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Prophecy #(2022)



  • Title: Prophecy
  • Author: J.F. Penn
  • ISBN: 9781483946498
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
Prophecy By J.F. Penn,

Prophecy Best Read || [J.F. Penn] - Prophecy, Prophecy The prophecy in Revelation declares that a quarter of the world must die and now a shadowy organization has the ability to fulfill these words Can one woman stop the abomination before it s too late I

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I came across the first book in this series, Stone of Fire, in a BookBub email as a free nook book It s been almost two years since reading it, but when I found the next couple books in the series at a low price, I didn t even pause to think before buying them.This particular installment bore a startling resemblance to Inferno At a certain point, I had to stop reading and do some research because I couldn t believe the similarities From the start, with a scene where a man jumps to his death, to [...]

Also published under the title Prophecy Book 2, in the Arkane seriesIn her books Miss Penn uses her vast knowledge in theology to create great stories with a healthy dose of action and intrigue This second episode picks up sometime after the conclusion of Stone of Fire Pentecost with Dr Morgan Sierra investigating supernatural phenomenon in a religious context Where to begin when the rich narrative keeps you so stitched to the story you even forget where you are Well I am guilty of doing this I [...]

Writers all over the world have reason to be grateful to Joanna Penn, a digital writing pioneer Generously sharing every detail of her journey from wannabee writer to successful, self published, independent author, Penn continues to inspire and empower other writers So I was curious to read her fiction And what a revelation in many senses of the word What a steaming imagination lurks inside the head of this gentle, giving young woman.The story is immediately involving In the bible, a Book of Rev [...]

A great thriller that has a healthy dose of action and intrigue.Crypt of Bone is the second book in the Arkane series by J.F Penn It picks up some time after the conclusion of book one Dr Morgan Sierra is joining the ARKANE agency as an investigator of supernatural phenomenon with a religious focus The first thing that I noticed was how it reminded me of the first book Not in a plot way, but in the way that it jumped from one setting story to another It does take quite a while before each sub pl [...]

This is the new ARKANE thriller It s a short book, around 65,000 words I think, and rocks along nicely It s a religious thriller, with a kick arse female protagonist called Morgan Sierra Sierra is a bit like a female James Bond Jason Bourne Indiana Jones hybrid In this book she s in a race against time to unravel a mystery before a powerful international health and wellbeing company can destroy a quarter of the world in accordance with the prophecy of the Four Horsemen Penn s ability as a writer [...]

OK, so it s my own book but I ve read it a lot and I still enjoy it If you like some impending apocalypse with your action adventure, you ll enjoy Prophecy I looked, and there before me was a pale horse Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth Revelation 6 8The prophecy in Revelation declares that a quarter of the world must die and now a shadowy or [...]

I must admit if I would have read this book I might not have finished reading it, but I am so glad that I got the audiobook instead,It was sooo much exciting, thrilling all enveloping in to the story well worth a listen or a readSherleyB

Morgan returns to the world of ARKANE and accepts their job offer when she sees the pale horse symbol and the destruction they are ready to release on the world Morgan and Jake are paired as they worked so well together in Stone of Fire They are both ready to find who is the lead of Thanatos Their first mission, to find the Devil s Bible and bring it to ARKANE where it can be kept safe If it s found by anyone, the verses of evil when read can turn the speaker into one in extreme blood lust, kill [...]

When I read Joanna Penn s first book, Pentecost, the enthusiasm and energy took me by surprise and turned me into a believer Now that I ve read her second book, I am awestruck She spins a tale containing than merely plausible science in the hands of madmen She bases its efficacy on widely reported, real world science experiments As a matter of fact, the science she writes of is so convincing that I ve taken to wearing my tinfoil hat again Yeah After the doctors at Happy Meadows convinced me I w [...]

This is a pacy novel, very well researched We race across the globe covering England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, USA and probably , so many I can t remember It s a whirlwind of a travelogue Hats off to Joanna Penn who has clearly thought through the rhythm and logistics of this novel so that the flow and tension are brilliant Morgan Sierra picks up from where she left off in Pentecost and joins the ARKANE group to chase down the Devil s Bible and try to beat the evil baddies of Than [...]

I began reading Prophecy this weekend and could not put it down After meeting Morgan Sierra last year in Pentecost, Penn s fabulous debut of this series, I looked forward to her return She s back in fine form now as a full fledged member of ARKANE, the secret British organization in charge of preventing the world s ancient supernatural artifacts from being used by the forces of evil.Partnering once again with Jake Timber, Morgan confronts the evil organization, THANATOS, whose crazed leader has [...]

Originally this book was titled Prophecy, and deals with the Apocalypse as foretold in the Bible s Book of Revelations The prophecy tells that a quarter of the world s population will die The organisation known only as Thanatos, are trying to obtain the Devil s Bible in a bid to make that prophecy come true.This book follows on nicely from Stone of Fire , so anyone having read that will be familiar with the lead characters of Dr Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber Timber is a member of a shadowy organ [...]

Another great book in the series I enjoyed this than the first because it had supernatural elements and Morgan s character was developed As a fan of dystopia, I loved the eugenics plot Again, these books cannot be faulted on the wonderful description and fascinating religious themes.

A great follow up to Pentecost, this time the ARKANE team are searching for the fabled Devil s Bible before the Thanatos group find it and unleash its devastating power on the world More great locations and a fairly gruesome body count Move over Dan Brown.

Absolutely loved it If Tomb Raider was a novel, this would be it.JF Penn crafts a compelling narrative that will have the reader going, just one chapter She blends real world with fiction in such a wall that it is impossible to tell where one ends and the other picks off, dealing with religious issues in an inoffensive way.The plot races along without a dull moment and at times there is a very real feeling that the protagonists may not survive unscathed The villain is the right level of nasty a [...]

I ve read J.F Penn s book, Stone of Fire before and I just didn t like the book With my not so great experience with the first book, I didn t have any much expectation when I picked this book But to my surprise, I was enjoying this book Heck, I couldn t even stop myself from reading this book What makes me keep on reading this book so much was because this book reminds me of the anime Vatican Kiseki Chousakan Vatican Miracle Examiner.Another reason for me to prefer this book over Stone of Fire w [...]

Crypt of Bone by author J.F Penn is a captivating, well developed characters coupled with an intriguing story line make for a page turning read The sequel to Stone of Fire I m a character reader, I get into what makes characters tick, who and what they are Penn does a good job with her character development you can like and or hate these characters I like the story line I ll be reading by this author when I buy of her books.

Jake and Morgan are back Morgan joins Arkane and teams up with Jake to find The Devils Bible Thanatos wants the Devils Bible to release an age old curse bringing destruction to mankind.Morgan gets kidnapped by Milan Noble for his evil genocide goal of the perfect human race Will Jake find her in time and stop the curse This one will have you cheering on the good guys to get the bad guys and save the world

Joanna Penn has done it again, and then some, with PROPHECY Her character Morgan Sierra is back in page turning or on an e reader, perhaps it s called button clicking read If you have not yet read Joanna Penn s first book, PENTACOST, then buy that now and read it first While you could read PROPHECY without having read Pentacost and still enjoy it, reading Pentacost first will enhance your enjoyment of Prophecy.Morgan Sierra is still kicking butt and taking names as she and her partner Jake trave [...]

Thanatos is still doing evil things Now they are on the hunt for the Devil s Bible an enormous medieval book that allegedly contains demonic curses powerful enough to transform those who read them out loud Morgan is trying to decide if she should take up the Arkane group on their job offer from book 1 She goes to Israel to give advice to a friend whose hospital takes private funding from a new corporation, Zoebios, and they have had two patients go off the rails both leave messages of the immine [...]

I have a natural tendency to shy away from thrillers and fantasy novels because I just don t get them and I don t feel able to relate to a story so far removed from my own life experiences Yet sometimes I m drawn to try new genres as I was drawn to Joanna Penn s Prophecy, an Arkane thriller.This book, Prophecy, was second to Penn s d but novel Pentecost in the Arkane thriller series It was a stand alone read although I felt the characterisation may have been left to the first novel, because I co [...]

This starts out pretty fast with action, thrills and chills as people are running to find the evil bible which was made years ago and if in the wrong hands could turn the world into a nightmare There is mystery of why, where, and what they want to do with this book As the author takes you through the wild pace she gives you a little history lesson which you will totally enjoy People are jumping to their deaths and no one has a clue why The only clue is a drawing of a dark figure leaving everyone [...]

When you have an author with a passion for writing, and the courage to publicly work on improving and refining her craft, you can expect to see her writing getting better over time When you have an author who loves research and religion and thrillers the way that J F Penn has demonstrated that she does, you can expect a book that is fast paced and filled with the kind of details that keeps you curious and eager to keep paging down through your kindle.I bought the first book in the Arcane series [...]

J.F Penn delivers again in this riveting, fast paced thriller The relationship between Morgan and Jake deepens, and Morgan s involvement with the covert workings of ARKANE serves as the backdrop for the race to stop a terror orchestrated by the malicious organization, THANATOS The diabolical plot of THANATOS hits home due to its devastating plausibility of mind control The antagonist, Milan, is a chilling embodiment of evil, a satisfying, multi faceted villain Penn displays her scholarship and f [...]

Crypt of Bone is the second book of ARKANE series and when Morgan joined ARKANE and partnered with Jake Timber This story began with a verse from Revelation and the mysterious suicides of two patients with Jerusalem Syndrome claiming God told them do it Dr Morgan Sierra was invited by her friend and colleague to look into the mysterious suicides of one of her patients since there were no suicide forewarning What Morgan has stumbled into that someone is experimenting with an audio headphones issu [...]

When do these people get to rest Following on from Pentecost, the first ARKANE novel featuring the redoubtable Morgan Sierra a psychologist with a specialism in the psychology of religion, but still able to kick your butt with her little finger J F Penn s Prophecy takes us further into the dim and rather scary world of religious artefacts and the fanatics prepared to do anything to own these fragments of the past.But in this case the bad guys, in the form of billionaire and megalomaniac Milan No [...]

I ve been a fan of Joanna Penn s non fiction work for some time now, and it was because of how helpful she is to other authors that I took a chance on her first novel, Pentecost Stone of Fire I did enjoy it but the character was too perfect for me to immediately read the rest of the series Well after listening to a few of her podcasts I thought I d give her another go and I picked up Crypt of Bone I am SO glad I did Morgan Sierra is less infallible this time, occasionally even making mistakes, [...]

Joanna Penn writes a very exciting tale that continues the ARKANE series with this action adventure book that is a combination of medical and supernatural artifact thrillers Morgan Sierra, from the first book in the series, Pentecost, battles a world wide organization that appears to be exploring medical science to improve people s lives, but is in fact planning on starting nothing less than the Apocalypse As in the first book, a religious artifact with supernatural powers is being sought after [...]

Fans of Pentecost get ready for a fast moving suspense thriller with a darker theme and horrific possibilities Morgan Sierra s academic training in theology and psychology at Oxford equipped her well in the first installment of Joanna Penn s ARKANE Series In Prophecy, the stakes are raised as we learn much about an evil organization called THANATOS A Dark Thriller Filled with Diabolical IntrigueWe now see THANATOS as than a collector of occult and religious objects On the surface the leader of [...]

I read Pentecost about a year ago, and found it to be pretty good, although at the time I thought the writing was a little amateurish Even so, I promised to read the next one.Well, I now have I have to say, I thought Prophecy was a lot better than Pentecost The story was a little engrossing, and the writing and language was a lot better and a lot varied I still think the punctuation needs a little work The difference between Let s eat grandma and Let s eat, grandma to use a popular meme , thou [...]

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