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Harmony House #(2022)

Harmony House

Harmony House

  • Title: Harmony House
  • Author: John M. McNamara
  • ISBN: 9781482366211
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
Harmony House By John M. McNamara,

Harmony House Best Download || [John M. McNamara] - Harmony House, Harmony House In Harmony House Dan Boyle attempts to adapt to his new life as a recent widower His serial infidelities and alienation from his wife preceding her death haunt him and as much as he wants to insulat

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The title of John McNamara s superb novel, Harmony House, is deceptive on the face of it Rather than depicting the unity of those who dwell there, the book takes us down a very different path, one of trials, discord, infidelity and loss We discover all is not harmonious in the house where newly widowed Dan Boyle resides uncomfortably with the belongings left behind by his wife, Marcie The irony comes from the fact that had Marcie not been diagnosed with cancer, the couple probably would ve sever [...]

  • Harmony House Best Download || [John M. McNamara]
    425 John M. McNamara
Harmony House