to confront the possibility of divorce from his wife and finally coming out to some people that may sound rather worthy Actually, it s a joy to read Barrington aka Barry is brilliant company as a narrator, he s funny, well read and has a great turn of p [...]

The story of an elderly married Caribbean gentleman finally claiming his sexuality as he decides to get a divorce and live with his lifelong lover Morris, and the effects on him, his family, his life This is a fabulous read Barry is a deeply flawed character unreconstructed and very sexist in some ways, selfish, failing everyone including himself at points and we see how that s caused by both his character and his upbringing, by racism and colonialism and the lingering effects of slavery many ge [...]

The most entertaining book I ve read this year, so far In Mr Loverman , Bernardine Evaristo writes about 70 year old Barry, an Antiguan living in London in a loveless marriage He s retired, spry, financially comfortable, forever learning, extremely dapper, witty as hell, and enjoys liquor a little too much His wife, Carmel, suspects he s been cheating on her with various loose women since the beginning of their marriage over 50 years ago, so she unleashes fire on him every time he enters their h [...]

And the streak continues Another five star read this year featuring a gay man, albeit a closeted one, and this one was written by a woman This story is about Barrington Jedidiah Walker Barry to his friends , a seventy four year old Antiguan living in Britain He is a husband, father, grandfather, and has been cheating on his wife with his childhood lover Morris, for the past sixty years Based on this description you would think that you d dislike Barry, but you would be wrong.There is so much I l [...]

You know what This book was great Sensitive, empathetic, soul searching, and painful, with beautifully crafted characters I felt I really knew these people, they were so human A witty, funny, sassy, coming of age at the age of 74 story It portrayed the repercussions a family feels over a lifetime due to the crucial decision of one man The author reminded me that it is never too late to really live the life you want to live She also made me think of my own life, and how so many people have so man [...]

I got this book through the LibraryThing Early Review program.I ll admit I did not like this book at first blush I finished the book and couldn t figure out why a quick, engaging, thought provoking novel left me cold When I finally figured it out, I realized I did like the book, just not in the way I wanted to, but rather in a better way which is why it made me think.The main character, Barry, is the villain of the story Let me be clear he is not A villain Rather he s the villain of the story He [...]

On the heels of the Harry Potter I was reminded of just what it is about literary fiction that makes my heart beat I feel like I am back at the grown up table discussing sexuality, family, love, redemption, and pain There are so many consequences that come from not living in the truth of love The collateral damage of being in love with self image rather than yourself is at center stage of the entire book The author made me feel like every single character is, or at least could be who I am at any [...]

Wonderfully entertaining Honest, witty, and empathetic at the same time.

Confession I have a likely slightly patronizing love for elderly gay men This may explain how Bernadine Evaristo s Mr Loverman was able to so quickly grab me in the feels and hold on for the entire time I was reading it.The start of Loverman was somewhat rocky for me Evaristo s language choices are both deliberate than is commonly found in novels in my experience and far idiosyncratic The latter is to be expected, I suppose, with a 70 something year old Antiguan ex pat narrator living in Londo [...]

I enjoyed this book, but aspects of it didn t feel very true Barry and Carmel are very well drawn, but Maxine and Daniel felt a bit like caricatures, and I got no real sense of Morris, which was disappointing A lot of potential problems, hardship, and acrimony which could have made for greater emotional depth to the book were neatly avoided thanks to Morris s having masses of money to throw at whatever problems came his way Still, all in all an uplifting read.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Loverman Mr Barry Walker is such a character I really like his dry sense of humour, everything he says is pure comedy gold Bitter sweet and heart wrenching Observant to the issues of race and sexuality, skillfully written and very interesting to read, highly recommended

Such a fun audio listen wonderful language and beautifully read.

Excellent book, absolutely excellent Bernardine Evaristo is one of the most underrated writers writing today She takes what could be a very one sided and predictable story and tell it as fable than human drama, but she doesn t, not one whit Everything she writes is real and complex and does justice to its subject.This is the story of Barry, Barrington Walker of Hackney, previously Antigua, seventy something, suave, sophisticated and secretly gay This is the story of him preparing to come out, t [...]

I received a copy of this book through first reads and I thoroughly enjoyed it The lead character Barrington Walker has a very dry sense of humour and the interactions between him and his lover are some of the best parts in the book The way they insult each other is entertaining and you can t help liking them, despite their many flaws lying to everybody and living a double life for decades being the main issue, but their relationship with alcohol is also highly amusing.The story was engaging and [...]

I received this book to review and am I ever greatful that I did I loved this story, the people, the language, the flow I can t find one fault The moment I started reading, I knew I was in for a new experience The moment I finished, I knew I would miss all the wonderful new characters I d come to know.I never faltered between the two distinct voices and points of view of the verbious Barry and the long suffering Carmel Ms Evaristo found a stylistic solution to what is often in lesser books a con [...]

Interesting story selected for the ATP Bookclub I thought the point of view was interesting as I ve seen books written on the female perspective but rarely about the males I liked that we got to watch the unfolding of the plan to come out from an older gentleman The twist is that the main character is well into his 70s and married for over 50 years and ready to come out and live in his truth The author and setting of the book is English so I did run into a few words acronyms that I wasn t famili [...]

Gay, black, dl, Caribbean, east end of London , neighborhood love a lot of things I like The obvious duality of a closeted older black man was just a base for a lot texture, like Barry also being incredibly sexist and making full use of a lot of male privilege.Also funny.Dual first person style with one unreliable narrator and one that speaks in prose poetry Pretty impressively done.The plot got tied up too neatly Barry got let off the hook to fully own how some of his decisions affected others [...]

Beautifully written, often very funny, and, at least for those of us only 10 or 15 years younger than Barrington Walker, ringing mostly true in its portrayal of the lives of many gay men who grew up in the years before liberation, whether in the American Midwest or in London Regardless of race and geography, we shared the hugely important experience of being despised and outlawed by the societies in which we lived But don t get the idea that this book is a downer Barry is one of the most delight [...]

12 19 17 about halfway through chapter 6 The Art of Relationships on audio will pick it back up in print form since I m not going to finish before I have to return it.2 2 18 So I either keep picking this book up at the wrong time or it is just not for me I m going to have to set it aside AGAIN because I am not feeling it right now I really do like the voice and characters, though, so I am going to just assume I am in a mood Made it to pg 140 this time.

Surprisingly good, I wasn t expecting much shame on me but this was good Barry and Morris have been together over 60 years, all they need is for Barry to leave his wife Wifey Carmel is a good depiction of demented long suffering wife and with 2 wildly differing daughters Barry can t be sure how any of his family will react when he comes out.

So many things I loved about this book the well developed and multifaceted characters, the language, the story line, the banter and arguing between the characters, the context, the setting An interesting and important subject, and a hoot to read as well Well done

The author uses the Caribbean British mixture of language and culture to convey the sense of place and character beautifully Familiar story of love and marriage set in a new culture.

I would give it a 4.5

perfect summer read full of wits, laughter, humour whilst dealing about race ,gender, sexuality, closed lgbt and how secrecy and resentment can ruin lives but there was a happy closure.

Thoughts coming shortly

Funny, interesting, thought provoking, and sad.

I seriously struggled with this book In fact of the 12 members of my bookclub all 12 of us didn t enjoy it.The story was very very slow I was unexcited and quite uninterested in the characters I just couldn t force myself to read the book Nothing drew me in except the potential in the storyline of Barry being an older gentleman who is living a dual life A heterosexual married man with children, and secretly gay man for over 60 years.

Very funny What an artist Evaristo is the way she uses language is just amazing The story however is a little flat two unlikeable characters with affiliations with the Caribbean the role of which is never really elaborated on Still funny read

  • Mr Loverman Best Read || [Bernardine Evaristo]
    256 Bernardine Evaristo
Mr Loverman