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The Absent Woman #(2022)

The Absent Woman

The Absent Woman

  • Title: The Absent Woman
  • Author: Marlene Lee
  • ISBN: 9781909374409
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
The Absent Woman By Marlene Lee,

The Absent Woman Best Read || [Marlene Lee] - The Absent Woman, The Absent Woman A divorcee mother travels beyond the confines of her life in search of herself The main character in the novel The Absent Woman suffering from an unhappy marriage leaves her family in Seattle and tr

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Virginia Johnstone leaves her marriage and children to live in Hilliard, fifty miles north of Seattle She is a restless soul and needs to find some passion in her life.Marlene Lee writes well and her descriptions are elegant The characters are fleshed out and rounded and the narrative moves along at a good pace At first I felt uncomfortable because I couldn t relate to a woman who would leave her children, Matt and Lawrence aged just eleven and nine, in search of fulfilment in her life Why coul [...]

My thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this debut novel This was just an okay read for me The main character was underdeveloped and had rather dispassionate reactions events happening around her and within her.

For complicated reasons, I did not read this book when it first came out I finally read it this week and I wish I had read it earlier It was lovely.

Virginia, a divorced mother of two pre teenage boys, leaves her home town of Seattle for the coastal backwater of Hilliard where everyone knows everyone else, and takes over the apartment of Marguerite, a woman who has left in such a hurry that the rooms are still full of her belongings In moving into Marguerite s apartment, Virginia inadvertently stumbles into the absent woman s quarrels.A married woman who rejects domesticity and goes off in search of herself is territory that has already been [...]

I couldn t put down The Absent Woman I relished every scene, every word It s one of the most compelling novels that I ve read Ella Leffland, author of Rumors of Peace and The Knight, Death, and the Devil Virginia Johnstone doesn t need a rest, she needs a change not comfort, but purpose Divorced, and a visitor in her children s lives, she decides to leave Seattle and spend three months in the harbor town of Hilliard There, on the edge of Puget Sound, she sublets rooms in an old hotel, rooms belo [...]

I loved this story Lee writes so wonderfully about the main character s struggles with her search for something else Not satisfied with her life as a court reporter, wife, and mother, Virginia is a woman searching for something else, but she s not entirely sure what that something else is She ends up in an old hotel in a tiny town north of Seattle taking piano lessons from an older woman who may or may not make drug runs to Central America every few years she struggles to stay close to her two s [...]

I ve been working through this publisher s catalogue since I came across the science fiction and fantasy books I found this a lot drier than the previous genres, but then, that s most likely because of the subject matter Reading this, I felt completely devoid of emotion It is beautifully layered, and the characters feel like real people but I just did not feel the connection the main character could be because i am not the target audience.I sense that the writer has a personal connection to this [...]

Loved her creative detailed descriptions which provided wonderful mental visuals thus meriting the 4 stars The title should have been The Absent Women because I think all three women were absent one way or another Yes, Virginia was selfish at times but if a man was to do the same would it be okay She still paid child support and wanted to spend time with her boys as allowed by her visitation agreements The ending was little underwhelming though.

Not my favorite To me Virginia was a little selfish I believe once you chose to become a mother, you have to give them your full attention It is not the time to be doing things only for yourself.

It was a pretty good book The slice of a life kind of book where as long as you don t question it too much is an enjoyable read.

Not the best book I ve ever read I really wouldn t recommend it to anyone.

It had a little section where it seemed to build but then the character would have a moment with herself or her teacher and that would end it for me The ending was disappointing.

Horrible I feel flat, the narrator says of her life This entire book was flat.

This book was not engaging at all.

  • The Absent Woman Best Read || [Marlene Lee]
    172 Marlene Lee
The Absent Woman